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Men build small flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi and cell data

The safety of Wi-Fi networks may be in danger from small threats flying above us. An airplane hobby shop owner and an ex-Air Force official team up to create a drone that cracks into Wi-Fi and cell phones.

Cool Tech

Tablets installed on grocery carts help shoppers save money

Imagine walking through a grocery store and the cart is telling you what's on sale based off proximity to the item. A company is testing a pilot program with tablets mounted on carts.

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The Airbnb horror story continues

Despite assurance from Airbnb that it has righted the wrongs of a vandals who sacked a rental property, the vocal victim claims it's a PR masquerade.

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Nintendo 3DS early adopters get 20 free games with updated multiplayer

Disappointed that Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS just a few months after you purchased it? Nintendo is rolling out a new program to thank consumers for their loyalty in early September.


Lenovo ThinkPad tablet goes on sale August 23 for $479.99

Lenovo's ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet will bring a stylus, detachable keyboard and other business features to the Android game on August 23, starting at $479.99.

Android Army

Windows Phone 7 according to Dilbert

Microsoft is banking on Dilbert creator Scott Adams to show some love for Windows Phone 7, but will the high-risk maneuver work?


Five reasons why the Nintendo 3DS is Bob-ombing with gamers

Nintendo is taking drastic measures to save the 3DS, including an $80 price cut. But will it be enough? Here's why the Nintendo 3DS has failed to connect with gamers so far, and why a lower $170 price tag won't be enough to save it.


iTunes store goes global with 90-second previews

Seven months after 90-second song previews were introduced in the US iTunes store, the extension has now been rolled out to other iTunes stores around the world.


20-year-old man dies after marathon gaming sessions

A British man who played video games for long stretches without taking a break was killed by a resulting blood clot, according to the results of an autopsy.


Rumor: iTunes 11 to get radical overhaul, including iCloud integration

Apple's iTunes looks like it's in for a radical overhaul, which could include integration with the company's new iCloud service.


Seattle PD warn Twitter followers of suspicious, sword-wielding man

Ever tried listened to a police scanner for an hour? The Seattle PD tried an experiment with Twitter this week, releasing the contents of emergency calls onto the social network.

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Hulu being sued by Rovi for patent infringement

Hulu was sued yesterday by Rovi over patent infringement. Is this legit or a push by Rovi to do business?


Pregnancy announcements added as a new option on Facebook

Have you finished telling all the important people in your life about the birth of your next child? Now you can tell all the unimportant friends on Facebook the same thing.

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GameStop to start selling digital downloads in stores

Why click the mouse a couple times when you can drive to the local GameStop and answer questions about more preorders? GameStop is rolling out support for the digital age.


Anonymous steals 390MB from U.S. cybersecurity contractor ManTech

Anonymous strikes again, hitting cybersecurity contractor ManTech in order to embarrass the FBI