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Over Ikea? Customizable furniture maker launches on Kickstarter

Have you graduated from Ikea? If you're looking for something that fits your decor but doesn't cost designer prices, Arrister launched its customizable furniture on Kickstarter today.
Home Theater

Walking Dead, Mad Men, Portlandia now available on Sling TV with addition of AMC, IFC

Following a recent deal inked with AMC network, Sling TV added AMC and IFC to the $20 Basic Live TV pack today, along with a new "Hollywood Extra" add-on pack from Epix.

PlayStation’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus to launch in 2016

Sony confirms plans to launch its virtual reality headset Project Morpheus sometime during the first half of 2016. There's no indication of price or other details at this time.

Get into game development with free versions of both Unity and Unreal

Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, two of the dominant game development engines in the industry, are now both available for free to anyone interested in trying their hand at making games.

Podo, the smartphone-controlled camera, is now available on

Podo is a neat-looking smartphone-controlled camera that this week shot through its Kickstarter target. Easy to operate and sporting a clever design, Podo could give the selfie stick a run for its money.

Play about with Apple Watch apps on this new interactive site

The Apple Watch is edging closer to launch, but it's still hard to know how all of its apps will look and function on such a small display. A new interactive site, however, has a bash at showing us what we can expect....

Photographer tells how he got amazing shot of weasel riding on a woodpecker’s back

An extraordinary photo of a woodpecker flying with a weasel on its back was captured by an amateur photographer this week. Brit Martin Le-May initially thought he was taking a photo of only the bird before quickly realizing he had something…

Want a GTX 960, but think two gigs of RAM isn’t enough? EVGA has you covered

Today EVGA announced its plans to double the GTX 960's memory with a new 4GB model while adding a new cooling unit that should help to keep the card quieter and colder during 4K gaming sessions.
Music is like for aspiring DJs, a live streaming portal, allows you to watch the best DJs perform from the comfort of your couch.

BlackBerry is open to making another tablet, so long as it’s ‘iconic’

In an interview during Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed he is open to having his company create another tablet. However, in order for BlackBerry to consider this, the tablet will have to be 'iconic.'
Movies & TV

NBCUniversal looks to entice cord cutters with standalone comedy streaming service

NBCUniversal is the latest network to announce plans for a streaming service, this one focused specifically on comedy content, including full episodes of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and some original series.

Want to pay off your student debts? Why not play this online trivia game

Need help paying off student loans? Why not try out Givling, an online true-or-false trivia game that helps pay off student loans once it earns a certain amount of money. The game will launch sometime this month.