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Upcoming XP Service Pack Boosts Performance

Benchmarks show Windows XP with Service Pack 3 delivering a 10 percent speed increase, with all versions of XP destroying Vista in time comparisons.

Oyster On The Tube

A new system might see mobile phones replacing London’s Oyster card.

Enum Directory Tries For All Contact Info

The Enum directory will start by listing VoIP numbers, but will grow to giving all ways to contact a person.

Indian Text Service Stopped

Service giving contact details ended after complaints of harassment.

Why Be Blu? It?s All High-Def

Here's the low-down on this year's Blu-ray Festival. Why go Blu? Because they have your favorite movies of course!

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Slowing Piracy?

Microsoft's Genuine Advantage antipiracy technology may not have many fans ...but Microsoft says its learning lessons and it may even have results.

MTron Offers 32 GB SSD to Consumers

Best known for their server and industrial storage solutions, South Korea's Mtron has announced a 32 GB SSD drive with a 100 MB/sec transfer rate...for $650.

Sony Sells a Million New PSPs in Japan

Sony has sold over a million of its new, slimmer PSPs in Japan during the product's first two months, outpacing sales for the original PSP.

TiVo Goes to Canada, Gets Switched Digital

Believe it or not, TiVo DVRs are only now getting to Canadian retailers - plus, the company has made a deal with the NTCA to let TiVO HD DVRs access switched digital channels.

OLPC Extends Give One, Get One Offer

The One Laptop Per Child initiative has extended its "Give One, Get One" offer for its OLPC XO notebook through the end of 2007.

LG Takes a Shine to AT&T

LG's sleek metal Shine phone has debuted on AT&T, bringing a 2 megapixel camera, music and video capabilities, microSD storage, and a 2.2-inch LCD display.

British Broadband Summit

Broadband industry leaders and government will meet to speed up Britain on the broadband highway.

Skype Encryption Excellent

Skype’s encryption received a backhanded compliment from the German police.

French Anti-Piracy Plan Agreed

A new anti-piracy body will deal with illegal file sharers in the country.

German iPhones Unlocked via iTunes

Those who shell out to buy an iPhone that will work on any network merely sync the phone with iTunes to free it.

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