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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Review

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop review.

Irony alert! Tennessee Tesla driver causes blackout after crashing into power pole

For most of us, owning a Model S means driving in such a way that ensures no harm befalls it. Bur for one boneheaded Tennessee Tesla owner, caution was thrown to the wayside when she decided to drink and drive straight into a pole.

After converting $75K into gold bars, a gold farmer loses her house, business, and is sued

A World of Warcraft player made $75,000 farming gold and items in the game then selling to players. She then had her real profits turned into gold bars, which were promptly stolen and the insurance company refused to honor her claim.

Mercedes-Benz’s Google Glass app streams directions straight to your eyeballs

Mercedes-Benz is hoping to deliver to its customers a more streamlined navigation experience with its own Google Glass app and it’s looking like Benz owners should have something to play with by 2014.

4 legal victories that cemented a photographer’s right to snap

Photography is a fun pastime, but it could also get you into serious legal drama. Whether it's a First Amendment violation or copyright infringement, we take a look at four court cases where a photographer's rights were upheld.

Is big media coming around on Internet TV? Sony shakes hands with Viacom

According to a recent report, Sony has come to an agreement with Viacom which will allow it to deliver cable TV channels via the Internet. If the report is true, this would be the first deal of its kind and an indication that media…

How to keep your use of creepy apps a secret on Facebook

Everybody on Facebook knows what you're up to. This is a short and simple tutorial on how to keep your questionable app use in the dark - and yeah, that includes keeping all your Tindering on the D.L., friend.

Can’t find it anywhere? Here’s how to recover deleted files

Contrary to what you might think, deleting a file doesn't necessarily mean it's gone for good. Check out our guide on how to recover deleted files so you can resurrect what you once thought was lost and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

It’s now safer to pirate ebooks than purchase them yourself

The ebook publishing industry is beginning to implement a new watermark on digital books that will allow them to track, and punish, those who legally purchase books, assuming their book somehow ends up on a piracy website.

Street artist punks Best Buy by stocking its shelves with recreated crap

A street artist by the name of Plastic Jesus managed to prank Best Buy into selling a "useless" black plastic box valued at $100. A truthful social commentary and hilarity at its finest.

Skype joins the Start screen club, will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1

Microsoft confirmed today that Skype will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1, making it instantly accessible to anyone buying a new Windows 8.1 PC or anyone updating to the new OS. Skype will take the place of Microsoft's Windows 8 messaging…