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Obamacare website outage forces uninsured to use 1800s technology, Obamacare's primary online exchange, continues to suffer serious performance issues a week after its launch. Now, the site is telling impatient users to try another way to buy health insurance: telephone calls.
Home Theater

Singing Machine’s ‘Home’ Bluetooth speaker keeps you one click away from karaoke night

Singing Machine's new Home Bluetooth speaker wants to unleash those golden pipes of yours, offering a sleak spherical cabinet that transitions from an every day wireless sound system to a full bore home karaoke machine, with access to over…

What the world needs now is not love but in fact the Zenos E10, another electric sports car

Does the world need another sports car? Newcomer Zenos Cars says "yes." Like the Caterham Seven Zenos' founders used to work on, the E10 is minimalist, lightweight, and built for the track.

PS4 DualShock controllers will work with your PC

The new PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers will be compatible with Windows-based PCs upon launch, according to a recent tweet from Sony Studio’s Shuhei Yoshida.

Toshiba’s refreshed Portege and Tecra laptops emphasize portability with less compromise

Toshiba's new lineup of Portege and Tecra business laptops includes an Ultrabook with plentiful ports, another lightweight machine that still packs an optical drive, and a powerful mobile workstation.
Social Media

Want to make money filtering your iPhone snaps? These Instagram-lovin’ apps can help

Instagram recently announced that it intends to earn a bit of revenue by making room for advertisements. Why shouldn't you? These apps could help you make money off your Instagram images.
Product Review

Mohu Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna Review

Mohu Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna review.

LG’s 6-inch flexible display goes into production, ready to debut on the LG Z next month

LG has confirmed it has put flexible six inch panels into mass production, ready to be fitted to a smartphone in November, indicating we could be about to see the LG Flex device rumored earlier this month.

Yet another reality TV show is in the works, but this time ‘style photographers’ are the stars

A new reality TV show about fashion photographers is currently in the works in the U.K. that will see 11 contestants competing for a chance to shoot a magazine cover and have their work exhibited. But does such a show promote or cheapen the…

World Solar Challenge: Solar-powered cars begin race across Australian outback

Solar-panel-laden cars are this week racing across Australia in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, which sees teams from around the world competing to create the fastest and most efficient vehicle powered only by that big yellow thing in the…

Samsung develops 13MP phone camera with greater stability and low-light capability

The days of smartphone snaps ruined by camera shake could soon be over – Samsung has developed a new 13-megapixel camera module it claims can handle the shakiest of shooters, with greater low-light capability also a feature.

Rumor: Samsung’s flexible phone, codename Galaxy Round, reportedly coming soon

If the latest rumor is correct, Samsung may launch its first smartphone with a flexible screen later this week. Currently known under the odd codename of Galaxy Round, if Samsung can meet this schedule, it should beat rival LG on to the…