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US gov’t building hacker army for cyber war

As the global cyber war heats up to unprecedented levels, the US goverment's national security complex is attempting to build up an army of "cyber warriors" to help fend off enemies. But will hackers take a job with The Man?


FCC: U.S. broadband getting closer to advertised speeds

A new FCC report finds that American broadband providers are getting closer to actually supplying the bandwidth they advertise to their customers.


NASA invites 150 Twitter followers to Jupiter rocket launch

NASA invited 150 of its Twitter followers at random to attend the launch of the Juno spacecraft, which is heading to Jupiter.

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Zediva DVD streaming service ordered to shut down

A judge has granted a preliminary injunction against Zediva, ordering the DVD streaming - and online DVD player rental - service to shut do

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Pictures of fake iPhone 5 may hint at the real thing

Pictures of a fake iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S might give us a hint as to what the actual next generation iPhone will look like.


Viral video: snake slithers across a car at 65 mph

This viral YouTube video shows a snake that crawls across a windshield as the car barrels down a highway at 65 mph. A second video shows a bird that won't let go of window wipers, even as they move.


It’s happening: Robot orders rise 41 percent in 2011

Let the age of robotics begin...again. Robot orders are up 41 percent in the first six months of 2011 thanks to a growing automotive industry and economy.


Computer scientists gamed Massachusetts Cash WinFall lottery to win millions

Groups of mathematically inclined bettors have been exploiting a loophole in the Massachusetts Cash WinFall lottery to bring in millions of dollars in winnings every few months.

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Droid X2 owners get needed Android 2.3 update

We're not sure why the Droid X2 didn't launch with Android 2.3, but owners can now get the much-needed update on their phones.

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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox in UK browser market

Google edges out Mozilla for second-place spot behind Microsoft in U.K. browser market.


Iomega launches sleek, stylish hard drive specifically for the Mac

Tired of external hard drives that stick out like a sore thumb in your minimal iMac setup? Iomega has a swank new addition to their hard drive lineup that Mac users may just love.


Android is on almost half the world’s smartphones

New study reveals big gap between Google's Android and Apple iOS in global smartphone market.

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Cable providers livid over new FCC regulation

New FCC rules try to level the playing field between independent networks and massive distributors.

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New Android virus secretly records phone calls

A new Trojan virus that targets Android smartphones covertly records users' phone calls. Unfortunately, this malicious software is just one part of a new trend in hacking that targets Android and Apple iOS devices.

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Windows XP’s share below 50% for first time in recorded history

Microsoft's old warhorse is finally showing signs of a quickening decline.