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Choose your own reality in Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games appears to capably capture the spirit of Gearbox Software's deranged planet of Pandora in the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands series.

Hybrid Subaru SVX successor may be in the works, but will it be as radical?

With its two-stage windows, the Subaru SVX was one of the most unusual sports cars of the 1990s, but it could make a comeback in 2017 with a hybrid powertrain shared with an upcoming crossover.
Social Media

Facebook to create better targeted ads based on Web browsing history

Facebook will use Web browsing history to offer better targeted ads, but it will also allow users to opt out of ad tracking, and control which ads they see. The new policy doesn't comply with the Web browser's do-not-track code of honor.

Intel strikes out in $1.44 billion appeal of EU anti-trust fine, but can still appeal

Intel unsuccessfully appealed a huge fine handed down by the European Union. However, the CPU giant can appeal once again.

Audi driver escapes major Le Mans crash with minor injuries

Audi driver Loïc Duval suffered only minor abrasions after losing control of his R18 e-tron quattro prototype and colliding with a barrier. His teammates will resume 24 Hours of Le Mans qualifying tonight.
Movies & TV

The Interview casts Seth Rogen and James Franco as the worst assassins ever in new trailer

The upcoming comedy from This Is The End's Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen casts Rogen and James Franco as the worst assassins ever in The Interview.
Movies & TV

Everything is awesome in fake trailer for Michelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops

A faux trailer created for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of The LEGO Movie just may be the greatest buddy-cop television series we'll never see.

Look out, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music just entered the music-streaming scene

Amazon entered the music-streaming scene with Prime Music. The new service offers more than one million songs, pre-made playlists, and the option to listen to music offline. Prime Music is included in the $99 Amazon Prime subscription.

Panasonic to dominate bridge cameras with new 4K-capable Lumix FZ1000

Panasonic's new Lumix FZ1000 could be the ultimate bridge camera. It has a large 1-inch sensor, fast autofocusing, 16x optical zoom with 5-axis image stabilization, and, best of all, 4K-video recording.

How to watch the 2014 World Cup online

You don't need to be in Brazil to keep up with everything the World Cup has in store over the next month. Instead we've got a comprehensive list of where to watch, listen, and keep track of each exciting match online.

Co-op Evolved: 5 E3 games that put a fresh face on cooperative multiplayer

Co-op goes way back, but this year at E3 it seems to be all the hype. What's great however is all the unique ways that developers are incorporating the once traditional way of adding friends to the game.