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2010 Video Game Industry Predictions

DT’s resident editor examines the industry and reveals what to expect from the video game business in 2010 and beyond.


New Group Fights Distracted Drivers in US

New organization, FocusDriven,helps raise awareness of distracted drivers.


HP Debuts Touch-enabled POS System for Retail Stores

HP introduced a touch-enabled point-of-sale (POS) system for retailers.


Forrester Assures Tech Industry ‘The Worst is Over’

Forrester Research Inc. reports that the technology downturn is over and things are on their way back up.


Google Nexus One Users Complain of 3G Issues

Early adopters of Google's Nexus One smartphone have noted that the phone drops 3G connections frequently.


Apple Hoards LCD and OLED Display Supplies For iSlate

Anonymous reports claim Apple has bought up all of the 10-inch LCD and OLED displays from suppliers in Asia for the Apple Tablet.


Philips Unveils a Lineup of Mobile Gadgets and Devices

Philips released a whole slew of mobile devices at CES last week.


Apple’s Tablet: Will it Rule the Tablet PC Market?

With news of Apple’s tablet PC, the rumored iSlate, overshadowing CES 2010, what will it have to do to live up to the hype?


Apple Insiders Say Next Generation iPhone May Debut in April

News from South Korea leaks details about Apple's new iPhone 4G.


Google Learns Supporting Mobile Phones is No Fun

Google's Nexus One might be expanding the horizons of mobile technology...but users complain it's also plumbing the depths of customer support.


France Willing to Work with Google Books

Despite proclaiming it wants to launch its own book digitization efforts to preserve French culture, France's culture minister says the country wants to work with Google Books.


China’s Shanda Buys U.S. Gaming Firm Mochi Media

Shanda Games, China's #2 online gaming company, has bought U.S.-based Mochi Media in an $80 million deal.


eMusic Inks Deal with Warner Music Group

Digital music service eMusic - which famously offered MP3s while everyone else was mired in DRM - will now be selling tracks from Warner Music Group.


Roxxxy Sex Robot Also a Great Conversationalist

The recently released Roxxxy sex robot will also hold your hand and chat with you.

Cool Tech

Digital Trends Talks Apple Tablet

Our in-house editor, Scott Steinberg, gives us his insight on Apple's new iSlate tablet and the growing tablet PC market.