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Leaked sketches hint at a sleeker Audi A8 with blazing Matrix Beam LED headlights

Aside from some body and engine tweaks, the biggest change to the 2016 A8 will be the addition of Matrix Beam headlights. Unfortunately, we Americans will not see that headlight update, as the technology is technically illegal – for now.
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Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition Review

Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition review.

Recess! Florida prison cells opened randomly thanks to computer ‘glitch’

Officials are investigating whether two mysterious computer "glitches" that opened all the cell doors at a maximum security wing in a Miami prison are part of a bigger gang conspiracy.

Acer launches three new ultra high-res LED monitors, gets touchy with one

Acer unveiled the touch-enabled ultra high-resolution 27-inch T272HUL monitor yesterday, along with its non-touch high-res counterparts, the 27-inch B276HUL and 29-inch B296CL with eye-catching ergonomic stands, and swiveling and tilting…

New Zealand woman manages to text while sleeping – and driving 187 miles

Think drinking and driving is bad? A woman from New Zealand recently drove 187 miles while sleeping and texting. What happened?

I just designed a custom Moto X, and I’m terrified of what it says about me

We get our hands on Motorola's new Moto Maker, a custom website that lets you design how your Moto X will look, from its color to the amount of memory inside it. Unfortunately, the experience left us wondering if we deserved a custom phone…

Lay off our phone bills, Obama – they’re already taxed 17.2 percent

President Obama's new initiative to connect remote schools to high-speed Internet sounds great, but it's bad for everyone who owns a cell phone. We're already being charged an average of 17.2 percent on each phone bill.
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Yahoo’s latest attempt at relevancy is … a new toolbar?

Billions of dollars and 17 new logos later, Yahoo has unveiled its new product: A freshly redesigned ... toolbar. We wish we could say the company was trolling us, but it looks like they're being serious.
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The 5 types of messages you find in your hidden Facebook inbox

Have you ever looked through your 'Other' Facebook inbox? It's the hidden one, the one you probably don't notice, where messages usually go to die. Well if you haven't ever gone through it, there are a few cliches you're like to see.

Ubi Interactive’s Kinect app turns any surface into a touchscreen

Ubi Interactive, in partnership with Microsoft, launched a new app for the Kinect that turns any image projected onto a surface into a giant touchscreen. The software has the Kinect and a projector working together to create a touch display…

Rumor: LG to build the Nexus 5 after all?

The mystery of the Nexus 5 has taken another turn, as despite previous statements, LG is now being linked with building the device for Google, and that it will be based on the new LG G2 Android phone.

Mercedes’ fast, roomy, and efficient 2015 GLA is the epitome of futuristic

Mercedes-Benz will officially debut the all-new GLA crossover next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. But from what I can see here, it appears to me to be the shining beacon on the hill for cars of the future.