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Leap tall buildings in January’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection freebies

January's free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers include superpowered action like inFamous: First Light and Prototype 2, along with a few revitalized classics and indie treats.
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Ant-Man movie banner offers first look at Yellowjacket

A promotional banner for Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man movie has offered the first look at the high-tech villain Scott Lang will battle in the film.

ZTE’s big push into the U.S. continues with a new logo

ZTE has revealed a new logo and brand identity ahead of CES 2015, and discussed plans to boost its profile in the U.S. and in other major smartphone markets around the world.
Movies & TV

You missed these stories in 2014, but they’ll change how, what and who you watch in 2015

These news stories may not have even been blips on your radar in the same year that brought us consumer 4K and The Interview fiasco, but they’re poised to turn.

Samsung beats Apple in customer satisfaction for handsets

It hasn't been the best year for Samsung's smartphone unit, though thanks to the results of a poll of 70,000 U.S. consumers, it can head into 2015 with renewed hope.

Nikon responds to flare issue affecting some units of its new D750 shooter

Nikon has acknowledged a problem with some units of its new D750 camera that causes a black band to appear at the top of the frame in shots that include lens flare, adding that it's "working on measures to address this issue."
DT Daily

DT Daily: Hyperlocal weather gadget, Apple dominates, rare Corvette for sale 2:46

Today on DT Daily: How to check the weather… everywhere, Apple cleaned up this Christmas, and a seriously cool vintage Corvette is up for sale. A million years ago, if you wanted to check the weather, you either went outside and…

Sharp shooters: Our favorite cameras of 2014

Camera makers have put aside their fears of smartphones (for now) and released some impressive models in 2014. Here's a look at our favorites, from Samsung's NX1 to GoPro's Hero4.

LG announces world’s first 21:9 FreeSync monitor, and more

The display industry's most aggressive supporter of 21:9 displays, LG, has revealed three new ultra-wide screens including the first to embrace AMD's FreeSync technology.

Here’s hoping culture clashes take a back seat to great games in 2015

Game culture wars defined 2014 as much as the games that arrived, but the coming year will bring calmer waters, new trends, and even better games.

Need to take down a website? Lizard Squad will do it, for a fee

Want to take down a website? Lizard Squad can help! The notorious group has launched a rental DDoS service it claims can take down any target website, server or network.