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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s new Timeline

We get an early in-depth look at Facebook's new Timeline. Between the various designs being pushed out, there are a few things that need clearing up. Here's what you need to know.
Social Media

LinkedIn follows in Facebook’s footsteps, gets a search makeover

LinkedIn changed up its search, emulating Facebook to widen its appeal. Now the service includes autocomplete, as well as suggested searches to complement what you're looking for.

Windows Blue: What can we expect from Microsoft’s next operating system?

Microsoft's new OS might be out sooner than we've all anticipated, so here's what we know, what we think we know, as well as what you could expect to get from Windows 8's successor, Windows Blue.

Might the next Ariel Atom open-wheel street-legal race car be built from Titanium?

Despite the exceptional cost difficulty of using Titanium for vehicle construction, British track-car maker Ariel is considering using the high-strength, lightweight metal in its next Atom model.

Double Fine details ‘Broken Age,’ its long awaited Kickstarter adventure

One year after raising more than $3 million on Kickstarter to fund development, Double Fine's Tim Schafer has shared some fresh details about his new point-and-click adventure. Broken Age, due out later this year, follows the profoundly…

Facebook employees say goodbye to their desktops and go mobile-only to improve the app

More people are using Facebook on their phones now. To properly address that, the company temporarily shut down employee access to the website so that the team can focus on improving and perfecting the mobile Facebook experience. Hopefully…

Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix: Highlights, lowlights and disobeying team orders

Vettel and Webber battle for first while Hamilton forgets for which team he races. All said and done, the Malaysian Grand Prix was good fun for everyone but Kimi Raikkonen who finished seventh after having the fastest practice lap.
Home Theater

Will streaming and cloud-based music services warm up to high-res audio, or kill it for good?

When it comes to music delivery, it seems manufacturers have sided with convenience over quality. The iPod and the MP3 have done much to kill audio quality, but could streaming and cloud-based music services potentially revive high-res…
Home Theater

Report: Spotify to move beyond music into video streaming

Spotify is known for its music streaming service, but the company might be considering expanding into video on-demand. What's more, Spotify is rumored to be interested in creating original content as well.
Cool Tech

Game, set, match: Student solves three Rubik’s cubes while juggling them [Video]

YouTube sensation Ravi Fernando wows the Web with his latest video in which he solves three Rubik's cubes... while juggling them. And you thought you were smart when you solved one after two days.

Samsung adds AT&T LTE to ATIV Smart PC Pro, 1080p screen to Series 9 Premium Ultrabook

Samsung's Series 9 ultraportable and hybrid Smart PC Pro Windows 8 tablet just earned an upgrade to business class. With new LTE capabilities and full HD displays, the company is hoping to further tempt mobile professionals.

Blind and deaf users take e-retailers and streaming sites to court

Associations representing the deaf and blind are legally pressing retailers and other sites to offer disabled-accessible features. As sites and companies assume these new development responsibilities, the cost of creating and running such…