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US Army adopts new breed of robotic battle vehicles

The impending robot war is one step closer this week with the US Army's adoption of a new autonomous vehicle from Lockheed Martin.

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Skype for Windows version 5.5 update adds more Facebook features

Skype latest Windows update, version 5.5, adds a number of new Facebook-oriented features and improves the user experience for video calls.

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ITC rules Mac OS X violates S3 patents

A judge with the U.S. ITC has found Apple's Mac OS X violates two S3 Graphics patents - but Apple's iOS is in the clear.


Report: Customer charged nearly $4,000 for OS X Lion

A customer was charged 121 times for Apple's OS X Lion for a total charge of almost $4,000, and both Apple and PayPal deny responsibility.


Sprint posts loss, but unveils $9 bln LightSquared deal

Sprint posted widening losses even as it continued to add customers in the second quarter - but also revealed a $9 billion network build-out deal with LightSquared.


Asus Transformer gets Android Honeycomb 3.2 update

The popular Asus Transformer Android tablet will be updating to Honeycomb 3.2.

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BioWare using Facebook to select the look of Mass Effect 3 main character

Bioware, maker of Mass Effect 3, is using Facebook to crowd-source the look of the female version of Commander Shepard.


LulzSec tricked UK police into arresting wrong guy, report says

The plot thickens in the the quest to apprehend members of LulzSec, with reports indicating that police were duped into arresting the wrong hacker.


U.K. High Court orders ISP to block pirate site

BT, a UK ISP, has been forced to block user access to piracy giant Newzbin2.


Small business owners ‘fed up’ with Groupon and its clones

A number of small business owners have begun to gripe about participating in daily deals from Groupon and its competitors — one of a variety of signs that the industry is about to take a hit.


Leaked iPhone 5 case signals ‘radical’ redesign

Apple's fifth-generation iPhone will feature a thinner, tapered design, an edge-to-edge screen and maybe even a touch-only home button, according to a variety of leaked phone cases.


International Space Station to be sunk in the ocean after 2020

U.S. scientists will continue to work on the International Space Station until 2020, when it makes a final return to Earth.

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Nintendo slashes 3DS price after first-quarter loss

Nintendo 3DS price drops to $170 after Japanese company posts first-ever loss.


Google rewrites slow webpages

The company's new Page Speed Services offers huge improvements in load times for slow pages.


The White House rickrolls Twitter user

President's rep tells constituent he's "never gonna give you up."

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