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Tips and tricks to surviving Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction “Nightfall”

The first Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC, Onslaught, brings with it a new chapter to the co-op Extinction mode, titled “Nightfall.” We have a few tips and tricks on how to survive.

How I (kind of) set a range record in the Chevy Spark EV

Chevy may know how far its Spark EV can go under real-world conditions, but what if you tried to get every last mile out of it? We braced ourselves for the long road ahead and took the wheel.

BioShock Infinite’s next story DLC launches on March 25

Irrational Games confirms a March 25 release for the second episode of BioShock Infinite's add-on story DLC, Burial at Sea.

Mozilla integrates Delicious, Saavn into Firefox

Are you a fan of Delicious, the content bookmarking service? Do you use Saavn, a music player that's most prominently used in India? If you said "yes" to either and you're a Firefox devotee, read on to learn about some interesting tidbits…
Movies & TV

The Uncharted film is still alive, and it has a new director

Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief director Seth Gordon is in negotiations to direct the video game adaptation of Naughty Dogs’ Uncharted. David Guggenheim has been hired to write.

British spies cyberattacked Anonymous hackers, Snowden docs reveal

The UK’s spy agency waged cyberattacks against the online chat rooms of Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal. And they used computerized “weapons” similar to those used by the hacktivists…

Useless, embarrassing, and a waste of money: A Google author’s description of Glass

Author and journalist Jeff Jarvis is a confirmed Google fan, but even he can't find anything good to say about Google Glass, which may be bad news for Google in the near future.

Would Apple have released a Sony notebook running OS X under Steve Jobs?

If it weren't for issues related to timing, we might have seen a collaboration between Apple and Sony that would've resulted in the release of a Sony notebook running Mac OS X. Read on to learn more.

Xbox One system updates detailed for February and March

Microsoft Chief Product Officer March Whitten reveals the first details on a pair of upcoming Xbox One system updates, arriving on February 11 and March 4, respectively.
Cool Tech

Russia’s wiretapping ‘SORM boxes’ in Sochi make the NSA look like saints

If you thought the NSA was bad, the kind of surveillance that will be taking place at the Sochi Olympics is much worse. Meet the Russian government's SORM boxes,