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BitTorrent makes nice with artists and fans: ‘We’re not The Pirate Bay’

BitTorrent has a notorious rep for being a go-to source for illegally-downloaded media. But with two new products recently launched, it's aiming to distinguish its rep by collaborating with artists directly.

Samsung pledges to launch a top-spec Tizen phone by end of September this year (Updated)

While everyone's attention may be on the new Galaxy S4 right now, this could all change by the end of the summer, as a Samsung representative has said its Tizen operating system will make its debut around this time, and it'll be on…

850hp 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake hammers a 10.66 at the strip – for a price

Capable of a quarter-mile run in 10.33 seconds, the Super Snake is perfect for the man with too much money and a very narrow automotive view. Just shy of the $100,000 mark, the Super Snake will just barely outrun the much cheaper Nissan…

Three heads better than one? Samsung adds two new CEOs

As Samsung unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S4 handset in New York on Thursday, the company said it was promoting top executives Kiho Shin and Boo-keun Yoon to CEO positions, joining the current one, Oh-Hyun Kwon. This means the company now…

Surface: Microsoft has reportedly sold 1.5 million tablets, with Pro version selling faster

Microsoft has sold around 1.5 million Surface tablets to date, with figrues obtained by Bloomberg suggesting many consumers decided to ignore the RT version in favor of the pricier and more powerful Pro model.

Meet the muzzled copyright crusader who believes laws are paralyzing progress

Former staffer for the House Republican Study Committee Derek Khanna goes on the record with Digital Trends to discuss cell phone unlocking, and the despearte need to reform copyright policy in the U.S.

Google Translate encourages you to learn the lingo with new Phrasebook feature

Google has just introduced a new Phrasebook feature for its Translate tool that, through a couple of clicks, allows you to build up a list of phrases you might like to try committing to memory, or simply of those you find yourself using a…

Contest for coders: Netflix offers $100,000 prize money in cloud computing challenge

Video streaming giant Netflix this week launched a contest for coders in an effort to discover new and innovative solutions for cloud computing technology. The Netflix Cloud Prize will award ten winners $10,000 each.

Samsung’s Galaxy still isn’t big enough to conquer Times Square

Despite an epic marketing budget, lathered up fanboys and some genuinely impressive hardware, the Galaxy S4 wasn’t quite the Times Square showstopper Samsung wanted it to be.
Android Army

Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Comparison

The war between Apple and Samsung continues to rage on, but now it's time to weigh up Samsung's brand new phone against the Apple flagship the iPhone 5 to see how they match up
Android Army

Hands on: Samsung’s Galaxy S4 sets the gold standard for Android

We go hands on with Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, from its new 13-megapixel camera to its mountain of new apps and service. Does Samsung have what it takes to continue its reign? Read on to find out.
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Redbox Instant officially opens to the public today after closed beta

Rolling out a new streaming video service up against competitors like Netflix, Redbox and Verizon have lifted the veil off the closed beta of Redbox Instant and are accepting new subscribers.