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Kickstarter hacked, user data stolen, credit cards safe

Potentially cause for concern if you are a frequent Kickstarter user or occasional project backer, the crowdfunding site experienced a data breach of user information earlier this week.
Product Review

Motrr Galileo Review

Motrr Galileo review.

Common Windows XP problems and how to fix them

Microsoft has announced that it will soon put Windows XP out to pasture, which means less support for users with problems. Here's some of the most common issues XP users still experience - and how to fix them.

Music streaming services must evolve to survive, says new report

What does the future hold for Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and the other music subscription apps? According to a new analyst report, these services cannot turn a profit in their current state.

Top 15 Flash games to play on your night off

There will come a time when killing time on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and the like just isn't enough to enjoyably pass the day. Check out our top picks for the best Flash games available directly within your favorite Web browser.
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Facebook can estimate how long your relationship will last

To mark Valentine's Day, Facebook has published a series of blog posts from its Data Science team that show how likely we are to stay together, the best cities for singles, average age gaps and more.
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Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Review

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse review.

HTC promises Android updates for two years on its flagship devices

The HTC USA Product Team have taken to an AMAA thread on Reddit to promise a quicker, more transparent update process in the future for its Android and Windows Phone devices, something long demanded by customers.

Are you kidding me? When you can’t tell, the Web can be a dangerous place to joke

The Internet is good for making fun of people we think deserve it. But what if we simply lack the context to know when someone is simply joking? It may be time to rethink how we judge others online.