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Fun Foaster iPhone dock will hide in plain sight in your kitchen

If you charge your iPhone in the kitchen, you may like the idea of a dock which fits in with the look of other appliances. Enter the Foaster, a fun toaster-like dock for charging a pair of iPhones.
Home Theater

Report: Google eyeing Nexus TV Android set-top box launch next year

Potentially another product that would have some degree of impact within the home theater, Google's rumored Nexus TV could be an ideal set-top box solution for anyone that absolutely loves Android.

Microsoft takes jabs at the Google Chromebook in new ad campaign

Continuing to dedicate advertising dollars to the Scroogled line of negative ads, Microsoft has a couple new advertisements that point out disadvantages to owning a Google Chromebook.

Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ scheduled for September 2014

Bungie’s MMO first person shooter Destiny has an official release date. The game will debut worldwide on September 9, 2014, on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
Product Review

Sony Alpha A7R Review

Sony Alpha A7R review.

Drew Goddard to helm Dardevil TV show on Netflix

Frequent Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams collaborator Drew Goddard has been named as the showrunner of Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming 'Daredevil' TV series, to air in 2015.
Cool Tech

3D printed pizza is coming sooner than you think

3D printed food is quickly becoming a viable possibility, and with the Foodini printer from Natural Machines, it's starting to look a bit more appetizing. Hit the jump to learn more.
Cool Tech

US launches spy satellite with a giant octopus devouring our entire planet on it

On the side of a spy satellite from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) that launched on Thursday night, you’ll find the logo for NROL-39: an Earth-encompassing octopus along with the tagline “Nothing is beyond our reach.

Rightscorp is trying to punish pirates, but Comcast isn’t cooperating

ISPs and anti-piracy firms work in concert to pursue those who download and/or distribute content illegally. One ISP though, doesn't feel like playing ball, and it just happens to be one of the bigger providers out there.