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Sin City: A Dame To Kill For gets a bloody, brutal new trailer

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For takes the action and sex appeal to a whole new level in the follow-up to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's gritty 2005 hit.

New Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer introduces Elise the Templar

A new trailer from Ubisoft reveals Elise, a new character central to the plot of Assassin's Creed Unity, being saved from the guillotine by Arno. Their relationship will be complex, as Templars and Assassins don't get along...

London police fights piracy with blatant, banner ad-like messages

Police in London are placing large, visible messages on websites which encourage piracy in order to persuade users to stop stealing content illegally.
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LG unleashes its own 105-inch UHDTV monster to rival Samsung, but won’t talk price

LG has joined the high-end party with its new 105-inch, 5K 21:9 curved Ultra-HD TV. Today's news comes exactly one week after Samsung revealed its own 105-inch 4K curved TV, along with its virtually unheard-of price-point of $120,000.

Will a turbo V6 replace a V8 in the next Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class?

The redesigned 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class will spawn a new AMG performance model, but it may follow the BMW M4's lead and ditch the current car's V8 for something with fewer cylinders.

Spotify updates its iOS app to include an equalizer

Spotify issued an update to its iOS app that includes a feature many users have requested: an equalizer. There's no indication as to when a native equalizer would make its way to the Android app.

EA unveils Netflix-style game subscription service for Xbox One

EA has announced EA Access, an unprecedented subscription service for Xbox One granting discounts, pre-release trials, and unlimited access to a growing vault of popular titles.

Bentley stays busy, announces return of Brooklands coupe and Azure convertible

Bentley is gearing up for a production explosion in the coming years, and it doesn't look like the luxury automaker is slowing down. Bentley has announced a hotter GT3-R, a new Mulsanne, and a new SUV this year, and Bentley CEO Wolfgang…

After 13 long years, Rhapsody adds its 2 millionth paid subscriber

Rhapsody announced the service surpassed the 2 million subscriber milestone recently, and now the company has announced that it has more than two million paying subscribers globally for its premium services, as well as a new promotion for…
Movies & TV

The latest trailer for Gotham is loaded with nods to Batman’s history

The latest trailer for the upcoming Fox television series Gotham is packed with hints at the greater DC Comics universe and Batman's history with the city.

Scion cuts quirky iQ, full lineup refresh on the way

Scion, Toyota’s eccentric sub-brand, markets oddly shaped, tunable, and economical cars to the younger crowd. Coming next year, expect a full refresh of its model range, including replacements for the iQ, xD, and xB.

China conducting anti-monopoly investigation against Microsoft, govt says

The Chinese government is putting Microsoft under the microscope, investigating them for monopolistic behavior.