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Honda introduces a hybrid teakettle that can also compete in the Japanese Super GT

Honda's new advertisement might be a bit silly, but the NSX Concept-GT is serious business. The Japanese automaker's newest entrant into the Japanese Super GT race series is also destined to be the next-generation of Acura NSX that you can…

Keep track of your kids with this smartwatch

AT&T will be the exclusive network provide of Filip, a smartwatch-style device made to be worn by kids. It provides location and communication tools for parents so they can keep tabs on their children no matter where they are.

How to find some of ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’s’ best hidden easter eggs (Updated)

Check out these videos for tips on how to find some of the best secrets and easter eggs in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, including finding an underwater UFO and partying at the Playboy mansion.
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An open letter to Instagram on its third birthday

Oh Instagram, it's only been three years? It feels like a lifetime. Where has it all gone? And why have you changed so much?

The genius of Shower Tunes’ curtain for your iPad is that it’s both absurd and practical

Forget waterproof cases. The Shower Tunes curtain lets you watch and listen to your tablet and smartphones without getting them wet. Built-in speakers lets you drown out your in-shower karaoke.
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DT Daily: Curved phone screens due soon, Wild Cat robot on the run, ‘Gravity’ pulls in $56M 2:28

Today on DT Daily: Samsung and LG set to battle with curved screen models, Wild Cat robot hits its stride, ‘Gravity’ pulls in a record box office take.

Bitchin’ Camaro 2: Chevrolet Performance upgrades to replicate old-school power

Chevrolet Performance is going old-school and releasing its own line of aftermarket upgrades for the fifth generation Camaro. Drawn from the mental Camaro ZL1 and GM motorsports, these parts will definitely make your Camaro go, handle, and…

Ron Burgundy wants to be on you … and for you to be in a 2014 Dodge Durango

Dodge goes all out with its new ad campaign, and teams up with Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy to sell its new 2014 Durango. In a series of short comedy spots that more or less feature the Dodge SUV, Ron Burgundy stumbles over pronunciation…

IndieCade 2013 winners announced

The international festival for independent gaming has announced its list of winners. The first winners were announced last week, concluding with the final winners announced Sunday at the closing ceremonies.

Microsoft wants to cram Windows Phone into Android: Why it’s a bad idea

According to a new report, Microsoft is trying to persuade HTC to make a dual-booting Android and Windows Phone smartphone. The trouble is, it doesn't benefit anyone except Microsoft. How Microsoft is acting like an alien Chestburster.
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The NYC vs. Airbnb saga continues with a subpoena demanding user information

New York's beef with rental site Airbnb is not over. Now the city is demanding data on users who are potential violators of a state law prohibiting short-term leases.

Mercedes answers question no one was asking, planning competitor to the BMW X6

Mercedes is introducing its own Crossover/SUV Coupe, for now called the MLC. Despite the sales failure of the X6, Mercedes seems convinced that at least a few gullible souls want an M Class, but without all of the practical bits. Expected…