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Remember Me, Ducktales highlight Capcom’s GDC 2013 lineup

Capcom's 2013 Game Developer's Conference preview session offers hands-on time with Remember Me, Resident Evil: Revelations, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, and DuckTales.
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According to overly obvious study, we are addicted to the Facebook mobile app

Social media can be quite habit-forming, and with the way smartphones are dominating the consumer market these days, Facebook is one of the most addicting mobile apps out there.

Mitsubishi debuts new 3-cyl 44mpg Mirage – and it’s not a hybrid

The new Mitsubishi Mirage’s fuel economy might be enough to pique the interest of consumers. But will the subcompact car have enough features to keep them entertained.

Did Amazon’s storage cloud burst?

If you think extra precaution is not necessary when it comes to backing up files online, think again. A security expert found that a shocking amount of users were properly protecting their stored files, exposing incredibly private…
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Who needs filters? Instagram is getting the silent (film) treatment

Vine isn't the only one that can create miniature movies. Turns out all you need is a little creativity, and voila - Instagram can become your silent film video producer. Check out how the Toronto Silent Film Festival used the app for its…

‘Papo y Yo’ creator takes on bullies in ‘Silent Enemy’

Papo y Yo creator Vander Caballero shares the first details on Silent Enemy, an upcoming puzzle-adventure game from Minority Media that employs metaphor to consider the subject of bullies.

Next-gen Microsoft Office code-named ‘Gemini,’ comes with modern UI apps

The next-generation of Microsoft Office apps will likely be modern UI versions that work better on touchscreen devices, and we might see them as early as fall this year, the same time Windows Blue drops.

Stop texting and driving! Study shows that adults are worse than teenagers

A survey conducted by AT&T shows that the average driver texts while driving. The mobile carrier is promoting its campaign to help stop people from doing both at the same time.
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Hashtags for everyone! Path joins in on the #trend

The hashtag has gone from Twitter tool to a social media heavyweight. Now, Path joins Facebook and Flickr on the increasingly crowded hashtag bandwagon.

Egyptian divers arrested for cutting underwater Internet cables, that’s not how you phish

It seems three Egyptian criminals have given a whole new meaning to the term Internet "phishing." Three divers were arrested Wednesday after coastguards found the men attempting to cut underwater Internet cables.