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5 amazing things about Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system marks the first time Windows and touch have worked together. But before you discount Windows 8 as a half-baked OS, you may want to learn about a few really great things it has to offer.

Windows Phone Store reaches 120,000 apps, but report shows growth has slowed *updated*

A new report indicates that Microsoft's Windows Phone Store has reached 125,000 apps, just ahead of Windows Phone 8's launch. However, despite incoming new hardware, growth has slowed over recent months.

Nokia still loves Windows Phone 7, announces the Lumia 510 to prove it

Nokia considers Windows Phone 7 to be ideal for entry-level smartphones, bridging the gap between Symbian and Windows Phone 8, and has announced the competitively priced Lumia 510 to prove it.

Bad manners? UK store stops serving customers yakking on mobile phones

Staff at a store in England have become so annoyed with people talking on their mobile phones at the cash register that they're now refusing to serve them.

Online newspaper publicly shames bad drivers with mobile app

Harnessing the power of mobile smartphones to bring about public humiliation, a digital newspaper in Russia is going after poor drivers.
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Interest in Pinterest: Virtual pinboard site breaks into top 50 chart of most-visited websites

There seems to be growing interest in Pinterest, with the site appearing for the first time in a top 50 chart for most-visited websites.

How can the EU accuse Microsoft of stifling competition, but Apple gets a pass?

Microsoft may be on the hook for up to $7.4 billion thanks to a glitch that stopped offering users a choice over which browser to use, but how come an increasingly dominant Apple has escaped antitrust allegations?

Assassin’s Creed III’s writer talks about the secret history of the world

We spoke with Corey May, lead writer for Assassin’s Creed III, and the man responsible for fleshing out the life of Connor, the newest hero to don the hidden blade and take up the ancient fight against the Templars.

Google Street View using backpack ‘Trekker’ cameras to map Grand Canyon

Determined to get a Street View camera to every part of the planet, Google is now gathering 360-degree imagery from the Grand Canyon, using new backpack Trekker cameras.

The CW finally enters the On Demand age with new deal with Comcast

The CW has signed with Comcast to offer shows on demand for the first time in the channel's six year history. Finally, no excuse to miss an episode of "Hart of Dixie!"

What makes you productive? According to a new app, who and where you are

If a report culled from the users of a new productivity app is to be believed, where you live and what gender you are may impact just how well you meet the goals you set yourself.

First XCOM: Enemy Unknown DLC includes new story missions

The first downloadable additions to XCOM: Enemy Unknown have been revealed, though you may already own one of them.