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Altec Lansing Mix MT800 Brings the Boom to iPods

Jonesing for a braced boombox to pump tunes from your iPod? Altec Lansing hopes its Mix xMT800 is exactly what you need.

Cool Tech

Apple Approves iPhone Spotify App

To the surprise of a lot of people, Apple has approved an app for the iPhone by Spotify, the service dubbed ‘the iTunes killer.'


Dell And HP Support Microsoft In Word Case

Computer makers Dell and HP are both supporting Microsoft in its fight to have the injunction against selling Word overturned.


Jabra Polishes Its Halo

Jabra's Halo Bluetooth wireless headset can hand calls and music - and looks like a regular set of headphones, rather than a robotic cricket living in your year.


Microsoft Drops Xbox 360 Elite Price to $299

Right on the heels of Sony slashing $100 off the price of the PlayStation 3, Microsoft has dropped the price of its Xbox 360 Elite down to $299.99.


Film Fresh Offers DivX Downloads of Major Studio Films

Film Fresh has become the first company to offer downloadable DivX films from major Hollywood studios - although movie fans will have to live with standard definition for now.

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The Most Popular Illegal Downloads

A research company has been checking torrents and come up with the most illegally-downloaded TV shows and movies.


OS X Snow Leopard Installation Guide

OS X Snow Leopard Installation Guide – Own an iPhone and thinking about upgrading to Apple’s new OS X Snow Leopard? Senior editor Rene Richie from the iPhone Blog gives us tips on the best way to upgrade, and what programs make best use of Snow…


Digital Camera Buying Guide: DSLR vs.Point and Shoot

Should you buy a fancy DSLR or point and shoot digital camera? We find out in our comprehensive guide, which offers must-read tips and tricks for any digital photography enthusiast.

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The Future of Cloud Computing

the_future_of_cloud_computing The Future of Cloud Computing – The term “cloud computing” seems to pop up everywhere right now, but what do you really know about cloud computing? We talk with industry analyst Vanessa Alvarez, from Frost and Sullivan…


Plextor PX-880SA Review

Plextor's PX0-880SA claims blazing fast 24x burn speeds, but lags behind cheaper competitors.

  • Pros: Very attractive bezel; relatively quiet; include…
  • Cons: Lousy price/performance ratio; slower read and write speeds…

Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer Review

A quirky circular design sets the Loop Pointer apart as a unique remote for home theater PCs.

  • Pros: Doesn't rely on a surface to operate; no line-of-sight…
  • Cons: Odd form factor; uses disposable batteries; no…

Music Publishers Sue Song Lyric Sites

First it was music, and now it's lyrics, as the National Music Publishers Association goes after two sites for reproducing lyrics without paying for them.


Microsoft Gets Quick Word Appeal

Microsoft's appeal against the injunction to stop selling Word has been fast-tracked, but judges refuse to nullify the injunction altogether.


No Direction Home? Bob Dylan Will Guide You

Bob Dylan says he's negotiating to become a voice for satnav, which could lead to some very interesting directions, but no word on whether he'll sing or speak.