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My friends got lost in the woods and these are the apps that got them out

After meandering off the right trail and into a sticky situation, these hikers use the only tools as their disposal - their phones - to get help. Here's how they did it, and the apps they used.

Better, faster, smaller: How Resistive RAM could change storage forever

NAND memory is a $60 billion industry, but it could quickly be taken over by a new storage technology called resistive RAM, which is claimed to be faster, smaller, and more reliable.

Review: iRig’s Mic Cast takes phone audio recording to a new level for $40

Here's a sad fact of modern life: most smartphone mics aren't very good. The iRig Mic Cast is a capable $40 external microphone that works with the iPhone and Android phones, upping the quality and saving the day.

AT&T will replace your waterlogged GS4 Active, but only once

A rumor is circulating that if your Galaxy S4 Active is damaged after being submerged underwater, AT&T will replace it with no, or few, questions asked. However, this favor may be a one-time thing.

First drive: 2013 BMW Active E

The BMW ActiveE was built to provide real-world data for the company's i3 EV project. While there are some rough edges, its nippy acceleration and nimble handling bode well for BMW's first production EV.
Social Media

Twitter who? Facebook wants you to brush shoulders with celebrities, too

Facebook is courting celebrity users and introducing trending topics; sound familiar? Hashtags, embed support, and now the evolution into rival Twitter may be complete.
Cool Tech

Bigshot camera kit launches, aims to get kids interested in tech

A new kit called Bigshot launched in the US this week that shows kids how to assemble their very own digital camera. Created by a Columbia University computer science professor, the new kit is designed to get kids interested in tech-related…

Huawei: We’re not a security threat, we’re just a pawn

Is the U.S. government blackballing Huawei just because it's headquartered in China? Huawei's William Plummer thinks so - and wishes the U.S. government would just grow up.

New Microsoft ad wants you to know why the Surface RT is better than the iPad

While the Surface RT tablet has recently been part of promotions and price cuts, Apple's iPad continues to sell in big numbers. But Microsoft appears determined, on Wednesday rolling out a new ad letting us know why it thinks its slate is…
Android Army

Google launches All Access music service in nine European countries

Three months after launching its All Access music streaming platform in the US, Web giant Google on Wednesday rolled out the service in nine European countries, with a discount offered to users who sign up before September 15.
Cool Tech

NFC Ring can unlock your smartphone or front door

Designed to make interaction with NFC hardware a simpler process, the NFC Ring is a piece of jewelry that can share your public Facebook profile with a friend or perhaps unlock the front door to your home.
DT Daily

DT Daily: LG G2 debut, Yahoo logo fiesta, Facebook Trending Topics 3:05

LG debuts its G2 smartphone, Yahoo rolls out a new logo every day for a month, and Facebook takes on Twitter with a new trending topics feature. Related Links: LG G2 unveiled Yahoo! rolls out 30 new logos Facebook takes on Twitter