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Olympus Pops Out Stylus-7010, FE-series Cameras

Olympus has introduced its new 12 megapixel Stylus-7010 camera with 7x optical zoom, plus new budget-friendly FE-series compact cameras.


Microsoft Officially Steps Off Its Soapbox

Remember back in 2006 when Microsoft was going to take on Google with its own user-generated video site Soapbox? We don't Microsoft is shutting it down.


Intel Appeals EU Antitrust Ruling

In an unsurprising move, chipmaker Intel is appealing the EU's recent $1.45 billion antitrust fine, claiming it did nothing wrong putting the squeeze on AMD.


Missing Prototype iPhone Leads to Chinese Worker’s Death

A 25-year-old employee at China's Foxconn - the company that builds iPhones - has apparently committed suicide over a missing prototype, amid allegations of beatings and mistreatment.


Fujifilm’s Six New Cams Include Long-Zoom Point-and-Shoot

Fujifilm has introduced six new digital cameras, including the F70EXR, its first compact camera with a 10x wide angle optical zoom.


Windows Live Messenger Turns Ten

Over 10 years MSN Messenger, now known as Windows Live Messenger, has gained 330 million users.


Yahoo’s Search Ad Revenue Takes A Hit

Yahoo's revenue from search ads has taken a hit in the second quarter, down by 15%.


UAE Spyware Blackberry Update

A UAE telecoms company suggested a Blackberry update that crashed handsets and has proved to be spyware.


Plastic Logic, Barnes & Noble Gang Up on Amazon

Barnes & Noble?s new eBook reader could knock out the Amazon Kindle out of the ring.


MP3 Players That Rock

Check out these five unique alternatives to Apple?s ubiquitous and pricy ?pods.


What Economic Slump? Apple Posts $1.2 Billion Profit

Apple's third quarter numbers are in, and they're big: $1.23 billion in profit and revenues up almost 12 percent from last year. But iPod sales? Down.


Microsoft Sinks Its Teeth into The Linux Kernel

In an unexpected move, Microsoft has submitted three device drivers for inclusion in the Linux let any version of Linux run on top of Windows Server 2008.


Barnes & Noble Takes On Amazon With Device-Independent eBook Store

Barnes & Noble has launched "the world's largest eBook store," with support for iPhones, BlackBerries, and regular Plastic Logic's forthcoming eReader.

Cool Tech

Clearwire Officially Fires Up WiMax in Vegas

Clearwire has turned flipped the switch on WiMax mobile broadband in Las Vegas, promises WiMax/3G modem and nationwide service in August.


New Toshiba Photo Frames Also Tap News Feeds, Facebook

Toshiba has partnered with FrameChannel to pack news, info, traffic, and weather into its new Wi-Fi Digital Media Frames...and did we mention Facebook?