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New pheromone-based removal method could spell the end of bedbugs

A team of biologists have been studying bedbugs for past five years in a quest to build a more effective remedy, and now, with the help of a special set of pheromones, they believe they've discovered a working technique.

Sony pulled out its ancient BlackBerry phones to get work done during hack

Sony broke out its old BlackBerry phones during the huge hack to send secure emails and internal communications. BlackBerry's CEO John Chen touted the company's security.

Hello, MPG! 5 automakers that plan to make 2015 the year of the turbocharger

There is plenty of talk about electric cars, hybrids, and even hydrogen power, but in 2015 the innovation that will be driving cars is turbochargers. Accordingly, we decided to take a look at what carmakers are giving themselves over to the…

Can’t decide between the Tesla P85 and P85D? This Model S racing showdown may help

The Tesla Model S continues to light the Internet on fire with a new video that pits the range-topping P85D against the standard P85. The result, of course, is a foregone conclusion, but the P85D may be even faster than you…

Alfa Romeo reportedly ready to drop the top on the 4C at the Detroit Auto Show

There will be some Alfa Romeo-related news at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, according to a cryptic blog post from parent Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Exactly what the company has planned is unclear.
Movies & TV

Avengers promo art offers cool new images and a twist on android characters’ origins

A batch of new promotional art for Avengers: Age Of Ultron has revealed the origins of Vision and Ultron, as well as new looks at Hulk and Thor.

Check out this concept art for Gore Verbinski’s unproduced BioShock film

Hollywood artist Kasra Farahani has released a trove of concept art for an unproduced BioShock film adaptation that Gore Verbinski was hired by Universal Pictures to direct in 2008.
Home Theater

Samsung’s new multi-room speaker pods offer 360 degrees of sound

Samsung unveils two new pod-like companions to add to its burgeoning multi-room speaker family. The WAM7500 and the WAM6500 offer a circular design aimed at filling your room with sound from just about any location.

Parking tickets hurt, but NYC plans to ease the ache with Apple Pay

Paying for parking tickets in New York may soon get a lot easier, thanks to Apple pay and other mobile payment systems. Now all you have to worry about is avoiding a ticket in the first place.
Movies & TV

Polaroids from the set of original Star Wars offer a candid look at the 1977 classic

Star Wars script supervisor Ann Skinner's photos from the set of the 1977 film offer a candid peek at the making of a science-fiction cinema classic.

Inside job: Lizard Squad and ex-Sony employees likely aided North Korea’s hack attack

North Korean hackers may not have acted act alone in their Sony attacks, with former company employees and fellow cyber-criminals suspected of involvement.