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Dirty in bed: Why you need to wash your sheets right now

Do you like cuddling up with dust mites every night? If not, then you should be washing your sheets way more frequently than you probably are. Here are a few tips for making them less gross.
Movies & TV

Oh, Kermie! The Muppets may return to TV after 20 years

The Muppets may be making a return to TV almost 20 years later with a reboot pilot on ABC, written by Big Bang co-creator Bill Prady.

Samsung responds to SquareTrade’s Galaxy S6 Edge bend test video

If your biggest question about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is "does it bend?" then wonder no longer -- lab technicians have put it head to head against phones from Apple and HTC.

Photojojo’s cheeky app turns iPhones into disposable cameras you keep

Photojojo, purveyor of fun photography gear, launches a new iPhone app that mimics a disposable camera. Each virtual camera roll has 27 shots that you can't preview or edit, and are automatically sent for "processing."
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Amazon’s Echo smart speaker now supports Pandora, adds MLS and MLB sports scores

Amazon’s voice-controlled music and information speaker now comes with support for Pandora and sports scores.

Could 007’s next ride be stealthy quiet? Aston Martin mulling 1,000-hp Rapide EV

A new report claims that Aston Martin is considering an electric version of the Rapide with a stunning 1,000 horsepower. Brand CEO Andy Palmer said the vehicle could arrive in about two years.

Did LG just reveal an 8K iMac planned for later this year?

Apple is set to launch an 8K resolution iMac before the year is out, according to a recent post on the LG Display blog. Is the rumor a mistake, or a leak about something big in the works at Cupertino?

Did you buy a PlayStation Vita before June 2012? Sony owes you money!

The lawyers behind a class action lawsuit against Sony over deceptive advertising for the PlayStation Vita have launched a website where potential claimants can sign up to collect their award.
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Sling TV slips during final four, springs back too little too late

Sling TV's first real stress test came this past weekend as the NCAA Semifinals aired on TNT and TBS. However, the fledgling Web TV service didn't hold up well, serving up stuttered streams, buffering screens, or nothing at all.

Like Uber for dumpster rental, Thumbster makes spring cleaning a snap

Available now for Android and iOS devices, Thumbster is basically like Uber for waste removal. Just download the app, choose the size of dumpster you need, and pick the date you'd like it to arrive

Kia’s 4-door GT concept more likely to hit production than the 2-door Stinger coupe

A representative for the American branch of Kia has given insight as to which past concept cars would likely see production. He states that the four-door GT concept has more chance of joining the Kia lineup than the GT4 Stinger coupe…
Product Review

Origin Chronos (2015) Review

Origin's unassuming Chronos doesn't scream performance, but it still screams.