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Mayan apocalypse gift guide

The world may or may not end on December 21, but there's no harm in getting friends and family prepared for the apocalypse, right?
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Poorly named ‘ZTE U887’ phone offers a big screen with few pixels

In addition to its exciting Grand S tablet/smartphone hybrid, ZTE has another 5-inch device up its sleeve, named the U887. It's not a top-of-the-range powerhouse though, and is aimed at those wanting big-screen thrills on a tight budget .

Australian university to hand out 11,000 iPads to students and staff

The University of Western Sydney is set to hand out 11,000 iPads to staff and students in Janauary in an initiative designed to offer a more dynamic and effective learning experience.

Google introduces ‘see inside’ button for easy access to interior views

As an increasing number of stores, restaurants and other such places have their interiors photographed for Google's Business Pages, the web giant has rolled out a 'See inside' button on its search pages offering easy access to the interior…

Watch the Golf R Cabriolet in action

It seems all the truly cool Volkswagens are saved for the European market. That, however, just might be changing with the Golf R Cabriolet.

A history of iPhone Killers that never made the grade

In it's six year reign, the Apple iPhone has seen more than its fair share of challengers, usually described -- sometimes optimistically -- as iPhone Killers. We honor the phones that have fallen after battling with the iPhone, and see why…

Kinect Party review: It’s not really a game, but your kids will love it

What Double Fine Productions' Kinect Party lacks in traditional gameplay mechanics, it more than makes up for in frantic, all-ages fun.

DT Deals: Hey, Mr. DJ, buy this Ultimate Music Bundle

Ever dreamed of throwing your own concert? Not if you don't have the tools to make sweet, sweet music. Today's DT Deals: $39 for eight music apps.

HTC reportedly making ‘big’ plans with Microsoft as it cuts smartphone shipments for 2013

A new report has said that HTC will cut its smartphone shipments for Q1 2013. HTC has also met with Microsoft to develop a larger device for its platform.
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FTC ordering data brokers to turn over our information

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is showing its teeth today. On top of expanding privacy law to make it more difficult to track children, the FTC is now ordering data brokers to hand over the information they’ve collected on online…

Infiniti chief explains new naming scheme; reveals new 550-horsepower flagship sedan

“No one likes change,” explained Infiniti President. Apparently, Infiniti fans abhor it.