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Health & Fitness

You’re running all wrong! The new My ASICS app tailors a running regime custom to you

You're doing it all wrong! The latest My ASICS app for iOS and Android uses algorithms to develop training programs and coach you through them.

Secrets and cheats for ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’

'Grand Theft Auto V' is nothing short of ambitious and expansive, but where are those beloved cheat codes we all know and love? Here are some of the latest cheats, tips and tricks for the blockbuster title so you can live life in Los Santos…

The future of Epson’s inkjet technology lies in a ‘chip’ that’s thin as a razor blade

Epson unveiled its next-generation inkjet technology with a print head that's small and thin. Called PrecisionCore, the print "chip" will debut in commercial printers, followed by office machines and potentially consumer models.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ three-volume soundtrack available now

Rockstar Games releases a three-volume soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V, compiling new music featured in the game, a mix of the dynamic score from DJ Shadow, and a selection of tracks from the in-game radio.

Google wants to reinvent the browser cookie – should you be thrilled or terrified?

Google reportedly has plans to launch a new advertising tracking technology known as AdID. The potential move has rattled the advertising industry. But who cares what they think? Here's what it could mean for you.
Social Media

@Horse_ebooks has been outed and it’s like seeing your dad in a Santa suit

Today the Internet learned what it should've known all along: @Horse_ebooks, its most popular spambot, is run by humans. The legend is dead.
Home Theater

The 4K revolution will be televised, and Netflix says you’ll only need 15 Mbps to watch

In a recent interview for the Copenhagen Future of TV Conference, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, said the company will allow users to stream 4K content at around 15 Mbps once the service is up and running. Netflix plans to offer 4K content for…

You know what Hyundai’s Genesis could use? 1,000 horsepower, that’s what

Hyundai and Bisimoto will officially unveil a 1,000 horsepower Genesis Coupe at this year’s SEMA. Just like all other highly modified cars before it, we’d love to drive it but are simply afraid we’d blow up the engine.

Exploring ‘Myst’ and its roots as we celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary

Digital Trends chats with Myst co-creator and Cyan co-founder Robyn Miller about the game's legacy on the eve of his post-mortem talk at the 2013 Game Developer's Conference.

Staples Connect bridges all your ‘Internet of Things’ into one managing app

Smart devices are all the rage, but they also come with a million different apps to remotely control them. The new Staples Connect will link all those items into one centralized hub.
Social Media

Hands on with Moodsnap, the app that makes music from photos

In case you needed another launchpad for music discovery, here's an app that uses images to curate your Spotify Premium playlists - but this one does it with pictures.
Social Media

Everybody’s favorite vlog app, TouchCast, is now Instagram-ized

TouchCast for iPad is pretty much every on-the-go Web video-maker's dream app. Learn more as we test its newest feature that taps into your Instagram feed.