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Facebook users only spend 10 percent of time on apps

Checking the Newsfeed, picture galleries and other people's profiles consumes far more of Facebook users' time than apps, according to new data.


Scientists use new programs to map connections of the human brain

Researchers have begun to use two powerful programs to map the human connectome.

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Android grabs number one mobile operating system ranking

Nielsen's June 2011 data shows that Google's mobile operating system is now the most prolific, with Apple's iOS firmly in second for now.

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Is this the iPhone 5?

Do we have another leaked iPhone prototype on our hands?


Spotify sued for patent infringement

Welcome to America, Spotify: Here's your first lawsuit.


AV Rant #242: Swearing

Tom couldn’t be more excited about this week’s podcast. For the first time in the four years of this podcast, Tom’s cohost is tackling a Soup to Nuts topic. That’s right, hear Liz’s first in a three part series on streaming content. This week it is…


Report of Google+ traffic dive lacked key data

An earlier report indicating a dive in Google+ traffic did not account for the different ways people interact with the new social network.

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Alibaba’s Aliyun mobile OS runs Android apps

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's mobile OS, Aliyun, won't just have cloud-based apps powered by Alibaba services: it'll run Android apps.


Twitter introduces Promoted Tweets for brands you follow

You may think Twitter is inundated with ads now, but just you wait: Those had nothing on Promoted Tweets.

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China mandates public Wi-Fi hotspots track users

The Chinese government is requiring operators of public Wi-Fi hotspots install software to monitor users and their activity...and many are shutting down.


Resistance 3 beta detailed, early access begins on August 4

Sony and Insomniac Games reveal that the early access phase of Resistance 3's online multiplayer beta test will kick off on August 4.


Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One weapons showcased in new video series

The first in a series of four gameplay videos for Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One highlights four of the game's new weapons: Combuster, Darkstar Fission Tether, Warmonger and Thundersmack.


Quora testing new barter-for-answers system

Quora is rumored to be introducing a bartering system to its Q&A platform.

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Logitech posts loss, slashes Revue to $99, says goodbye to CEO

Logitech has posted $45 million quarterly loss, slashed the Logitech Revue to $99 - and its CEO has left the building.


US Army adopts new breed of robotic battle vehicles

The impending robot war is one step closer this week with the US Army's adoption of a new autonomous vehicle from Lockheed Martin.

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