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‘C’mon, hustle!’ How Kickstarter is turning game development into a spectator sport

Former Interplay creatives Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone discuss the unique challenges they face in building crowdfunded games like Wasteland 2 for the modern world.

Google chief fears surveillance scandal could ‘break the Internet’

Google chairman Eric Schmidt said at a gathering of tech firms in California on Wednesday that the government spying scandal is so serious there's a danger it could "break the Internet."

This iPhone case plays the music you want to hear, the way your ears want to hear it

The new SoundFocus Amp iPhone case will make listening to music an even more personal experience, by matching the audio played to your hearing, musical preferences, and the surrounding environment.

Street View straps a camera onto a camel for a trip through the Arabian desert

Realizing its Street View cars probably weren't up to the job of taking on the 40-meter-high sand dunes of the Arabian desert, Google's mapping team decided to strap one of its Trekker cameras onto a camel instead.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Minority Report-ish display, TV station in a box, wearable tech voting 2:51

Today on DT Daily: Another step closer to that Minority Report display tech, own your own TV station on the cheap and we want you to vote on some pretty trick wearable tech. Ever since the movie Minority Report teased us with a…
Cool Tech

Comedy club charges by the laugh using facial recognition tech

In a theater where each smile will cost you some pocket change, facial recognition technology was used to measure enjoyment levels of audience members in a Barcelona comedy theater.

Order coffee like royalty with the app that lets you stride to the front of the line

Square Order will now let you preorder coffee from select cafes in New York and San Francisco. The app alerts the barista when you're about to arrive, so your coffee is hot and ready.

Someone snuck into part of Destiny’s 2015 DLC

An enterprising guardian has found a glitch that enabled him to enter the Terminus, an area on Venus that will be unlocked in the 2015 House of Wolves DLC for Destiny.

What does HP’s divorce mean for PC buyers? Not much … for now

Hewlett-Packard's decision to spin off its PC and printer divisions is a big change for the computer industry, but will it alter how you buy a PC?

So much for the PC being dead: This research firm says sales will jump five percent in 2015

So much for the PC being dead. Strategy Analytics claims that sales of PCs will rise five percent worldwide next year.
Home Theater

Your next LG TV will sound sharper thanks to DTS-HD decoders in every LG product

LG and DTS announced today that they have formed a worldwide strategic alliance that will see DTS' premium audio technology into LG's complete lineup of home entertainment products including TVs, sound bars, A/V receivers, and digital media…