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The first clip from Jurassic World has lots of sexual tension but no dinosaurs

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard discuss Jurassic World's super-dinosaur, velociraptor respect, and their relationship troubles in the film's first clip. There weren't any dinosaurs in the trailer, though.
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Dolby and AMC team up to make movie theaters awesome again

Dolby announced a partnership with AMC that will see 100 of the sprawling chain's premium offerings converted to Dolby Cinema technology, which includes Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Sorry, Apple fans! The Apple Watch will be sold exclusively online at launch

The Apple Watch will be available for previews and preorders tomorrow. However, purchasing the device requires a more roundabout process, one that is more complex than a simple exchange of currency and goods.

Throwback: Relive the punishing difficulty of Battletoads

Xbox chief Phil Spencer's recent nod to Battletoads has brought speculation to a fever pitch that Rare will be reviving the franchise. Brush up on the early 90s series with our primer.

IBM creates a research group to test Numenta, a brain-like AI software

IBM has created a 100-person research team in San Jose, California. to work on artificial intelligence algorithms created by Numenta. The algorithms were designed to reflect the inner workings of the human brain.

With iOS 8.3 you can customize your emoji and enjoy a faster iPhone

Apple's officially released iOS 8.3, and it brings performance enhancements, new emoji, expanded CarPlay functionality, new emoji, and a bevy of bug fixes. The update is available in an over-the-air update.

Alfa Romeo announces ‘Ferrari-derived’ six-cylinder engine

"Ferrari derived" is about as good an adjective as any, and it's what Alfa Romeo is using to describe its new six-cylinder engine which, along with a new four-banger, will power the brand's expansion.
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Will Smith and the Suicide Squad cast gather for script-reading photo

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has posted a photo of Will Smith and the rest of the cast of his upcoming DC Comics supervillain team-up movie. The star-studded cast seems promising, although the plot is unknown.

Maybach SUV a possibility, Mercedes official says

A Maybach SUV would be the perfect rival for upcoming SUVs from Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Mercedes-Benz hasn't made a firm decision, but it is considering the possibility of a 4x4 Maybach, an official says.
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Catch the race for the green jacket with our guide to streaming the 2015 Masters online

Don't miss a single putt, birdie, or hole-in-one with our quick-hit guide on how to stream the 79th edition of golf's Masters tournament online.
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Wait, slow down: Twitter now properly handles the iPhone’s slow-motion video

For far too long, uploading a slow-motion video to Twitter from your iPhone resulted in the clip being played back at normal speed. Now Twitter will play slow-motion video uploaded by iPhone users as it is meant to be seen.

Mophie’s new battery packs also add much-needed storage to your iPhone and iPad

Mophie's Space Pack case for iPad Mini and Spacestation power bank aim to solve the two most common problems mobile users have: limitations on battery and storage.