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Joost Relaunches with Flash-based Video

Online video streaming service Joost is relaunching itself...and this time it's streaming video using Flash technology instead of its own client.


FCC Touts Free Nationwide Wi-Fi

The FCC says tests conducted in Seattle show a free, nationwide Wi-Fi network wouldn't interfere with existing services.


Windows 7 Will Be Called…Windows 7

In a first for Microsoft, the company is making an operating system's codename its real name: the forthcoming Windows 7 will be called Windows 7.


Microsoft Fires Up Silverlight 2

Stronger content protection, deep zoom, and skinning support are among the features Microsoft has piled into the latest version of its Flash competitor.


Averatec Rolls Out Atom-powered All-in-One

Averatec has introduced an Atom-powered version of its all-in-one desktop PC, featuring an 18.4-inch display and Windows XP.


Samsung Re-Enters U.S. Notebook Market

Samsung is re-entering the U.S. notebook market with light, thin notebooks aimed at the style- and weight-conscious on-the-go user.


Motorola Krave ZN4 Review

Motorola has entered the touchscreen market with its Krave ZN4, available from Verizon.

  • Pros: Loud and clear sound quality; bright 2.8-inch touch screen;…
  • Cons: Restrictive keyboard; OS does not work well with touch…

No Christmas PS3 Price Cut

Sony president has admitted that it has no plans to cut its PS3 price for the holidays, saying "I think we have a very good value proposition."


MySpace Targeted Ads Go Live

MySpace has launched MyAds, cost-per-click banner advertising that can be highly targeted at users.


New Open Office 3.0 Crashes Servers

Demand for the latest, improved version of Open Office was so great that it crashed the servers on its release yesterday.


Nextar I4-BC Review

The Nextar I4-BC GPS has a lot to offer, but falls way short on actual execution. Some things are too good to be true.

  • Pros: Affordable price; accurate GPS; functional backup camera;…
  • Cons: Poor media player; cheap internal speakers; confusing…

Samsung PN50A450 Plasma TV

The Samsung PN50A450 is a 50-inch plasma TV on a budget, but does it perform?

Home Theater

LG Offers Second Prada Phone

How much will some people spend for a Prada-branded 3G phone with a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi touch screen, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard?


DLO Rolls On with TransDock Direct

DLO's TransDock Direct lets iPods hook into in-vehicle audio systems and charge up, while giving drivers full control via a flexible support arm.

Cool Tech

EA Announces Spore Expansions

Spore has only been out for a few weeks...and already Electronic Arts is announcing add-ons and a new Space stage expansion pack.