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EA Sports loses the Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC, and more may follow

After losing the licensing rights to the NCAA name, EA Sports has also lost the rights to feature the Big Ten, Pacific-12, and Southeastern Conference. And more may follow.
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Will outdated regulations force the U.S. to ban complex in-dash tech systems?

The NHTSA is considering a ban on complex infotainment system like BMW’s iDrive. Instead of holding back complex tech, they should rather inspire it. Automakers shouldn’t be required to remove content from their cars but rather add it…
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Epson WorkForce WF-7520 Review

Epson WorkForce WF-7520 review.
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Why you may never have to ask ‘what’s that song?’ at a music festival again

If you hate trying to figure out what song you're hearing at a music festival, new technology may make you the happiest concert fiend this side of Bonnaroo. Thanks to Gracenote, a Shazam-like experience is on its way to a stadium near you.

What is Google Fiber and why is it so awesome?

You've probably been hearing a lot of talk about Google Fiber, but it's still relatively new and many people don't exactly know what it is and what if offers. However, we have a quick primer that will get you up to speed on what you should…

Put away that body spray, fellas: Google Glass is ‘great for picking up girls’

One of the lucky few to be enrolled in Google's Explorer program, which gives early access to its Glass smartglasses, says the specs have made him something of a celebrity, and that they're, "great for picking up girls."
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As the cable rebellion swells, cord cutting is not just for pirates anymore

The average cost of a cable bill has doubled in the last 10 years, and it seems digital alternatives are making a bit of an impact on getting people to cut the cord. The numbers show a steady trickle downward, suggesting the “urban…
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Want to know what (and who) to avoid on Tinder? The Internet has your back

Tinder is quickly becoming the online dating app of choice and no one is going to say this social site isn't fun... but some of what people post on it is discouraging, to say the least. Want a starting list of what and who to avoid? Allow…

Leaked sketches hint at a sleeker Audi A8 with blazing Matrix Beam LED headlights

Aside from some body and engine tweaks, the biggest change to the 2016 A8 will be the addition of Matrix Beam headlights. Unfortunately, we Americans will not see that headlight update, as the technology is technically illegal – for now.
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Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition Review

Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition review.