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Social Media

Instagram sends out mysterious invite – let the speculation begin

Whether or not Instagram's odd wooden invitations contain a hint about future features, the company's December 12 event is highly anticipated.

Australian government says GM’s Holden division isn’t going anywhere

Holden is essentially the last bastion of old-school, rear-wheel drive V8 muscle cars. So many fans were upset when plans to shutter the division by 2016 were announced. Now, Australia's auto industry minister says Holden isn't going…
Movies & TV

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ director Bryan Singer teases Apocalypse for 2016

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer sends out a tweet suggesting that a planned 2016 follow-up set in the X-Men universe will feature Apocalypse as the main villain.

People don’t use secure passwords, in other news, bears live in the woods

Many people are lazy, there's just no two ways about it. However, you'd think that people would at least take care to use tight passwords to secure their data. One security firm says that millions of people do the exact opposite.

Infiniti’s ‘Q50 Eau Rouge’ concept car is cooler than it sounds … trust me

Infiniti is sometimes forgotten among the bigger better selling luxury brands, but it is trying to change that with a new Formula One-based concept car. Inspired by the current Q50, the Eau Rouge concept car will use F1 style aerodynamics…
Computing lets you check if you’ve been pwned by hackers

Massive data leaks seem to be more commonplace in recent years. Fortunately, there's a website out there that lets you check if you've fallen prey to some of the biggest ones that have occurred in recent memory.

‘Super Time Force’ delayed to 2014, now confirmed for Xbox One

Capybara Games delays the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Super Time Force into 2014, but also confirms that the game is now coming to Xbox One as well under Microsoft's ID@Xbox self-publishing program.

Microsoft, FBI aim to rescue those hit by ZeroAccess malware

Malware typically targets every day people who may not even possess an anti-virus or firewall. However, ZeroAccess sets its sight on advertisers and their revenue. Read more about Microsoft's and the FBI's efforts to stop ZeroAccess here.

Stop what you’re doing and watch the McLaren P1 lap the Nurburgring in under 7 minutes

Every new piece of information about the Mclaren P1 makes the car seem more incredible. And now, it has an amazing lap time: under seven minutes at the Nurburgring. We still don't know if it is faster than the time put up by the Porsche 918…

Some dude just bought a Tesla Model S with Bitcoins … and now you can, too

The digital currency Bitcoin has been everywhere in the news, but so far it hasn't made it to many places in real life. Now, though, you can buy a car with it. In fact, someone in California just bought a used Tesla Model S with Bitcoin…

Asus to release Padfone Mini, ready to take on the hordes of 7-inch Android tablets

Asus will hold an event on December 11, where it's expected to reveal a new Padfone model, this time capitalizing on the interest in smaller Android tablets.
Cool Tech

Ryan Seacrest brings BlackBerry-style typing to iPhone with his Typo Keyboard

Until recently, Ryan Seacrest apparently always went around with two phones – one with a physical keyboard for typing and messaging, and an iPhone for everything else. His new Typo Keyboard, however, means he can finally do away with the…