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Angry Birds developer Rovio to offer baby products

Having conquered almost every mobile device in the world, Angry Birds is now turning its attention to baby blankets.


New dot-com bubble looms ahead of Groupon IPO

Groupon dropped the use of a controversial accounting metric ahead of its IPO, but what does its use mean for investors hungry for tech?

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Pregnant woman ignores labor to watch Skyrim clip

At QuakeCon, during a demo of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a woman sitting with her fiance went into labor. The couple then stayed for the entire 40-minute clip before leaving for the hospital.


This infographic helps protect yourself from Airbnb scammers

All the safety features in the world shouldn't be enough to keep you from looking out for yourself.

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iPhone 5 “hypothetical” costs and hardware published by Bloomberg

Bloomberg posts estimates on iPhone 5 hardware, costs and margins.


Syrian hackers retaliate and take down Anonymous social network AnonPlus

Earlier this morning we reported how Anonymous had hacked the website of Syria’s Ministry of Defense, and replaced the official homepage with images of citizen unrest and brutality by authorities. Now AnonPlus, Anonymous’s social network has been…

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London rioters using BlackBerry Messenger to organize

London rioters are turning to the mobile private messaging app of the enterprise sector to communicate.


E-commerce continues strong growth with 14 percent increase in Q2 of 2011

Trends continue towards digital shopping as comScore reports new data from the second quarter of 2011.


Newsweek’s Michele ‘crazy eyes’ Bachmann cover instantly gains meme status

The latest cover of Newsweek shows Congresswoman and 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann with a "wild-eyed" glare. Not surprisingly, it's just what the Internet was looking for.


Resistance 3 dev diary highlights multiplayer progression features

A new developer diary for Insomniac Games' Resistance 3, coming in September, highlights the game's system of active and passive Abilities and Attributes, which find comparison with Call of Duty's perks.


Ten-year old hacker finds vulnerabilities in mobile games

Named CyFi, she used system clocks to exploit vulnerabilities in FarmVille-style games.

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Holdup: Apple not ready to launch cloud movie service

We all got a little ahead of ourselves thinking the iTunes Replay launch was imminent.


Seagate Goflex Turbo HDDs sport SafetyNet data recovery

Seagate's new GoFlex Turbo external hard drives sport USB 3.0 and two years of SafetyNet data recovery service.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Nintendo DS port coming from Geist developer

Actvision's Dan Amrich confirms that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 port for Nintendo DS is currently in development at n-Space, the same studio responsible for previous Call of Duty DS games.


First Intel/McAfee security product will leverage chip features

Intel's first security product produced with McAfee will leverage technologies the company has been building into its processors for years.