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Mixing the East and the West: Why you should pay attention to Molten Games

When executives from two of the biggest online MMO companies in the world start their own studio and announce that they are working on a free-to-play MMO, you should pay attention.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Obama helps Apple, FBI hits Tor hosts, YouTube and Spotify boost streaming 2:47

President Obama jumps into Apple’s patent fight, the anonymous Tor network takes a hit from the FBI, and Spotify and YouTube launch new streaming features. Related Links: Obama overturns Apple panTor host bustSpotify and YouTube…

Review: ‘Magic Sound Box’ looks like it’s from 1992, and sounds like it too

The magic behind the Magic Sound Box is that it doesn't need a Bluetooth or any other fancy wireless connection to amplify audio. Just rest your smartphone on top and abracadabra! the audio gets way louder.
Cool Tech

Segway lite? Toyota’s ‘Winglet’ aims to turn us into wheeled Wall-E fatties

Segways/Winglets for those who can't walk or ride I understand. But if you can put one foot in front of the other, like people have been doing to keep fit and in motion for millennia, I think that's a good skill we should retain and…
Cool Tech

Unsurprisingly, the $300k lab-grown burger tastes horrible. Here’s what to eat instead

We're not surprised that a lab-grown "cultured beef" patty tastes nothing like real meat, but at $331,200 a burger, you could be eating so many other luxurious things! Here's our list.
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Twitter now lets you access recent searches

Are keyboards and hashtags not cutting it anymore? In a recent tweet, Twitter announced important updates to its search function, particularly the ability to access recently executed searches.
Cool Tech

Kirobo, the world’s first talking ‘robot astronaut’, heads for International Space Station

Kirobo, the world's first talking 'robot astronaut', is heading for the ISS after blasting off from Japan on Sunday. The knee-high android is set to conduct the first ever space-based communication experiments between a robot and a human.

Smart toilet security flaw could result in nasty surprise(s) for users

It's all well and good having a top-of-the-range smart toilet in your home, but it seems one particular model has a security flaw that could see a hacker take control of its fancy functions, potentially causing "distress or discomfort" to…

How to trade paper for pixels – and keep writing by hand

If you like to write on paper, but hate that it locks you out of the digital world, listen up. We've tested and compiled a list of the best digital pens, note-taking tablets, handwriting apps, and smartphone scanners around. Here's our full…

This woman’s invention is more important than the iPhone

Hermione Way, sorta star of Bravo’s ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’, has released Vibease, and our culture will never be the same. This is an iPhone moment, people.

Surface Pro discount: Microsoft reduces tablet by $100 in August-only promotion

In a bid to boost sales and possibly to clear inventory before the launch of a refreshed device, Microsoft is offering a $100 discount on its Surface Pro tablet throughout this month – but will that be enough to persuade those in the hunt…

The Old Reader saved by mystery backer, improvements promised

Last week it seemed The Old Reader was on its last legs, its developers having become overwhelmed by the sudden influx of new users following the recent closure of Google Reader. A blog post over the weekend, however, suggests it may yet be…