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Smartphones have become the most popular way to bank

Mobile banking has grown into the most popular means of banking, but heading to the branch is still the primary option.

Onda’s V919 Air may look like an iPad Air 2 ripoff, but it’s actually a dual-boot tablet

The Onda V919 might seem like a cheap Windows 8.1 tablet ripoff of the Apple iPad Air, but don't be fooled by the looks: The V919 packs some pretty decent hardware for its $193 price point.

Here’s how Sony is apologizing for the Christmas PlayStation Network outage

Sony offers up some freebies for those PlayStation users that were affected by the online vandalism that brought down PSN (and other gaming services) over Christmas.

Thom Yorke potentially made over $20 million legally on BitTorrent in 2014

Thom Yorke's "Tommorrow's Modern Boxes" was downloaded over 4.4 million times legally on BitTorrent with Yorke set to receive 90 percent of all sales.

Best Buy employee accused of stealing $28,000 worth of gift cards from store and customers

A Best Buy employee finds himself in hot water as he was charged with stealing $28,000 in gift cards from the store and customers alike. No word on how many customers were affected or whether they would receive their money back.

The e-Strap is Montblanc’s answer to the smartwatch

Montblanc has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of how to produce a luxury smartwatch. The result is the e-Strap, and it puts a digital display on the base of the strap, leaving the traditional watch face untouched.

iOS 8 users file lawsuit against Apple over lack of storage space

iOS 8 has has had a bit of a bumpy since its release just over three months ago, with various bugs and issues ensuring its arrival was anything but smooth. And now it's linked to a lawsuit over the amount of storage it takes up on iDevices…
Social Media

Twitter rolling out ‘while you were away’ timeline feature

If you follow hundreds of other users or go for a long time without logging in, Twitter thinks you might be missing lots of interesting tweets. With that in mind, it's now rolling out a recap feature that places such tweets at the top of…

Trends with Benefits: CES in Las Vegas, it’s coming and we’re going

Vegas rule number 1: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, the exception to this rule occurs when hundreds of thousands of technophiles converge on 'Sin City' for CES. Our job as media is to see the cool stuff first and tell you…
Product Review

Withings Activite Review

Withings’ Activité has the looks of a classic Swiss watch and the brain of a Fitbit.