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Ryan Reynolds teases fans with an early peek at his Deadpool costume

Ryan Reynolds teases fans with an early peek at his Deadpool costume now that there's only one year left until long-awaited film arrives in theaters.

Kids born today won’t know what a pixel is, and that’s a dream come true

The pixel is a cultural icon among geeks, but its days are numbered. Recent advances in display technology will make it an arcane term, known only to programmers and artists.

The Phantom One is a pint-sized supercomputer with a bamboo case

The Phantom One PC project, launched on Kickstarter earlier this week, looks to create a new line of computers that combines compact, high-quality hardware design with a beautiful bamboo exterior.
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New SPECTRE video features first look at James Bond in action on mountaintop set

A new video blog from the set of SPECTRE shows Daniel Craig's James Bond in action high atop a mountain ahead of the film's November premiere.

Phorm is a morphing touchscreen with tactile finger guides for typing

nstead of forcing you to attach a new keyboard altogether, the Phorm case creates an array of raised bumps on your screen -- providing just enough tactile feedback for you to type without looking.
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Rob Lowe to star in new Fox pilot, The Grinder

Rob Lowe will be returning to TV in The Grinder, a Fox show about a TV lawyer who returns to his small town to try and run the family law firm.
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Just like meth, your first taste of Better Call Saul is free

You can get your first taste of Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, for free on iTunes and Amazon.

Unsightly rash? Stop wearing your Fitbit, the company says

Fitbit users are getting rashes yet again from the company's latest fitness bands. Fitbit advises taking a break from wearing the device and cleaning it properly, especially after sweaty workouts.

Dying Light too easy? Just wait for Hard Mode

Dying Light, the recent zombie survive-'em-up from Polish developer Techland, will get a new Hard Mode in a free March update, allowing players to turn up the challenge.

Facebook lets you decide who will get your account after your death

Facebook now lets you decide who will manage your account after your death. Once your account has been memorialized, the legacy contact will be able to post info on memorial services and more.