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This Heartbleed Bug is going to turn me into a hermit

Heartbleed affects pretty much everyone, any of your data could have been taken, and none of us were at fault. So why do we entrust our entire lives to this thing called 'the Internet' again?

Internal document shows Samsung lied about Galaxy Tab sales

According to several leaked documents, Samsung knew that sales of its Galaxy Tab were low, yet still knowingly lied about its tablet sales to analysts and investors.
Game Review

The Wolf Among Us – Episode Three: A Crooked Mile Review

The Wolf Among Us – Episode Three: A Crooked Mile review.

Project Totem reinvents platforming with a ‘two is better than one’ philosophy

Press Play's Project Totem takes an original approach to puzzle-platforming by putting players in control of two characters that move in tandem with one another.

Silent birds: 44 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted

If you live-tweet everything from your lunch to your horrible date, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re more rare than previously thought. A report found that 44 percent of the 974 million users on Twitter have never tweeted.

Lamborghini ‘Nazionale’ Aventador LP 700-4 set for unveil in Beijing

Lamborghini is reportedly set to unveil the ‘Nazionale’ Aventador from its new Ad Personam program. The new bespoke building program is perfect for raging bull buyers who don’t think having 691 horsepower is showy enough.

How the Heartbleed bug works, as explained by a Web comic

In just four frames, the popular web comic xkcd puts together an eloquent explanation how the now-infamous Heartbleed bug works. Hit the jump to see it.

This awesome new app lets you control your smart home with voice commands

Tired of firing up a separate control app for every smart device in your house? Check out Shortcut -- a new app that lets you control them all with speech. Learn more here.
Home Theater

SunBrite beams your favorite content into the yard with its new wireless HDMI transceiver

The $600 SB-HDWT is already sold out via the official product page, but consumers with backyard home theater aspirations should listen up — the device is capable of transferring full 1080 HD content wirelessly to any HDMI-enabled TV.

Meet the Romanian teen who built a self-driving car … for $4,000

Intel has made a short film about Lonut Budisteanu, the 19-year-old Romanian teen who built a $4,000 autonomous car. For his work, he won a $75,000 scholarship from Intel.