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DT Daily: Samsung touts flexible displays for CES, Valve removes War Z from Steam 2:37

Samsung touts a flexible displays for CES, Scientific American names top achievements for 2012, the second Great Gatsby Trailer is revealed, Volkswagen plans for more Superbowl commercials, and Steam removes War Z from its digital…

THQ’s bankruptcy filing reveals new games from Darksiders, Assassin’s Creed creators

THQ has narrowly avoided death yet again. As the publisher enters bankruptcy proceedings to protect its existing projects, new information emerges about unannounced THQ games from the creators of Company of Heroes, Darksiders, and…
Social Media

Oops! Now-fixed Twitter vulnerability made it easy as pie to steal passwords

Dome9 CEO Zohar Alon discovered that Twitter may have forgotten to encrypt a login page, leaving passwords vulnerable to theft. The issue has since been patched, but it's just one of Twitter's many security problems.
Mobile launches long-awaited iPad app refresh – and surprise, it looks like its iPhone app

Imo announced a new iPad app, with a design that mimics its existing iPhone app to provide users a seamless cross-platform experience, while also adding a few new features, like VoIP.

Black Isle Studios announces Fallout-esque RPG but doesn’t name staff

The new Black Isle Studios ended three months of radio silence with a call for crowd-funding on its website. The new studio is looking to make a post-apocalyptic RPG called Project V13 but it doesn't reveal who will actually be making it.

The W2 Romotow is the folding, USB-shaped camper of your wildest tech dreams

Taking inspiration from a USB drive, a New Zealand firm has designed a high-tech camper of the future, and it looks pretty awesome.

Pudding Monsters now available in the App Store

Back for a second helping after the success of its first franchise, Cut the Rope creators ZeptoLab released its sophomore offering today. Pudding Monsters is a strategy game that will have players sliding pudding across the refrigerator to…
Cool Tech

Despite what you’ve learned, scientists say the IQ doesn’t exist

IQ is a myth, according to a new study from the University of Western Ontario, based upon a misunderstanding of how the human brain works. Somewhere, MENSA is crying.

Gifts of Holiday Past: Speak & Spell was blowing kids’ minds 34 years before Siri

It was a toy to help children learn to read, but the technology that created the Speak & Spell was far more than elementary.

ICANN domain lottery may open the Web to .kittens and .transformers in 2013

ICANN held its domain name auction this week. The results promise to change the Web as we know it next year.
Cool Tech

Astronomers find a livable planet 12 light-years from earth

Researchers have reportedly discovered a new system of planets surrounding a sun-like star that may contain one planet with liquid water - meaning that it could potentially support life.

Why is Intel’s smartphone strategy focusing overseas?

Intel seems to be aiming its smartphone efforts at emerging markets rather than places Europe and North America? Smart, or running scared?