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China bans banks from processing Bitcoin transactions

Likely a first step towards some form of regulation of the popular digital currency known as Bitcoin, China has forbid banks from processing transactions that directly involve Bitcoin.

Charity made mobile: How to give from your phone without getting scammed

Smartphones aren't just good for avoiding the malls this holiday season. While you're loading a virtual shopping cart with goodies, stop and check out some of the ways you can use your phone to give back the smart way.
Home Theater

Beats enters the music streaming wars in January with Beats Music launch

Beats rannounced the launch next month of its much anticipated new streaming service from Beats headphones, Beats Music. The on-demand music service will go head to head with a litany of competitors next month, all vying for the ears of a…
Home Theater

This robotic guitar tuner keeps your axe in tune on the fly

TronicalTuner aims to take all the hassle of guitar tuning out of the equation, letting you focus solely on the music. The robotic device attaches to the headstock of your guitar and automatically tunes to 12 different factory presets and 6…
Cool Tech

Jump around! MyPower charges your gadgets as you move

This ingenious contraption clips onto your waistband and can transform your body's kinetic energy into useable electricity to power your smartphone. Hit the jump to find out how it works.

Love scotch and Ron Burgundy? Then this is the game for you

There's now an Anchorman 2 game out for Android and iPhone. If you want to help Ron Burgundy drink scotchy scotch, down into his belly, down down down, then give it a download.

Join us as we live stream Madden and the NFL games of the week

Join us on our Twitch channel as we play two of the week’s biggest NFL games via Madden: New Orleans vs. Carolina and Chicago vs. Dallas. We’ll be answering questions throughout.

Google now lets you download your calendar data – here’s how

Google is expanding a feature that lets you download your data -- and we're walking you through how to do it.

Valve joins forces with the Linux Foundation

Steam gatekeeper Valve is officially a member of the Linux Foundation, a non-profit group devoted to spreading awareness of the open source operating system and pushing for its growth in all sectors.
Social Media

Love and selfie loathing: How The Selfie eased my social media snark

Turns out a remote shutter can cure some selfie hate. One weekend with The Selfie and I already have more pictures with some of my friends and family than I've taken in the last few months.
Social Media

A little advice, Bieber? Don’t post selfies elsewhere when your app is bombing

Got a struggling start-up? Why not hire a celebrity to gain critical fan buzz, then watch as he uses established rival apps to promote his personal brand!