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Audi’s glass engine is a literal window into how its synthetic new ‘e-fuels’ burn

Audi says its new "e-fuels" are cleaner than gasoline or diesel, but running them through a glass engine was just a way to see how they'd react during use. You still can't wash dishes with them.
Social Media

Twitter wants to be the place where you’ll discover the next Justin Bieber (Updated)

Step aside, YouTube. Twitter announced a partnership with Lyor Cohen's music company, 300, to develop software and analysis tools that could help discover the next Justin Bieber.

Facebook Paper is half social network, half Flipboard, and fully awesome

Facebook turns ten tomorrow, but today it reinvented its image with Paper. The social network and news reader hybrid changes the way that users interact with Facebook and is available for iOS devices.

LuMini is the affordable smart lighting solution we’ve been waiting for

If you like the idea of smart lighting, but are turned off by the steep prices of smart bulbs, check out this new Kickstarter project for LuMini - it's less than half the price of most smart lighting solutions.

Apple still celebrating Mac birthday, uses itself to pay tribute to … itself

A week and a half later, Apple is still celebrating the Mac's 30th. You can watch their newest tribute clip here. While it's cool, the timing for the video's release has us scratching our heads.

Hollywood sponsors its first eSports tournament

Lionsgate is teaming up with Twitch and Major League Gaming to host the first gaming competition sponsored by a major motion picture studio. The tournament will feature StarCraft II, and it will coincide with the Blu-ray and home media…
Home Theater

Dish Network and Disney to kiss and makeup over Auto Hop

Dish Network and Disney are making up, according to recent reports, settling on their current legal battle over Dish Network's Auto Hop feature. The deal would end one of four lawsuits currently being waged against Dish Network by the four…

The Last of Us wins Writers Guild 2014 top honors

Naughty Dog wins the Writers Guild award for Outstanding Achievement in video Game Writing for its 2013 title The Last of Us. The developer won previously for Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.
Home Theater

Remember the Aereo: Streaming broadcast TV service launches in San Antonio February 19

Aereo shows it is still still expanding, announcing its service will soon be available in the metropolitan area of San Antonio, TX. After reaching full capacity in its home city, New York, just ahead of the Superbowl, the company proved it…

The most anticipated games of 2014

From current-gen to next-gen to PC, here is a list of the games coming out in 2014 that we already have our eye on. This list is by no means comprehensive, so if you think we missed one, let us know in the comments!

Windows 8.1 marketshare rises, but can’t sniff XP or Windows 7 levels

Last week, Windows 8.1 was poised to leapfrog the dated and widely disliked Windows Vista in marketshare. It didn't take long for 8.1 to hop past Vista, but that doesn't mean that people are flocking to the tiled OS in droves.