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Damson’s bone-conduction speaker tech will go to your head (literally)

Damson's new Kickstarter headphones use a huge bag of tricks, including bone conduction technology paired with noise-canceling ear buds in a bid to be your one-stop sonic solution.
Home Theater

Study finds TV trumps exercise or reading during summer months

Today, leading set-top box maker Roku revealed the results from an omnibus study it commissioned looking at television/viewing behavior during the summer months. The survey found that TV-watching now sits at the very top of the list of…

Bugatti Veyron-rivalling SSC Tuatara supercar will be built in Washington state

The SSC Tuatara is set to challenge the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and Hennessey Venom GT, but first SSC needs to find a place to build it. An on-again, off-again plan for a factory in Washington state appears to be on again.

The Steamboy is the portable Steam Machine you never asked for, yet always wanted

Steamboy Machine announced the Steamboy, a portable Steam Machine that promises to play the majority of games available on Steam. It's expected to be available sometime in 2015.

2015 BMW M4 beats its predecessor with 7:52 Nurburgring lap

The 2015 BMW M4 got to show it mettle at the Nurburgring, where it clocked a 7:52 lap in the hands of German magazine Sport Auto. That's faster than the old M3 coupe, but not every M3 coupe.
Home Theater

Streaming swordfight! Google Chromecast vs. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku's Streaming stick and Google's Chromecast are both appealing, low-cost options for streaming Internet video on your television. The question is: Which one should you buy? We dig into how each of them work so you can pick the one that…
Cool Tech

This new hydrophobic coating is completely non-toxic and fabric-friendly

Unlike NeverWet, this new hydrophobic nanocoating is completely non-toxic, and had been designed from the ground up to work with clothing and fabrics

Multiplayer Final Fantasy Explorers in development for 3DS

Square Enix is developing Final Fantasy Explorers, a multiplayer, action-driven 3DS spin-off to its venerated series, only with gameplay that's reminiscent of Capcom's Monster Hunter games.

AT&T data breach exposed customers’ social security numbers, call logs

AT&T said that a security breach, perpetrated by employees of one of its vendors, compromised the personal data of customers. The data breach exposed information such as call records and social security numbers.

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is a GT-R from a sci-fi future

The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is the latest in a series of Vision Gran Turismo concepts created to celebrate the franchise's 15th anniversary. Nissan says it also hints at future performance-car styling.

Are these the world’s first truly wireless in-ear headphones?

Nearing the end of its Kickstarter journey, these clever buds eliminate the final link in the chain, creating a pair of truly autonomous earbuds that disappear in your ear, and link to your smartphone for a totally wireless sound solution.