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Pompeii review

Pompeii erupts with dazzling computer effects and a convincing depiction of a living, breathing ancient city, but its cliché-riddled plot merely smolders.

Dell partners up with the Alliance for Wireless Power

Dell, one of the world's biggest PC manufacturers, is partnering up with the Alliance for Wireless Power, the first PC maker to do so. Are wirelessly charging Dell PCs on the way?

New zero-day Adobe Flash vulnerability discovered by research firm

According to an Internet security research firm, a new Adobe Flash hole has been discovered and used in attacks on multiple websites. Read on to learn more here.
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Denon’s new DA-300USB is a super-versatile DAC for even the most discerning audiophile

Denon's new DA-300USB marks the storied audio company's first foray into the world of stand-alone USB DACs. Providing 32 bit, 192kHz conversions of virtually any digital audio file in the book is just the start of what this powerful little…

Oral-B reportedly set to launch a smart toothbrush this June

Procter & Gamble execs have recently announced that the company has developed a smart toothbrush that can sync with your phone, track the quality of your brushing sessions, and more.

LaCie reveals ‘industry’s first’ 5TB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drives

LaCie just revealed their first 5TB mechanical hard drives, which they're calling the "industry's first." Read on to learn more about LaCie's announcement here.
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Western justice: Utah judge deals Aereo its first big loss

A Utah court issued the first major legal defeat for online streaming service, Aereo, resulting in an injunction against the service in the west. Click the link to find out where the decision takes effect, and what this means for the…