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Watch your back: Transportation Secretary wants mandatory rearview camera bill finalized by the end of December

Mandatory rearview cameras could prevent 300 deaths per year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, but would add up to $203 to the cost of each new car.

Microsoft Surface RT vs. Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet is weeks away from its debut, but how does it stack up against the Surface RT and is it worth the extra premium in price?

New SimCity players will need an Internet connection to save the game

Electronic Arts and Maxis explained that the new SimCity would need a persistent Internet connection almost immediately after the game was announced, but it's only now becoming clear how restrictive that will be.
Android Army

Leaked: Polaroid prepping mirrorless Android camera

Information about an upcoming mirrorless camera from Polaroid that runs on Android was leaked through a Russian social networking site. Here's the scoop.

Bitcasa offers ‘infinite’ cloud storage on Windows 8 and Android, Mac and iOS coming in January

Bitcasa adds Android and Windows 8 support and offers "infinite" cloud storage for users. Mac and iOS versions to arrive in January.
Movies & TV

Netflix-Facebook bill passes U.S. House without email privacy protections

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that will enable Netflix users to automatically share which videos they've watched with friends on Facebook, but which does not include provisions added by the Senate that would have…

NASA laptop containing 10,000 social-security numbers has disappeared

Pity the poor NASA employee whose laptop was stolen from his car. The computer contained more than 10,000 social security numbers of his NASA colleagues, and the incident will cost the agency thousands of dollars in post-theft credit…

Gifts of Holidays Past: The lousy Star Wars game and the beloved uncle that defined my career

Although Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi was not a good game, it is at least partially responsible for my career, helped create lasting memories of my uncle, and drove me to slander the good(ish) name of former Senator Trent Lott.

Google Maps responsible for increase in iOS 6 upgrades, data says

Data has shown that the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 has increased the platforms popularity among iPhone users.

New ‘iphone’ to launch in Brazil, but this is no Apple device

A Brazilian electronics manufacturer plans to launch a line of Android-based handsets called IPHONE.

Penguin settles with DOJ over e-book price fixing allegations

One of the two remaining publishers facing legal action over possible illegal price fixing of e-books has settled with the US Department of Justice. Penguin's settlement means that only Macmillan and Apple remain named in the upcoming trial…
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[Exclusive] Visual curation platform Pearltrees now lets you customize your pages

Pearltrees announced an update to its platform today that will allow users the limited personalization of icons and backgrounds for their pearls.