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Fez studio Polytron is back from the brink with Polytron Partners

Phil Fish has un-quit the gaming industry and announced Polytron Partners, a new venture to support small game developers, and its first project, musical exploration game Panoramical.
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Google expands Chromecast functionality to include YouTube live streams

Google has integrated Chromecast support for YouTube live streams, allowing users to cast live concerts and sporting events from their mobile devices to the big screen. The move expands YouTube live stream functionality, which…

GTA Online’s Heists are delayed, but still coming

Rockstar Games confirms that GTA Online's cooperative Heists have been delayed from their promised spring release, but are most definitely still in development and will be coming soon.

Nokia paid off blackmailers six years ago to keep Symbian source code secret

Nokia reportedly paid millions of euros to hackers who threatened to reveal the source code for its Symbian smartphone OS. The incident, which happened six years ago, is the subject of an ongoing investigation.
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Marantz completes its audiophile trifecta with new NA8005 Network Audio Player

Marantz's new NA8500 network player promises audiophile sound quality, network streaming of all your top shelf hi-res audiophiles, Spotify Connect, and more for a versatile new way to play all your best HD music.

Amazon unveils Firefly, a new camera feature to help you buy anything and everything

During the launch of Amazon’s Fire Phone, the company unveiled a new feature that seems designed for instant gratification, whether it involves buying impulsively or conducting on-the-fly research.

Look more professional shooting video on iPad with Photojojo’s iOgrapher rig

The iOgrapher video rig from Photojojo provides iPad users with a new way to capture video using various lenses or microphones, or attaching it to a tripod.
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Apple TV rumored to get Continuity support with 7.0 release this fall

Users running betas of iOS, OS X Yosemite, and Apple TV 7.0 have come across notifications that all but confirm integrated Continuity (specifically, the "Handoff" feature) support for the upcoming OS X Yosemite. The notifications read:…

Amazon’s new Fire Phone offers virtual surround sound, magnetic earbuds

Amazon's new assault on the smartphone market brings along some cool audio features, including Dolby Digital virtual surround sound, magnetic earbuds, and music scanning to identify random audio tracks through its Firefly feature.

Amazon reveals Premium and Collector’s Editions of The Order: 1886

Amazon has posted pre-order pages for tiered Collector's and Premium editions of The Order: 1886, Red at Dawn Studios' third-person steampunk action-adventure coming next year to PS4.