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Samsung WF56H9100AG/A2 Review

Samsung WF56H9100AG/A2 review.

E3 Hands on: Mario Maker is limited, but amazingly fun

We go hands on with Nintendo's E3 2014 demo of Mario Maker, a game that lets Wii U players create Super Mario Bros. levels from scratch. Is it as fun as it sounds? Find out.
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New study: Google Chromecast usage takes a dive

A new study from Parks and Associates shows that, while Chromecast ownership numbers are holding strong, users are increasingly turning to other devices to get their streaming fix.
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Samsung VU7000 Review

Samsung VU7000 review.

Not your average mom car: the 2017 Lexus SC will be based on the LF-LC Concept

The 2017 Lexus SC is reportedly being based of Toyota's radical LF-LC concept, and if it comes to fruition, it will join the LFA and RC-F as the champions of Lexus' performance revolution. The SC will come with either a 450-horsepower V8 or…
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TuneIn and ESPN team up to stream every World Cup match from any device

Starting today, TuneIn users have access to eight new 24/7 ESPN podcast channels, and ESPN Radio's extensive live coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Listeners will be able to catch all 64 matches and 600-plus hours of live World…

1-Hour Photo app brings the feeling of film photography to mobile devices

A new iPhone app called 1-Hour Photo simulates the feeling of film photography by making you wait an actual hour for your pictures. The app claims that you end up creating more memorable photos, rather than instant garbage.

Pebble Steel heads to Best Buy with a price drop to $229

Pebble Steel will arrive at Best Buy on June 15, for $229. A recent report shows that Pebble is the manufacturer of the second bestselling smartwatch, coming in right after Samsung. Will the price cut give it a boost?

E3 Hands on: Splatoon, Nintendo’s twistedly fun take on shooters

We go hands on at E3 with Nintendo's attempt at a team-based shooting game, Splatoon. How does the game measure up, and does it have enough depth? Find out here.

Twitter restores TweetDeck after major hack disables app

After hackers discovered a security flaw in TweetDeck, Twitter was forced to shut down the service's apps for a short time. The bug has since been patched and TweetDeck users are back in business.

FCC claims that hackers, not John Oliver, crashed its Net neutrality comments page

The Internet rejoiced over the idea that comedian John Oliver’s 13-minute rant on Net neutrality inspired trolls to do something useful for once. Now, the revelry may all be dismissed as a farce. The FCC claims that it was hacked.

Elite: Dangerous emerges from the vapor with an E3 trailer

Frontier Developments shared a new trailer at E3 of their long-sought sequel to the classic Elite space sim games, Elite: Dangerous.