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‘Completely different’ Bentley SUV could be built in Slovakia

Based upon the Audi Q7, the as of yet unnamed Bentley SUV is in a holding pattern as the Volkswagen and Bentley brass hammer out where the luxury soft-roader will be built. VW wants Slovakia. Bentley wants England.

Xbox website hacked, leaking info of thousands of users

It's the little hacks that add up. Microsoft's Xbox business has never been the subject of a massive security breach, but it often the victim of smaller attacks. The Xbox Entertainment Awards website, for example, was hacked this week…

Obama’s Energy Security Trust would use $2 billion in oil lease revenues to fund green car tech

The President wants to use money earned from allowing oil and gas drilling on public lands to fund the tech that could put those industries out of business.

Porsche: 2014 GT3 RS might arrive packing 500hp

The 2014 Porsche GT3 RS is slated for debut sometime next year but won’t be offered with a manual transmission, nor will it weigh significantly less than its standard GT3 counterpart.

‘Assassin’s Creed 3’s King Washington’ DLC Part 2 ‘The Betrayal’ Review: A Boston massacre

Ubisoft's second episode of Assassin's Creed 3's The Tyranny of King Washington DLC steps things up after a tepid first effort, with a less frustrating set of missions and a story that continues to entertain.

MessageMe picks up 1 million users in 12 days, no thanks to Facebook

MessageMe reveals that despite Facebook revoking its privileges to Facebook's social graph, the app has managed to amass 1 million users within 12 days. But where will MessageMe go from here without Facebook integration?

Square Enix casts remaster! An HD version of ‘Final Fantasy X’ will be joined by ‘FF X-2’

Square-Enix has been dragging its feet in releasing the tenth anniversary remaster of Final Fantasy X but the delay was in part due to the fact it's making over two games. Final Fantasy X HD now comes with Final Fantasy X-2 on the same…

Russian Orthodox Church wants you to give up social media for Lent

Never mind chocolate or booze, there are other things that you could give up for Lent according to the Russian Orthodox Church. Like, for example, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, just give up social media altogether.

Microsoft urges Windows 7 users to install Service Pack 1 before April 9

If you haven't already, Windows 7 users should download and install Service Pack 1 (SP1) before April 9. SPI ensures that you'll continue to receive free security and performance updates from Microsoft until January 13, 2015.

‘MLB: The Show 13’ Vita review – The PS3 version’s BFF

The PS Vita is a system that has the potential to change the way people game, but it still has a long way to go. One of its biggest selling points is, of course, cross play. With MLB 13: The Show, that feature is very much at the forefront…

EA’s Origin leaves 10 million customers vulnerable to hacking

There's no such thing as a a perfectly secure digital network, but at least the vulnerability in Electronic Arts' Origin were found before user information was stolen. Two researchers with a security company found that EA Origin can be…