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DT Daily: Pirate Bay is now in the cloud, Xbox 360 gets Web browsing 2:56

Related Links: Pirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-Proof New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Arrives The beer keyboard: Write your email and then drink the keys UberTAXI in NYC Shutting Down for Now – NO CHANGES to UberNYC…

Surface envy: Apple is trying to ruin Windows 8’s launch

Apple has announced its latest media event a week before Microsoft's big Windows 8 party. This show of aggression may be designed to crush the threat of the Surface tablets early on, but could have been made out of fear rather than…
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Hands on: Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim is a mean cleaning machine

Dyson's latest device, the DC44 Animal Digital Slim vacuum, is one of the best handheld cleaners on the market, but is its $400 price tag justified? Our hands-on review investigates the wonders and flaws of this pricey gear to help you…

Aliens—Colonial Marines preview: Structurally imperfect after 5 years

Gearbox Software and Sega will release Aliens: Colonial Marines in February 2013, exactly five years after it was first announced to the public. The game's campaign looks promising but its multiplayer lacks magic.

Grooveshark redesign puts more power into artists’ hands, but is it enough to fend off copyright fiends?

After copyright controversies with Facebook, Apple, and Google, Grooveshark is attempting to win back users by giving its platform a redesign that allows artists to have more control over their music property. The overhaul incorporates a…

Win a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360!

We have five copies of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to give away, two for the PS3, two for the Xbox 360, and one for the PC via Steam. Winning a copy is as simple as posting a comment. Read on for details on how you can enter to win!

Why Twitter fails as a ‘second screen’ for debates

Twitter has become a go-to "second screen" for most major events. But after the exhausting experience from last night's presidential debate, I'm cutting the number of screens down to one.
Social Media plays matchmaker between infographic designers and data-hungry companies

There’s no denying the grip infographics have on us. These bite-sized, data-packed, visual stimulants have become a news source in their own right. They’re easily shared, easily consumed – not to mention easy on the eyes. One startup…

One small step for Baumgartner, one giant pitfall for TV networks

Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive from the edge of space proves that the future of television – even live television – indisputably lies online.
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The Internet reacts to last night’s presidential debates in tweets, GIFs, and hashtags

We've hunted through the social networks, blogs, and forums to bring you some insight into how the Web interpreted last night's debates.

Delivery of cheapest Surface slips to three weeks, Touch Cover rejected by consumers?

Of the various Surface models currently available, it appears the early adopters have been most taken by the cheapest, $499 32GB version. And that's the one without the Touch Cover keyboard, an accessory which Microsoft has been promoting…
Cool Tech

The beer keyboard: Write your email and then drink the keys

It's not your usual keyboard, for sure. But for lager lovers, it may sound like a very appealing proposition.