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Google goes Lollipop crazy with Android 5.0, the Nexus 6, the Nexus 9, and the Nexus Player

Google has revealed Android 5.0 Lollipop, previously known as Android L, plus the first two devices on which the new version will be installed - the Nexus 6 smartphone and the Nexus 9 tablet.

Humanity escapes a dying world in the intro to Civilization: Beyond Earth

Take a look at the opening cinematic for Civilization: Beyond Earth, the upcoming Alpha Centauri-inspired civ-building game from Sid Meier and Firaxis.

Will BMW’s sporty M2 finally come out to play at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show?

BMW's long-rumored M2 coupe could make its first appearance at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Packing a powerful turbocharged inline-six and a racy attitude, it should be a crowd pleaser.

Supercharged symphony: The 2015 Roush Mustang sings a sweet song

We still don’t know how the 2015 Roush Mustang performs, but we do know how it’ll sound. The American tuning company has released a video of the supercharged ‘Stang on a lift, and it sounds mean.
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Batfleck casting for Batman V Superman almost went to Ryan Gosling or Josh Brolin

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice producer Charles Roven explains why Ben Affleck was the right choice to play Batman in the sequel to Man Of Steel.

Prepare to greet new Retina display-wearing iMacs at Apple’s October 16 event

Apple may debut Retina iMacs and launch OS X Yosemite at an event on October 16. Learn more here.

This camera could help your bathroom mirror know when you’re hungover

Imagine every connected device in your home being equipped with camera, which knew everything from your mood to your age, syncing up with an app on your phone to help make life better. That's what the Omron HVC-C camera could do in the…

New Google video keeps us guessing about Android L’s dessert-based name (Updated)

Google has released a series of new television ads, all of which celebrate its Android mobile operating system. Interestingly, they could also contain a few hints about the upcoming Android L version.

Samsung has made a battery so bendy, it’ll wrap around your wrist

At an energy and battery tech show in Korea, Samsung has shown off the world's first truly flexible battery. It's so bendy, it could be rolled around the side of a cup and still function normally.
Cool Tech

A drone carrying a political banner causes soccer fight that shuts down game

It seems quadcopters aren't all about attaching cameras and shooting awesome footage. They can also be used to cause mass brawls at international soccer games, as one operator discovered in Serbia on Tuesday night.

‘We got carried away with ourselves’: Bono says sorry for pushing album to iTunes users

Bono said the band got "a little carried away" with its recent 'Songs of Innocence' promotion that saw the album pushed to millions of handsets via iTunes. Speaking during a Q&A session on Facebook, U2's frontman apologized to disgruntled…