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Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Review

Philips Fidelio HTL9100 review.
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DT Deals: Command your music without taking your hands off the wheel

Who here actually likes hearing the advertisements they play on the radio? We didn't think so. Here's a little gadget to help connect your phone to the car so you can play you own songs without the silly commercials.

5 awesome desktop 3D printers that bring your ideas to life

When NASA's bringing 3D printers to space, you know 3D printing is cool. But you don't have to have a NASA budget to get your hands on your own 3D printer; we rounded up five desktop models you can buy right now.

Dwindling Wii U sales may spell the end for Nintendo’s troubled console

Nintendo's latest quarterly earnings report paints a very grim picture for the future of the Wii U. With 3.6 million unit sold to date and only 160,000 sold in the past month, some major changes will be needed to resuscitate this dying…
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Dragon’s Crown Review

Dragon’s Crown review.

Glowdeck takes wireless charging furniture one step further

Most wireless charging pads do just that - wirelessly charge. The Glowdeck can not only juice up your phone, it'll display notifications using LED lights and play music right off the built-in speakers.

How we test desktops

Desktops have certainly been around the block, but that hasn’t made them easier to understand for the average consumer. We detail the ins and outs of how we test desktop computers during our product reviews.
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To bot or not to bot? Ethics of the seat-buying arms race

Reservation spambots are the new system plaguing the Internet; but are they actually going to help out the average eater or will it just mean that your smarter reservation-seekers will get first dibs?

Sink or swim? Samsung’s ‘whatever-proof’ S4 Active hides behind a watery warranty

Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active is a good phone, but the way it's being advertised is irresponsible. Though it is water resistant, it's warranty doesn't cover water damage. We spoke with an AT&T manager who claims there may be more issues…

Cal App Review: Any.Do takes over your calendar

Any.Do already offers a task app for mobile users but now it's making its way further into your day-to-day life with its Cal app, a great calendar app option with a gorgeous UI that will make it fit in right at home in iOS 7.
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Facebook’s testing a Timehop feature to remind you why you avoided Facebook a year ago

If case you ever wonder what your Facebook feed looked like one year ago, you might be happy to know the social media's testing a new feature that will show users exactly what was happening on their news feed 365 days back.
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Dell C1765 Review

Dell C1765 review.