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The e-Strap is Montblanc’s answer to the smartwatch

Montblanc has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of how to produce a luxury smartwatch. The result is the e-Strap, and it puts a digital display on the base of the strap, leaving the traditional watch face untouched.

iOS 8 users file lawsuit against Apple over lack of storage space

iOS 8 has has had a bit of a bumpy since its release just over three months ago, with various bugs and issues ensuring its arrival was anything but smooth. And now it's linked to a lawsuit over the amount of storage it takes up on iDevices…
Social Media

Twitter rolling out ‘while you were away’ timeline feature

If you follow hundreds of other users or go for a long time without logging in, Twitter thinks you might be missing lots of interesting tweets. With that in mind, it's now rolling out a recap feature that places such tweets at the top of…

Trends with Benefits: CES in Las Vegas, it’s coming and we’re going

Vegas rule number 1: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, the exception to this rule occurs when hundreds of thousands of technophiles converge on 'Sin City' for CES. Our job as media is to see the cool stuff first and tell you…
Product Review

Withings Activite Review

Withings’ Activité has the looks of a classic Swiss watch and the brain of a Fitbit.

How graphene, a nearly magic material, could revolutionize automobiles

Graphene is a virtually two-dimensional layer of carbon that is both exceptionally strong and extremely versatile. The material can be used in the creation of batteries, solar panels, composite body structures, and all varieties of…

Cut down your winter heating bill with these low-tech home hacks

Check out this list of clever, low-cost home hacks to find our favorite ways to save money on your heating bill this winter

15 in 2015: Here are the games we can’t wait to play this year

It's impossible to predict which games will be the biggest in 2015, but here are 15 that you'll definitely want to keep a close eye as the new year kicks off.
Product Review

Digital Storm Triton Review

Ick. A distasteful display spoils the sweet Digital Storm Triton.

Trying to lose some lbs this year? Try one of these 10 delicious dieting apps

Dieting is never fun, but the right app can make it easier. Check out our picks for the best dieting apps for the iPhone, whether you're looking for a means for tracking your caloric intake, taking detailed notes, or finding a nearby…

The Tesla P85D shows just how Dyno-mighty it is

The Tesla P85D was recently filmed running on a dynamometer, scoring a number that rivals most sports cars. The all electric sedan has recently been recorded putting said sports cars to shame in drag races.