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Jaguar says the 2016 XE will be its most fuel efficient model ever

Like a Spitfire, the 2016 Jaguar XE will be made primarily out of aluminum. This will not only help make it the most fuel-efficient Jaguar ever, but should also improve performance.

Canon quietly unveils what might be the least exciting long-zoom cameras yet

We've been looking forward to camera makers upping their game with exciting features, but Canon's newest long-zoom PowerShots don't offer much to speak of, not even Wi-Fi.

Apple boosts MacBook Pro lineup with upgrades to RAM, CPUs

Apple has refreshed its lineup of MacBook Pro laptops, upgrading two key areas across the board, and more.

Deleted epilogue scene shown at The Last of Us: One Night Live event

At the Last of Us: One Night Live event, a theatrical performance of the game's cutscenes, a never-before-seen epilogue was acted out for attendees. It features Joel and Ellie in a scene offers a goodbye to the two characters.

Watch out, Audi: Ferrari wants an electric turbo of its own

Audi apparently isn't the only carmaker working on a production electric turbocharger. Ferrari is reportedly planning one of its own, to improve responsiveness in an upcoming supercharged engine.

Is your phone full of bloatware? Here’s how to disable apps on Android

Preinstalled apps from your smartphone manufacturer or carrier can be a pain. If you don’t use it then you certainly don’t want it sucking down system resources. Even if you can’t uninstall, you can always disable, here’s how.
Cool Tech

When your drone is boned, this parachute floats it safely back to earth

DJI, maker of the popular Phantom drones, is working on a parachute system that slows down their descent and lets them crash with less impact. The parachute can be deployed automatically or manually.

Reddit user’s Galaxy S4 gets melted, so HTC offers him a free phone

Reddit user TweettheGeek has a Galaxy S4 that has its charging cable melting into it. When Samsung failed to send him a replacement unit, HTC stepped in and offered him a free One M8.

That’s not bubblegum; it’s MIT’s ‘morphable’ automotive skin of the future

MIT researchers are developing a smart morphable surface (smorph for short) that, like a golf ball, has exterior dimples to reduce drag. By creating a vacuum underneath the surface, the dimples change in size, which could theoretically…
Movies & TV

It’s the dawn of war in the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

The third and final installment of Peter Jackson's trilogy of films brings war to the world of The Hobbit and depicts the fate of the great dragon Smaug.

GoPro attached to car wheel turns city lights into a fun kaleidoscope

What happens when you duct-tape a GoPro camera to a spinning car wheel, while driving at night? As Ryan Fox discovered, it creates a video with a cool kaleidoscope effect

This crowd-funding campaign wants to use an iPhone to diagnose malaria

The latest crowd-funding campaign to make use of the Apple iPhone is one from IanXen Rapid, a small medical team hoping to use the device along with a specially created app to make it easier to diagnose, and therefore treat, malaria.