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State of the Web: DRM, ‘auto-delete’ and the wiped Amazon Kindle fiasco

Amazon's alleged remote-wipe of a user's entire Kindle library has customers up in arms over the use of DRM. But we should really be focused on a pervasive provision that gives companies the ability to do what they like with our personal…

EE shows us the cost of 4G LTE in the UK

With a week to go until EE turns on the UK's first 4G LTE network, the operator has finally revealed its tariffs, all of which include unlimited calls and SMS and are differentiated by the amount of data included.
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LG executive tips Nexus 4 for October 29 release

An LG executive has seemingly confirmed that the Nexus 4 will be revealed at Google's October 29 event, and that it will be ready for release almost straight away.

Samsung says it will continue supplying displays to Apple, despite rumors to the contrary

A rumor has suggested Samsung is preparing to stop supplying Apple with touchscreens, however this has since been called "100-percent false" by a Samsung spokesperson. It's the latest in an escalating component supply war between the two…

As iPad Mini launch looms, Amazon says $200 Kindle Fire HD is the biggest-selling product on its site

Of all of Amazon's tablet and e-reader products, the $200 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is the most popular, the e-commerce giant announced on Monday. The news came the day before Apple is expected to enter the mini-tablet market with the launch of…

Surprise, surprise: Bill Gates thinks the new Surface tablet is ‘unbelievably great’

Bill's back. The Microsoft co-founder and chairman got his hands on the company's new Surface tablet early and – surprise surprise – he loves it.
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Amazon discontinues the Kindle Touch, pushes Paperwhite instead

Definitely an issue for anyone that wants a Kindle with touch display right away, Amazon has removed the Kindle Touch from the e-reader lineup.
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Dish Network subscribers get Walking Dead back after AMC settlement

Definitely good news for Dish Network customers, The Walking Dead and other AMC shows will be returning before the end of the month.

AMD updates FX processors with Piledriver cores

AMD reveals new Piledriver-based FX processors aiming to compete with Intel's Core i5 and i3.

How to be Internet-famous with the help of social media

In a Web 2.0 world, how can you use social media as a method of shameless self-promotion? Read on for our tips on how to find Internet fame with just a little time investment.

US immigration and customs agency dumps BlackBerry, switches to iPhone

More bad news for Research In Motion. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has announced it will be switching its 17,000+ employees to Apple's iPhone after using BlackBerry handsets for the last eight years.
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Rest in Peace, Ceefax

This weekend, the BBC's Ceefax service received its final updates, bringing an end to the system that offered British viewers a taste of the Internet twenty years early.