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Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM review.

Dying grandmother takes one last walk outside with Oculus Rift

The story of Roberta Firstenberg is testament to the potential powers of the Oculus Rift — the VR headset gave the ailing grandmother the chance to go outside again in the final weeks of her life.

EFF lifts the lid on the secrets of the U.S. Army’s chatbots

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published information about the chatbots deployed by the U.S. Army and government officials, calling into question the way that collected data is used.

Blood moon eclipse marks Google’s first weekly search trends report

A rare lunar eclipse, Easter, Passover and a new twist in Game of Thrones dominated the search landscape this week, as Google starts a weekly write-up of the world's most popular queries.

Wireless charging is coming: Researchers juice up 40 smartphones from 5 meters away

Researchers from KAIST in Daejeon, South Korea have managed to extend the reach of wireless power transfer technology, bringing us closer to a world where phone and tablet chargers are as obsolete as MC Hammer pants.

Paper 1.1 continues Facebook’s evolution on mobile

Facebook's alternative mobile app — still US only, for the time being — has been given a significant upgrade. Birthdays, events and photo comments are all now enabled alongside many other tweaks.

Report: Nike may kill the FuelBand, fires most of the hardware team

Potentially bad news if you were interested in the next revision of the Nike FuelBand, the sports retailer is laying off the majority of the Digital Sport hardware team and could end hardware production soon.

Spotify to shut down its old P2P network to prevent music from eating your bandwidth

According to TorrentFreak, Spotify will soon move away from using P2P networks, and will instead stream music from its own servers. This means less hassle for you if you're worried about bandwidth.

Honeywell’s smart air purifier pulls pollen alerts from the web, adjusts fan accordingly

Honeywell just beat everyone to the punch and released a smart air purifier this week that can pull allergen alerts from the web and automatically adjust it's fan speed/filtration settings accordingly

LifePrint mobile printer partners with ZINK Imaging, has one week left for funding

LifePrint is an adorably small portable printer that lets you print pictures no matter where you are and no matter what connection you have. You can print using WiFi or your cellular network. The company recently announced a partnership…

Is the Heartbleed bug in your Android? 80 phones/tablets that could be vulnerable

We've compiled a bunch of lists to figure out which Android phones and tablets are vulnerable to the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug. We've. Gone through the List and have found 80 devices. What to do if you're vulnerable.

Xiaomi teases Android tablet, looks a lot like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Xiaomi posted a teaser image of a possible upcoming product. The product shown sports a similar design to that of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, but it looks nothing like recent leaks of a reported Xiaomi tablet.