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Skype for iPad back in the App Store – and it’s still there

After being pulled from the App Store yesterday, the new Skype for iPad app is back in the store, meaning that owners of the tablet can finally ditch the iPhone version of the video chat software.


Facebook nabs interactive digital book publisher Push Pop Press

Facebook purchases digital book publisher Push Pop Press as a talent acquisition for the iPad app project.


San Francisco cab driver’s ‘dash camera’ helps catch robber

A San Francisco cab equipped with a 'dash camera' helped to apprehend a suspect following an alleged robbery in the city last Friday.


Nintendo announces two more free games for early 3DS buyers

To make up for a 30-percent price cut Nintendo will give 3DS owners that purchased the system at full price 20 free games, 10 of which were announced last week. Two more titles have been added to the list: Super Mario 3 and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.


Mobee Magic Charger averts battery crisis for Apple mouse

With the Mobee Magic Charger you no longer have to worry about having enough AA batteries in your desk to charge up your Apple mouse.


This had better not be Apple’s iPhone 5

A Chinese counterfeit iPhone may provide a hint at what Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will look like. But I sure hope not.


Home audio glossary: Basic speaker terms and definitions

What’s the difference between a tower and a monitor? Our home audio glossary lays down a primer on all the basic speaker terms and definitions you need to get started understanding home audio.

Home Theater

The world’s first plane created entirely by 3D printing takes flight

Researchers in Great Britain have designed, printed and launched a plane in less than a week.

Cool Tech

Amazon targets Groupon with Amazon Local daily deals

Amazon Local will enter the highly lucrative daily deals market along with the rest of the Internet, most notably Groupon.


Newt Gingrich accused of Twitter follower fraud by former staffer

Accusations and analysis start to fly that most of Gingrich's Twitter followers are fake or spam.

Social Media

EA offers discounts and early access with Season Ticket

Today, EA officially launched the EA Sports Season Ticket, a service that offers several benefits for sports hungry gamers for an annual fee.


Borderlands 2 rumored for 2012 release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Rumors point to a 2012 release for Gearbox Software's sequel to the 2009 FPS/RPG Borderlands, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


PlayStation Vita can double as a PS3 controller

Sony Europe's Phil Rogers confirms that the PlayStation Vita will be able to function as a PlayStation 3 controller, opening up the possibility for Wii U-like experiences.


Valve explains Steam’s repeated DirectX installs for newly downloaded games

Valve software engineer John McCaskey explains why downloading Steam games often requires redundant installs of Microsoft's DirectX.


Cisco: Unique malware multiplying in 2011

Cisco's latest Global Threat Report found almost 300,000 unique instances of malware in June alone, as scammers and spammers try to work around filters.