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Borderlands 2 officially announced, pre-order available now

The long-awaited Borderlands 2 from Gearbox and 2K Games has officially been announced.


HP TouchPad gets $50 cheaper

Did $499.99 put you off from buying HP's webOS-based TouchPad tablets? How would you feel about $449.99?

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Amazon’s ‘free app of the day’ burns developers, company gripes

Android app developer Shifty Jelly is speaking up about Amazon's free app of the day, revealing that Amazon doesn't always offer developers the 20-percent revenue share it advertises.

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No Wii U price or release date announcement until 2012

Nintendo won't be announcing a price or release date for its Wii U console until sometime in 2012, company president Satoru Iwata confirms.


Kids love multitasking on multiple screens, study finds

A new study shows that kids are already well adapted to multitasking and paying attention to multiple screens at the same time.


DICE doesn’t plan to make with yearly Battlefield releases

Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach explains why you shouldn't expect to see a yearly release schedule embraced for the series.


Hulu teams with Spurlock for first original programming

Video streaming service Hulu is teaming with "Super Size Me" maker Morgan Spurlock for a six-episode serious following famous people.

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Satoru Iwata defends Nintendo’s level of social engagement

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata defends his company's level of engagement in the world of social media, pointing to the Wii's success with families and the 3DS's SpotPass and StreetPass features as examples.


Sony tired of losing money on TVs, plots revamp

Sony wants to change how it produces TVs in order to end its eight straight years of losing money on selling TVs.

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Asus quad-core keyboard tablets coming this year?

Bucking the trend of manufacturers disappointed with tablet sales, Asus is excited about the tablet market and plans to introduce several more tablets by the end of the year, including a new Eee Pad Transformer that may run on Nvidia's quad-core Kal-El…

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Apple may launch video streaming service called iTunes Replay

Apple may have a "secret" video streaming service in the works, according to market analysts and other reports.


RIM debuts 3 new BlackBerry touch phones to compete with the iPhone (pictures and specs)

In another attempt to better compete with fierce competitors, Android and iOS, RIM today unveiled three new touchscreen phones, including a new torch that has no QWERTY keyboard at all, looking more like an Android phone than a BlackBerry. The new devices all…


Scientists create another glow-in-the-dark dog

A South Korean team has developed a beagle that glows green using genetic manipulation.

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Watch this Lithuanian city’s mayor crush an illegally parked car with a tank

A new promo video shows the mayor of Lithuania's capital city crushing an illegally parked Mercedes.