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GameStop will soon resume trading in classic games and consoles

Dust off your Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64, because GameStop will soon resume trading in retro consoles, games, and accessories on April 25 in NYC and Birmingham, with the rest of the country later this year if all goes well.

Want to repair your new MacBook? You’ll need special tools and a bit luck

If you've ever torn open a laptop to try and fix a dodgy screen or dusty CPU cooler, you might think you're ready for a Macbook. You'd be wrong. It has one of the worst repairability scores ever, according to iFixit.

Trusted Voice lets Android users unlock their smartphones with their dulcet tones

Trusted Voice, a feature that allows Android users to unlock their smartphone by voice, appears to be rolling out to a handful of users. But it might not be the most secure alternative to passcodes.

Grand Theft Auto movie adds Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe

An upcoming movie about the evolution of the controversial Grand Theft Auto game franchise has added Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe to its cast.

Google releases Chrome 42 into the stable channel

Google announced the release of Chrome 42 to the stable channel on April 14. The updated version of the browser is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Notably, it has 45 security fixes, which were resolved with help from external…

Now that Hearthstone is available on your phone, it’s playable almost anywhere

After launching on the PC and Mac and making its way to iPads and Android tablets, Hearthstone is now ready to siphon your time wherever you are, as it has finally arrived on both iPhones and Android phones.

This homework app will connect you with a tutor on the spot because math is hard

Homework problem have you stumped? The new iPhone app Snapsolve give kids who are struggling with their homework the ability to connect with tutors and get help just by taking a picture of the problem.

Samsung dedicates 200 employees to producing displays for Apple

Earlier this month, Samsung dedicated a team of 200 employees to working on displays exclusively for Apple. The team is producing iPad and MacBook displays currently, but could receive orders for Apple Watch and iPhone screens in the…

Jaguar says an entry-level hatchback is a definite maybe

Jaguar has not ruled out developing a small, entry-level hatchback to take on the Audi A3. If built, the yet-unnamed compact will ride on a new front-wheel drive platform and it could get a hybrid drivetrain.