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Flip through YouTube music like it’s vinyl on

This new music discovery web app lets you explore YouTube’s vast music ‘crates’ in search of hidden gems.

SoundCloud may monetize remixes by partnering with content tracking company ZEFR

Last year SoundCloud inked its first deal with a major record label, and now the company seems to be looking at monetizing copyright-infringing tracks by partnering with YouTube's content tracking partner ZEFR.

Let your car describe its symptoms directly to the mechanic with Openbay Connect

Repair booking service Openbay has expanded its app that allows diagnostic information to be sent directly to mechanics. A device connected to the car allows users to idenify specific car issues then use Openbay’s mechanic network to…
Home Theater

Tizen OS takes shape in Samsung smart TVs | Hands on 1:32

Tizen OS significantly smartens up Samsung's smart TVs in 2015. We went hands on with the new interface at a Samsung SUHD event held in New York, and came away impressed. Check out our video for more.

LEGO Dimensions brings in Back to The Future, DC Comics + More Franchises

For the first time ever, Lego: Dimensions will feature stars from various popular franchises including Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, and the film Back to The Future.

Unified store for movies, music, apps coming to Windows 10 Technical Preview

A “Movies & TV” section was added to the Store beta in the Windows 10 Technical Preview last month, but no content was actually accessible. Microsoft turned the section on yesterday, with the full rollout expected to take roughly 24…

This is how Samsung’s trying to sell the Galaxy S6 on Apple Watch launch day

Today's not all about the Apple Watch, Samsung has also put the Galaxy S6 on sale, and to promote it the company has released a cringy, campy ad featuring new Late Late Show host James Corden.

Apple’s ‘appointment only’ Watch strategy is elitist, annoying, and brilliant

Apple won't be selling the Apple Watch in its retail stores to any old passer-by; you'll need an appointment to try one out. It's a brave strategy that could just mean the difference between failure and success for the new wearable.

Long awaited Jawbone UP3 starts shipping April 20, but with lower water resistance

Jawbone says its UP3 fitness tracker will start shipping at the end of April, months later than expected. Design issues led to the delay, with the company announcing the device is now only splash-proof, and not fully waterproof as…

Amazon’s had enough of fake reviews on its site, files lawsuit

Amazon is taking legal action against four companies that allegedly sell fake four and five-star reviews that appear alongside products on its site, a practice the c-commerce giant says tarnishes its brand.

Apple Watch pre-orders prove popular, delivery dates slip to June and beyond

The Apple Watch is up for pre-order, and within hours, delivery dates have slipped beyond the April 24 release date and into May, June, and if you want the expensive Edition model, as far as August.

Facebook faces class-action lawsuit in Austria over privacy violations

Austrian law school graduate and privacy campaigner Max Schrems filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, arguing the social network violated EU privacy laws. The case is currently being heard in Europe's highest court.