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This iPhone cover will be a massive hit with iPod Classic fans – if it gets made

If you're a fan of Apple's iPod Classic and also own one of the tech firm's smartphones, here's a handset cover designed especially for you. Trouble is, it's currently only a concept design, though if it ever sees the light of day it'll…

AmpStrip: The fitness tracker you stick on your torso

Whereas most fitness trackers fit around your wrist, the AmpStrip sticks on your torso just like a Band-Aid. The device, set for launch in the summer, claims to record highly accurate heart rate data, as well as a slew of other…

Where are they now? Looking back at the hyped-up wearables of last year’s CES

What happened to the hottest wearables from last year’s CES? Join us as we look back at what became of the hype.

Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus making progress, 4K drone video flyover shows

If you're interested in all things Apple or have a thing about drone photography, then this hexacopter-shot footage showing the tech giant's under-construction 'spaceship' campus should be worth a look....

‘Selfie course’ offered by UK college

UK-based selfie-obsessives will be pleased to learn that a college there is to launch a course on the art of front-camera photography, offering snappers the chance to improve their skills as well as their critical understanding of the…

Nvidia’s new in-car processors won’t just entertain, they’ll help your car drive itself

Nvidia unveiled two new processors at CES 2015 that will make piloted driving and in-car infotainment more powerful and prevalent than ever before: the Drive PX and CX.

Surprise! Chevy reveals 2016 Volt at CES ahead of Detroit debut

Chevrolet has revealed the 2016 Volt at CES 2015. Sadly, the folks at GM aren't giving any more details.

For Android fans on a budget, check out the Archos 50 Diamond and 80b Helium

Right in time for CES 2015, Archos, primarily known for making cheap Android smartphones and tablets, continues its trend by announcing the 50 Diamond Android smartphone and 80b Helium Android tablet.