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Amazon’s new Youtube-style video service hopes you’ll stick around for some shopping

Amazon has added a new YouTube-esque area to its Instant Video site, called "Video Shorts," that functions as a hub for brief clips from a variety of topics and categories, such as How-To, Video Games, and Food & Drink. Users can access it…

How much will a hydrogen car cost? The same as a hybrid, Mercedes-Benz exec says

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are set to enter the mainstream, but how much will they cost? Unlike rival Toyota, Mercedes-Benz may price its 2017 fuel-cell car the same as a comparable hybrid.

BMW throws a cord to i3 EV owners with cheaper fast chargers, year of free juice

BMW is committing to EVs and charging infrastructure in a big way. Today the Bavarian automotive giant announced a new comprehensive charging plan for i3 customers and a revolutionary new fast charger.

Notorious E.T. game is unearthed in the first trailer for Atari: Game Over

Microsoft has shared a trailer for Atari: Game Over, the Xbox-exclusive documentary about Atari, the 1983 industry crash, and the mass burial of the famously terrible E.T. game.

Microsoft’s Cortana embarrasses Siri in new commercial

Microsoft's Cortana outshines Siri in a new commercial, helping a man wish his wife a happy anniversary and other related tasks. Essentially, Cortana wants you to know that anything Siri can do, she can do better.

Chinese Tesla Model S owners go without navigation due to Google incompatibility

The Tesla Model S is currently sold in China without a working navigation system, because Google Maps isn't supported there. Neither is the over-the-air system Tesla would normally use to deploy a China-specific version.

Leaked image suggests Apple could release upgraded MacBook Pro

A leaked Chinese image suggests that Apple could start selling an upgraded version of its MacBook Pro soon.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Phone project called Shamu? Microsoft’s tasty charging project, fox eats a GoPro 2:38

Today on DT Daily: The next Nexus phone gets a whale of codename, Microsoft veges out with a Lumia smartphone, and what does the fox eat? GoPro cameras, apparently. Google could be working with their old friends at Motorola on…
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The Strain weekly recap: Everyone is lying to you

"Liar, liar, head on fire extinguisher." Everything witnessed on this week's new episode of The Strain was little more than a baldfaced lie.

Until Dawn, Journey, and Unfinished Swan all seem to be confirmed for PS4

A now-removed list of Sony's playable games for August 2014's Gamescom in Germany seems to confirm Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and Until Dawn for PS4.

T-Mobile more than doubles the data it offers on 4-person family plans

T-Mobile will give families of four 10GB of 4G LTE data to share for $100 a month. The Uncarrier's CEO John Legere claims that this new promotion could save families up to $720 a year in comparison with AT&T's plans.