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Confusion at BlackBerry over the future of the PlayBook tablet

While BlackBerry continues to work on getting its BlackBerry 10-based Z10 ad Q10 smartphones out into the world, it could also be about to resurrect the PlayBook tablet, or not, as the case may be.
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‘Naive’ Twitter pledge leads to UK lawmaker donating $21,150 to charity

A 'Twitter naive' British lawmaker who promised to make a donation to charity according to the number of times her message was retweeted resulted in her writing a check for over £14,000 ($21,150).

Weather advisory: Google Reader proves that cloud apps can just … blow away

The shows we watch, the tools we use to work, and the services we use to stay in touch with each other could disappear at any time now that we’re hooked on cloud computing. Whoops.
Android Army

Feeling the heat? Apple responds to Galaxy S4 launch with new ‘Why iPhone’ webpage

With Samsung's new Galaxy S4 handset getting all the attention just now, rival Apple has decided to post a new page to its website sounding off about why it thinks the iPhone is so great.

Petition to save Google Reader racks up 125k signatures, while 500k switch to Feedly

A petition calling for Google to reverse its decision to retire Google Reader on July 1 now has 125,000 signatures, though the Mountain View company has showed no sign of backtracking. Meanwhile, Feedly said 500,000 new users have signed up…

Review: ‘Gears of War: Judgment’ just can’t match its Epic predecessors

Gears of War: Judgment is an uneven first crack at the series for People Can Fly, with some fresh ideas to bolster the expected great gameplay balanced by content that feels stripped down in comparison to the past games.

Explain Yourself! Snapchat

Explain Yourself! corners the worst tech in our lives and demands to know: WTF?! This week we sit down with Snapchat, the "private" picture messaging platform that's taking high schools by storm.

Germans create ‘free-piston’ multi-fuel engine that could answer EV range-anxiety issues

Doing what was before considered impossible, the German scientists have created a compact, lightweight generator with a full-adjustable compression ratio and combustion chamber capable of burning all kinds of fuel.

Anyone surprised? Americans top list as most distracted drivers

A new study finds that Americans are much more likely to use a cell phone and text when driving than their European counterparts. The crash statistics are especially grim. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), most U.S. drivers…
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Why some high resolution music isn’t worth the extra dough

With downloadable music firmly in charge and set to get bigger, does high resolution audio have a real chance at bringing the unconverted to better quality sound?

Go for a (2G!) drive: McLaren P1 supercar boasts revolutionary (and F1 banned) tech

Learning that some of the technology features on the new McLaren P1 are banned by Formula 1 makes the car even more appealing. New McLaren video shows racecar driver Sergio “Checo” Perez testing a few of those features on the track.

Congress goes green with pay-to-charge stations for EV-driving House members

We’d like to think the fiscally frugal conservative members of congress would jump at the plan, as EVs and plug-in hybrids represent big savings at the pump. But if Senator McCain’s opposition is any indication, chances are slim GOPers…