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Nokia is back, with new Symbian^3 smartphones

Despite executives leaving the company in droves, Nokia set a defiant tone at Nokia World while announcing new products: Nokia is back.


Olympus E-5 DSLR gets swivel display, splash- and dust-proofing

Olympus's new E-5 DSLR offers a 12.3 megapixel resolution, a swivel LCD display, the ability to hoot HD video and apply filters while shooting...and it's splash- and dust-resistant.


Samsung NX100 features i-Function lens, no mirror

Samsung's mirrorless NX100 camera combines the control of manual DSLRs and interchangeable lenses with an innovative new i-Function lens control.


Bing overtakes Yahoo for No. 2 in search

Move over Yahoo, Bing is No. 2 according to Nielsen's numbers and is aggressively growing.


Czech privacy watchdog blocks Google Street View

In a setback to Google, the Street View cars are stalled in the Czech Republic.


Consumer Reports still says no to the iPhone 4

Apple would like to move on and forget about Antennagate, but US consumer watchdog Consumer Reports is not ready to.


Report: smartphone owners willing to pay for apps

Surprise! People are willing to pay for apps according to a report from Nielsen.

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Wal-Mart launches low-cost wireless plan; data still pricey

Crowding the already confusing array of wireless plans available, Wal-Mart has unveiled a low-cost wireless plan for its customers.


Adobe Flash under fire with another zero-day exploit

Adobe can’t catch a break. First Reader, now Flash, is under attack.


Canon PowerShot S95 Review

We review Canon's PowerShot S95 point-and-shoot camera updates the critically acclaimed S90 with 720p video and more.

  • Pros: Excellent low-light shooter , Better than usual Canon…
  • Cons: Button placement takes getting used to , Slow fps; not a…

Boston photography guide: tips, locations, and stores

From Boston's most scenic locations and biggest events to shoot, to corner camera shops and rental houses, our photographer’s guide to Boston puts the historic Massachusetts city in focus.


Game of Thrones Trailer

The upcoming series based on the first book of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, will debut on HBO in spring of 2011.

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Nintendo 3DS Coming to Japan in November?

An employee working with 3DS peripherals has tweeted that the handheld device may hit Japan this November, although it might not reach the U.S. until next year.


Apple to launch Wi-Fi iPad in China Friday

Apple is moving fast to get the iPad into the world’s most populous country on Friday, only months after the U.S. debut.


Boxee Box up for preorder, switches to Intel Atom

D-Link’s Boxee Box has hit for $199, and it will now use an Intel Atom for even more video codec support.