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EA offers a quick overview of the ‘Battlefield 4’ beta

Electronic Arts has released a video overview of the ‘Battlefield 4’ beta, highlighting what players can expect when they join the limited beta now, or the open beta on October 4.

Jay Leno may not be Batman, but he got to drive his car

Warner Bros. Transportation Coordinator Hobart Lundt throws the keys of the Batmobile Tumbler to comedian and gear head Jay Leno.
Product Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) review.

Call of Duty writer lands CBS pilot

Jesse Stern, the writer behind 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1' and 'Modern Warfare 2,' has teamed with 'NCIS: LA' creator for the show 'Insecurity,' which CBS recently purchased.
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Need to water your lawn? The Raincloud has already taken care of it for you

The RainCloud is a Wi-Fi connected, automated watering system that irrigates your lawn or plants with a Raspberry Pi computer and basic parts. An attached sensor measures the ground conditions to let the RainCloud know when to start…
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Arrested leader of Silk Road allegedly ordered assassinations as well as drugs

Online drug marketplace Silk Road won't be open for business anytime soon, since the FBI arrested its owner. And the tale is even more sordid than you'd think.
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Rain Review

Rain review.
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Got a fan following on Instagram? Get rewarded for it through Snapfluence

'Instagram brand ambassador' may be your next paying gig through a new network that makes it easy for brands to hook up with Instagrammers who love them.
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Xerox Phaser 6010 Review

Xerox Phaser 6010 review.

Rumor: LG’s flexible screen smartphone, the LG Z/G Flex, may debut in October (Updated)

If the latest rumor is true, LG will announce a smartphone with a flexible screen before the end of October. Named the LG Z, the spec could match the LG G2, but with a larger, 6-inch display.

Vertu shows off an Android phone we might buy (if we had $6,700)

Vertu has announced a new smartphone, the Constellation. It's cheaper than the Vertu TI, has an improved technical specification, and is aimed at a new generation of buyers.

Mercedes-Benz promises a ‘wagonized’ CLA Shooting Brake for everyone but the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be making a CLA-Class shooting brake. But what is a shooting brake? It's essentially a two-door wagon. Don't bother yourself wondering how a four-door CLA wagon could be a shooting brake; it's not…