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Open apertures, open minds: How conservation photographers shoot for a cause

Conservation photographers have been since the 19th century, but it took Cristina Mittermeier to bring them into the spotlight. Mittermeier is using photography not only to wow us visually, but hopes it'll inspire us to help the planet.

2014 Audi RS 5 Cabriolet hits showrooms next month starting at a staggering $77,900

The price tag doesn’t seem too unreasonable for a 450-horsepower V8-powered German luxury convertible until you learn that all the features you’d want in your $80,000 toy will cost you extra – a lot extra.

Another $13,000 micro EV from a no-name automaker is just what the world needs, right?

The “Colibri,” as it’s called, seems like a fine little EV. But we wonder why it’s been planned at all. After the crashing failure of CODA and Fisker Automotive, we wonder how many EV startups will have a go before they leave it to…
Android Army

Kobo Arc 7-inch tablet updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Kobo has updated its 7-inch Kobo Arc tablet to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update includes a ton of new features that should help improve user experience.

Isohunt encouraged copyright infringement, can now be reamed by lawsuits, court rules

Judges ruled that the BitTorrent index's founder doesn't merit DMCA safe harbor protections, which could mean bad news for the leaders of other Internet sites and services.
Home Theater

Nielsen and SocialGuide study finds Twitter closely tied to TV ratings

A Nielsen study has found evidence that tweets do influence TV ratings, and in some instances more so than advertising. There you have it: The Twitter-TV correlation is no myth.

ZeniMax staffs up for its push towards free-to-play games

To date, ZeniMax has mostly traded in big budget PC and console games, but its new Austin-based Battlecry Studios is staffing up to take on the free-to-play market.

If you want to play games on the new Xbox, you’ll have to install every game and always be online

The question is: If all these next-gen consoles block used games like the rumors say, how will the go about doing so? Leaked information from new Xbox development tools say that Microsoft's next box blocks used games by forcing you to…

That was quick: ‘Teslaccessories’ aims to outfit your Tesla Model S with aftermarket parts

Seeing a need, Teslaccessories decided to fill it with aftermarket center console add-ins to the Tesla Model S. The strange thing is, orders are only open to those who receive an invitation.
Cool Tech

Sapphire is unscratchable, unbreakable, and the next big thing in touchscreens

There's nothing worse than a scratched or broken phone screen, but thanks to advances in sapphire production, the world's second hardest substance may soon protect your phone. We check out sapphire at Mobile World Congress.
Social Media

The funniest Twitter birthday tweets

Twitter turned 7 today, and fans wasted no time with wacky well wishes. Here are just a few of our favorite Twitter well-wishers.

Beyond better graphics: 5 features we want from next-gen consoles

While the eyes of the industry will be on certain quantifiable benchmarks like graphics and power when judging the next generation of consoles, there are a few things that we hope will just be included, and we can instantly begin to take…