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Beer brand lets you send digital ‘message in a bottle’

Argentine beer brand Andes has rolled out a few bizarre marketing campaigns over the years. Its latest stunt is equally offbeat, giving drinkers the chance to send video messages to friends via QR codes printed on bottle labels.

Santa sets to work, follow him now with these trackers

Santa's on his way, and thanks to online trackers from Google and Microsoft, you can check up on how long it'll be before he comes sliding down your chimney.

Solid state drives outlast their PC hosts, and then some

Most solid state drives claim they can endure twenty or thirty gigabytes of writes, but recent tests have shown the limits often far exceed those numbers. In fact, some SSDs simply refuse to die.

Suffering from range anxiety? Seeo’s battery prototype could give affordable EVs 200 miles

California tech company Seeo has developed a new solid-state battery than can store twice as much energy as a conventional unit. The lithium-ion unit could potentially give affordable electric cars a range of over 200 miles.

Roll up your white Armani jacket sleeves: Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice hits eBay

A Ferrari Testarossa, sent by the company to be used on the classic Miami Vice television show, is up for auction in Ft. Lauderdale. The iconic sports car maintains a low mileage count, being used only for close-up shots.

Trends with Benefits: The year in review, Google’s new car, and orange couches

This week we talk about holiday shopping, Sony's Crackle streaming music service, the tech year in review, 4K TVs, streaming content, Google Cars and orange couches.

Apple’s sapphire saga continues: Rumors point to Foxconn’s involvement

Apple isn't done with its quest to make iPhones with sapphire screens. The company's longtime supplier Foxconn has reportedly shown interest in the idea of producing sapphire screens for Apple.

Boys and their toys: Can an Audi S1 rally car get shown up by its own RC scale replica?

Word rallycross racer Mattias Ekström challenges his Audi S1-based racer against an RC doppelgänger. The 560-hp quattro race car slides balletically around obstacles in this unique competition.
Product Review

BlendTec Designer 725 Review

Sure it can turn iPhones to dust, but this blender makes a helluva smoothie, too.

Google facing $1 billion lawsuit over 20,000 unlicensed songs on YouTube

Global Music Rights has announced its plans to sue Google for not removing YouTube videos infringing on the copyrights of songs by Pharrell, John Lennon and others
Movies & TV

The Walking Dead spin-off series casts Gone Girl actress as female lead

Gone Girl actress Kim Dickens has been cast as the female lead opposite Gang Related's Cliff Curtis in AMC's upcoming spinoff series for The Walking Dead.