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IBM reveals the differences between iOS and Android Christmas spending habits

IBM has been crunching the Christmas shopping data, and while there are more Android devices out there, iOS users lead the way in terms of online browsing, online purchases and purchase amounts.

NSA has been spying on Americans, new documents reveal

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request by the ACLU, the NSA has revealed numerous improper activities and agency analyst errors in a dump of document reports dating from 2001 to 2013.

10m new Amazon Prime members sign up over the holidays

How was Amazon's Christmas? The company has revealed how many people signed up for Prime, what the best-selling items were and when the very last gift was delivered on Christmas Eve.

Take Zap! Biostar hardens motherboards against surges

Worried about your motherboard becoming the victim of a power surge? Biostar's new motherboards, which have extra surge protection for the Ethernet port, may help you sleep at night.
Product Review

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review

This PS4 headset costs almost as much as the console, but it's worth it.
Home Theater

B&W T7 vs B&O A2: Battle of the Bluetooth blue bloods

We pit two hot upscale Bluetooth speakers to see which comes out on top, and you might be surprised by the decision we arrive at.

How iPads are changing food service in airports around the country

As airports freshen up, one food service provider is redefining what airport food can be, and it’s using iPads to achieve its goal.

Tune in for Battlefield Hardline’s explosive, TV-like action

A new trailer for Battlefield Hardline shows off the explosive gameplay and TV crime drama story of the upcoming cops-and-robbers shooter from Dead Space developer Visceral Games.

How to make life harder for laptop thieves

In this week's edition of Decrypt This we break down all the best ways you can implement physical protection to keep your laptop locked up and out of criminal hands.

Tesla’s Roadster rides again! New upgrades give the existing model a 400-mile range

Tesla has announced an upgrade package for owners of its debut electric vehicle. The package achieves a 50% increase in range by improvements made to the battery, as well as a reduction in drag, made possible by retrofitted body mods.

PSN and Xbox Live hackers turn their attention to Tor

Sony and Microsoft aren't the only ones with hackers to deal with this Christmas — the same organization that targeted PlayStation and Xbox networks is now going after the Tor platform.