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RTFM*? Not anymore! Audi replacing 2015 A3 manual with interactive augmented reality app

Audi wants to do away with archaic car manuals and its looking to your phone and augmented reality to get the job done.

‘Heard’ App Review: Capture 5 minutes of audio before you even press ‘record’

Did you hear something worth recording but it's already passed you by? Heard can grab it from the past thanks to an always-recording buffer period. We try it out to see what it's like to snag back moments from the grasps of time.

Did you know that HTC stands for Hipster Troll Carwash? (Video)

HTC's long awaited Here's To Change marketing campaign is here, and the firm has hired actor Robert Downey Jr. to bring some Hollywood gravitas to its new TV and cinema ads.

Stranger danger: Hacker gets access to baby monitor, says lewd things to 2-year-old girl

Nothing's off limits for hackers these days. It doesn't just have to be something connected to your computer or phone, hackers can even reach us at home. One Houston family's baby monitor was hacked recently, allowing the hacker to say lewd…
Social Media

Dear Facebook: Put away the red carpet for celebs, we’re happy with just friends

Facebook is experimenting with how it treats celebrities, and in the process of trying to turn itself into Twitter, the network is losing focus on the things that it does well.

Is Toyota’s 400hp Hybrid-R Concept the hot hatch of our dreams?

Rumors are swirling that Toyota's recently teased 400 horsepower Hybrid-R Concept is in fact a sporty Yaris hybrid in disguise.

Should Gmail users expect any privacy? Untwisting Google’s claim

Google has argued in court that Gmail users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy," setting off a firestorm of sensationalist headlines. But a close look at the facts show that the company is simply stating the obvious.
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Path just widened its cozy little social network by partnering with your favorite apps

Path is casting a wider net and encouraging developers to create applications for it, using an expanded API.

Game of Phones: Windows Phone topples BlackBerry, Lenovo rises

We recap and break down Gartner's latest quarterly sales figures for smartphones, smartphone manufacturers, and smartphone OSes. It's good news for Lenovo, Samsung, Android, and Windows Phone, but bad news for others.

Learn how cameras (and film!) work with the Lomography Konstruktor

It's easy to dismiss Lomography's new build-it-yourself Konstruktor as a child's toy, but it teaches you the ins and outs of how a film camera works. Surprisingly, it also takes very good dream-like photos.

It’s official: Windows 8.1 gets October 17 digital release date, hits shelves October 18

Microsoft has spoken. The wait for Windows 8.1 will be over starting October 17 in the U.S. A free update for Windows 8 users will be available then, and customers new to Windows 8 will be able to buy it the retail following day as just the…
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Edward Snowden: social media guru? This weird airport dating site thinks so

Edward Snowden needs a new job. Should he take MeetAtTheAirport's offer and become its Twitter spokesman? Our gut says no, but hey, options might be limited for the spy.