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Nikon adds revamped 18-300mm telephoto to Nikkor DX-format lens lineup

Nikon gives DX-format DSLR photographers a revamped 18-300mm telephoto lens. The AF-S 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR lens is 30-percent smaller and 10-ounces lighter than its predecessor.
Cool Tech

Google acquires drone company Titan Aerospace

As part of its plan to blanket the Earth in an omnipresent wireless Internet network, Google has just acquired high-altitude drone manufacturer, Titan Aerospace.

These Android, iOS, and WP8 apps are affected by the Heartbleed Bug (updated)

Here is a growing list of apps that are affected by the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. We'll update it constantly as we discover new vulnerabilities, but these affect iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

End of days or stellar photo op? Rare ‘blood moon’ eclipses start tonight

On April 15, the first in a series of four lunar eclipses will occur, in which the moon will appear red. This event has taken place only three times in the past 500 years, NASA says, making it a highly rare phenomenon.

On-demand household services startup Handybook heads to 12 new cities

Now that it's up and running in 25 different cities in North America, Handybook's dead-simple domestic service booking platform is available to more people than ever before

Mozilla names marketing exec Chris Beard as interim CEO after Brendan Eich resignation

Mozilla has a new interim CEO. Chris Beard, the firm's head of marketing, will assume the post after Brendan Eich's recent resignation. Learn more here.
Product Review

ASUS M70AD-US003S Review

ASUS M70AD-US003S review.

Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration continues with this new animated short film

Bruce Timm, the producer behind Batman: The Animated Series, has created a new short, animated film titled Batman: Strange Days, to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary.

OpenSSL Foundation president asks for more financial support in the wake of Heartbleed

The head of the organization that handles the money used to support OpenSSL has asked for additional funds to help the team that works on the software. Learn more here.

Classic British sports-car marque Jensen Motors is back … sort of

In the pantheon of British motoring, it's easy to overlook Jensen and its lovably flawed cars. A new company hopes to rekindle interest in this iconic carmaker, which turns 80 this year.