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Facebook’s iOS app is now lightning quick

Facebook has rolled out a new update to its iOS app that greatly increases the speed of the app, as well as a few other tweaks and updates.
Product Review

Vizio CT14-A4 Review

Vizio CT14-A4 Review.

12 meme questions with Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres

Anyone could walk up to Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres and ask about his precious meme, so we tested his knowledge of his meme co-inhabitants in a quickfire interview.

Seattle joins Gigabit Squared to offer high-speed gigabit Internet service

More and more cities are jumping on the broadband bandwagon, and Seattle is next on the list to launch an ultra high-speed gigabit fiber Internet service.

EV start-up Lit Motors creates the C-1, an eccentric mix of car and motorcycle

The Lit C-1 is an EV with a long range and a relatively short charging time, all you need sacrifice is trunk space.
Cool Tech

Literally see the entire world around you with this 360-degree headset

A French team of scientists have developed a way for people to see the 360 degrees around their bodies, with camera-helmet-laptop backpack combo called "FlyVIZ."
Cool Tech

Bad news: you’re not getting a domestic robot and you still need to mow the lawn

You can carry the collective knowledge of humanity in your pocket with a smartphone, but domestic robots remain nearly as far-flung as they seemed decades ago. What happened?

The New York Times announces two new e-book publishing deals

The New York Times is partnering with online publishers Vook and Byliner to launch series of new short stories and backlogged articles - marking a new foray from print media to digital.
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Social Media Jeans that publicizes your location and mood will probably get you murdered

Are you obsessed with sharing your social media updates to the rest of the world? These Social Media Jeans are definitely made for you.

What’s so special (and so dangerous) about Snapchat

Snapchat is the hottest new app around, but it isn't as secure as users think, and it leaves young people vulnerable to cyberbullying. So is it worth the risk?

Researchers find an herbal alternative for lithium-ion battery cathodes

No matter how clean electricity becomes, it won't be completely renewable until the batteries are, too. Fortunately, that might be on the horizon as researchers are now using plant-based substances to develop EV battery components.

Microsoft gets its Surface tablet into UK retail stores, just in time for Christmas

Microsoft has hammered out a deal with UK department store John Lewis, enabling them to start selling the Surface RT tablets. It's the first retail store to do so in the UK, as up until now the Surface has only been available through…