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Slice down that absurd cell-phone bill with these simple money-saving tips

Are you paying more than you need to be for your smartphone and service? We've got a batch of tips for you here to help you cut those expenses down to size and spend a little less each month.

The math behind why your Toyota V6 doesn’t sound as awesome as a Porsche

An article in Car and Driver explores what makes engines sound different despite being mechanically similar. Factors surrounding dominant frequencies, build materials, and exhaust tuning contribute while engineers tune things to desired…

The Lexus LF-C2 Concept soaks up some Mediterranean sun in new photos

Stunning new photos of the Lexus LF-C2 Concept have been revealed by the brand in the latest edition of its online magazine. The design exercise concept hints at what’s to come in the automaker’s design language.
Movies & TV

Vin Diesel continues to tease potential role in Marvel’s Inhumans movie

Guardians of the Galaxy voice actor Vin Diesel continues to hint that an on-screen role in Marvel Studios' upcoming Inhumans movie may be in the works.

Arbor’s Gladius 10 is a rugged, high-end Android tablet that can survive a war

If your work environment needs something that can handle drops, spills, and demanding software, then take a look at the Gladius 10, Arbor's new rugged, high-end tablet for business customers.

Grind and brew coffee from bed with a smart coffee machine

Smarter, the company behind the world's first connected kettle, has just jumped on the bandwagon and announced a network-connected coffee machine, which will debut at CES 2015.

ZTE continues its takeover of the U.S. with the $150 Imperial II smartphone (updated)

Sure, the ZTE Imperial II doesn't pack terribly impressive specifications. However, with the $150 off-contract price, powerful specs are not the point. The Imperial II will be available through U.S. Cellular.

Zotac goes small on desktops, big on graphics

Zotac has shown its commitment at CES 2015 with two new pint-sized models, one of which is passively cooled. The company is also showing a heavily overclocked variant of the GTX 970 video card.

What Back to the Future Part II got right and wrong about today’s kitchen

Back to the Future Part II made a lot of predictions about 2015. While we don't have hoverboards, there are a few kitchen devices that are not too far off from the future predicted in the movie.
Movies & TV

Roberto Orci confirms he won’t be writing Star Trek 3

Star Trek franchise co-writer Roberto Orci has confirmed that his script for the third installment of the rebooted franchise won't be used for the film.

Intelligent Laserlight and OLED technology? BMW is bringing the future to CES 2015

BMW will debut a concept vehicle that showcases organic light-emitting diode technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The brand is also expected to unveil an intelligent Laserlight system.