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We (still) love Apple! Americans vote tech giant ‘brand of the year’ across three categories

The latest Harris poll sees Apple riding high among American consumers, with the company occupying the top spot across three categories (computer, tablet and phone) in 'brand of the year' rankings.

Dongle deal demise: Chromecast-Netflix promotion ends following ‘overwhelming demand’

Well, that didn’t last long. The three-months-for-free Netflix deal offered with Google’s new Chromecast gadget is no longer available following “overwhelming demand” for the Web giant's new dongle.
Cool Tech

IAlert car seat sends reminder texts if you leave the baby in the car

Designed to help forgetful parents from leaving their child locked in a hot car, the IAlert car seat syncs with the owner's smartphone to provide important data about the safety of the small passenger.
DT Daily

DT Daily: 19th century camera tech reborn, Bareye or beer goggles, The Aireal blows 2:27

Nineteenth century camera technology is making a comeback, how to buy a round of shots with your smartphone, and Disney’s new gaming technology literally blows. Related Links: Petzval lens Bareye Project Aireal

Report: Massive SIM card hack does not affect most U.S. phone owners

A security exploit has been discovered that affects as many as 750 million SIM cards around the world. We contacted the major U.S. carriers and researchers to find out just how safe you actually are.

Why does the NSA need your phone records to track terrorists?

The House of Representatives on Wednesday narrowly defeated an amendment that would have prevented the NSA from collecting telephone metadata on virtually every American. Why does the NSA need to collect so much data, anyway?

Review: If you want an app to control your other apps, then try IFTTT

If you feel like you need to get a little more out of your apps, check out IFTTT. It lets you get more functionality out of apps by allowing them to work together without any sort of programming knowledge needed from you.
Game Review

Shadowrun Returns Review

Shadowrun Returns review.
Social Media

Rithm is Snapchat for music, and here are 8 scenarios you’ll want to use it for

New app Rithm lets you chat with music tracks - and yes, it's like Snapchat for sound. The fun app lets you get rid of all those words involved with texting and messaging, too ... meaning there are a few specific times we can this coming in…

Wi-Fi doorbell DoorBot boasts new features so you can continue checking for stalkers

If you pledged for the Wi-Fi-enabled DoorBot late last year, the wait is nearly over. The company boasts a smaller device body, better features, and announced a shipping estimate of September 2013.
Product Review

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Review

Sony Vaio Pro 13 review.
Movies & TV

Review: ‘The Wolverine’ exposes Jackman’s darker side, but feels declawed

Hugh Jackman returns for his sixth time on the big screen as Logan, aka Wolverine. This time he heads to Japan for an uneven, but decent adaption of the story that made the character famous.