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Google: Video games take up more tablet time than social networking, video

A new study on tablet usage from Google found that people use their tablets to check their email more than anything else. After that, they spend more time playing video games than anything else.

Shredding the myth of the paperless office

Technology promised to deliver us from paper for good, but we’re actually using more than ever before.

Nikon updates the V1 with V2, adds new lens, Speedlight

Nikon is hoping to inject some new life into its Nikon 1 series of Compact System Cameras with a new enthusiast model. Should you be enthusiastic?

27-inch iMac (2011) vs. iMac (2012) vs. Dell XPS One 27: Spec Showdown

We compared last year's iMac to the newly redesigned 27-inch iMac announced at yesterday's Apple keynote. Not sure if you're a Mac, check out how the Dell XPS One 27 holds up to its Apple counterpart.

Nintendo slashes earnings forecast as Nintendo 3DS underperforms

A new quarterly earnings report shows a Nintendo that won't repeat last year's first annual loss. Even as the House of Mario recovers, though, its handheld business is still struggling.
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Skype 6.0 desktop update adds Facebook and Microsoft integration and retools for Retina Display

Skype has updated its desktop app to 6.0 to enable Facebook and Microsoft account logins, Live messaging, and merged contact lists. Mac users out there will also rejoice at the announcement of a Retina Display-ready Skype client.
Product Review

Samsung UN60ES6500 Review

Samsung UN60ES6500 Review.

John C. Reilly and the cast of Wreck-It Ralph talk about life on both sides of the joystick

We speak with John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, and Jack McBrayer, the actors tasked with bringing to life the characters inhabiting the game-based world of Disney’s upcoming film, Wreck-It Ralph, which hits theaters on November 2.

Chevrolet reprograms 2013 Volts to fix motor glitch

Volt electric motors may unexpectedly shut down if owners use the new-for-2013 delayed charging feature.
Product Review

Samsung UN32ES6500 Review

Samsung UN32ES6500 Review.

Fix It Later: Resident Evil 6 patch continues 2012 trend of apologizing to fans

Capcom takes a page from the BioWare play book with its upcoming patch for Resident Evil 6. Out in December, the update looks to fix major complaints about how the game is played.
Product Review

Samsung UN55ES6500 Review

Samsung UN55ES6500 Review.