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This awesome new app lets you control your smart home with voice commands

Tired of firing up a separate control app for every smart device in your house? Check out Shortcut -- a new app that lets you control them all with speech. Learn more here.
Home Theater

SunBrite beams your favorite content into the yard with its new wireless HDMI transceiver

The $600 SB-HDWT is already sold out via the official product page, but consumers with backyard home theater aspirations should listen up — the device is capable of transferring full 1080 HD content wirelessly to any HDMI-enabled TV.

Meet the Romanian teen who built a self-driving car … for $4,000

Intel has made a short film about Lonut Budisteanu, the 19-year-old Romanian teen who built a $4,000 autonomous car. For his work, he won a $75,000 scholarship from Intel.
Home Theater

Panasonic swings for the cheap seats with new feature-packed AS530 LED TVs

Panasonic unveils its new budget-conscious LED HDTV lineup, which plenty of smart features at a friendly price, and four screen sizes to fit any room.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film teases Carnage and Venom

The Tumblr page for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has posted a faux-Daily Bugle story about the character of Cletus Kasady, who comic fans know as the man that becomes the villain Carnage. The article is "written" by Eddie Brock, the man that…

Sony sees the Facebook purchase of Oculus as validation of its own VR efforts

Sony's President of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment is praising the Facebook purchase of Oculus VR, claiming it validates Sony’s own VR efforts.

Creating and selling in-game content earns one SOE user a cool $100,000

One unnamed user has earned over $100,000 using Sony Online Entertainment’s Player Studio. The service offers users a suite of tools to create in game content that can then be sold on the SOE marketplace.

The FTC is still as worried about Facebook’s privacy issues as we are

The FTC cleared Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp, but only under one condition: that users' privacy and information be respected and properly protected. Read on to learn more.

66 percent of players ditch free Android and iOS games within a day, study says

Apparently, the best things in life aren’t free. At least in the context of mobile games, freebies are as transient as yesterday’s cannoli, which means you’ll probably get rid of it within 24 hours.

Dropbox Carousel app organizes media files on mobile devices, backs up to cloud

Carousel is a new iOS and Android app from Dropbox that can be used to organize your collection of Dropbox photos and videos. It automatically backs new photos to the cloud, which are then accessible anytime via Dropbox.

12 fun tips and hidden tricks inside Samsung’s Galaxy S5

Samsung’s latest flagship is a feature-packed beast that’s capable of all sorts. We’ve got the shortcuts you need to unlock all that lovely functionality in this Samsung Galaxy S5 tips roundup.