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There’s two right ways to go with the new USB connectors coming next year

By this time next year, the idea of plugging in a USB cable the wrong way will be a thing of the past. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group just revealed that new reversible USB 3.1 cables are on the way.
Social Media

Listen up! Shazam shares our 2013 stats, and makes some bold 2014 predictions

After correctly pegging two of summer's biggest hits before the spring showers even dried up, Shazam went back to its algorithms to find which artists will break out in 2014 - and there are a few surprises.

Slathered in combat yellow paint, the Corvette Z06 is coming to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Chevrolet officially announced this morning that it will be bringing the all-new Corvette Z06 to the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. What Z06 will be packing under its hood, however, is still anyone’s…

Hackers scamming Virgin Media consumers with phishing emails

Phishing attempts are nothing new. Virgin Media's user base is the latest to be hit by such attempts to steal user data. Here's the scoop on the attacks and what you should look for to make sure you don't fall prey.

Photographer’s camera buggy attacked by wild lions, lives to shoot another day

Photographer Chris McLennan built a remote control buggy to get his camera close to some lions without putting himself in danger. Although the buggy suffered damage from the jaws and paws of some female lions, his camera remained intact and…
Cool Tech

Zombie drone hack reminds us why flying robots are terrifying

Just days after Amazon and UPS revealed potential plans to deliver packages using drones, hacker Samy Kamkar has created a system, dubbed SkyJack, that enables a person to use their personal UAV to take over other drones.

Sony’s streaming game service reportedly available in Q3 2014

A new report from unconfirmed sources claims that Sony’s Gaikai streaming gaming service will debut during Q3 of 2014 in North America, then in 2015 for Europe.

Huawei gives up on America, but smartphone sales look set to continue for now

Following accusations of spying on behalf of the Chinese government, Huawei has decided to shift its focus away from America, however smartphone sales look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Facebook to track user data to stop piracy?

Facebook just acquired a patent that will allow it to track some of the data provided by its users in an effort to combat illegal file sharing activities occurring over the social network.

Hotfile shuts down permanently after settlement with MPAA

After the MPAA and file sharing service Hotfile reached a settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars, Hotfile has decided to shut its doors permanently, making the announcement on its official site.

Maserati, and tow truck drivers alike, celebrates 100 years of Italian automaking

Has it been 100 years already? Next year marks the centennial of Maserati, and the Italian carmaker has a year of celebratory events planned. We're expecting a very large birthday cake.