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Intel: Expect $599 Ultrabooks to hit the market this holiday season

Intel believes its Haswell platform can lead to the creation of cheaper Ultrabooks. Speaking at a conference earlier this month, a company exec claims we'll see $599 Ultrabooks hit the market as soon as this holiday season.

1 in 4 patents granted cover phones, and Samsung leads the pack

A new study shows that Samsung now is in possession of the most mobile patents in the world. The South Korea-based company can attribute its 2012 dominance of the patent world.

Hyundai casts free 3-year Blue Link ‘Assurance’ safety net for new customers

New Hyundai customers will have even more peace of mind when purchasing a new vehicle with Blue Link, as the Korean automaker has just announced a whole suite of features that coincide with the company's telematics system will be provided…

T-Mobile’s CEO sounds like a comedian, but his radical ‘Uncarrier’ plan is no joke

Yesterday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere held one strange and hilarious coming out party for T-Mobile where he fully unveiled a brand new line of phones, turned on LTE in seven cities, and poked fun at every other wireless carrier like a standup…

Brains and brawn don’t prevent Jeep’s new 2014 Cherokee from getting dirty

Jeep debuts the sexy and sleek new 2014 Cherokee, but don't let its good looks fool you, this is one car that wants to get down and dirty.
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If you don’t want ads targeting you, read this story about Facebook FBX

Facebook's ad-retargeting system Facebook Exchange will be expanding. That means a lot to marketers, but what does it mean for you? Turns out, quite a lot: In addition to personalized News Feed ads run through this system, there are a few…
Product Review

Yamaha Aventage A-3020 Review

Yamaha Aventage A-3020 Review.

Microsoft granted 3 design patents for Surface keyboard

Microsoft has been granted three design patents for the way the Surface and its keyboard accessories attach to each other. The patents protect the look and layout of the connectors that help the Surface and keyboard "click" together.

‘Ground Zeroes’ and ‘The Phantom Pain’ are one and the same; Kojima debuts ‘Metal Gear Solid V’

Kojim Productions and director Hideo Kojima have led fans on a strange chase in the past year, but now the ruse is over. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are actually the same Kojima Productions game, the newly announced…

‘Gears of War: Judgment’ multiplayer mode isn’t gone, you’re just a few buttons away

Gears of War: Judgment brings many subtle changes to Epic Games' long-running shooter series, but the most notable is the removal of certain series staples multiplayer modes. Thankfully, the Warzone mode is playable in the game even though…