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Dell says goodbye to both smartphones and Android, stops international sales

Dell has withdrawn from the international smartphone market, saying it requires too much investment before becoming successful, however it will continue building Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

North Korea successfully launches rocket with enough range to reach Los Angeles

North Korea's successful rocket launch on Wednesday is, depending on who you believe, either a peaceful scientific launch of a much-needed weather satellite or a sign that the country has ignored UN resolutions and may be developing missile…

Panasonic may shed Sanyo digicam biz, says Reuters

According to an unnamed source, Reuters reports that Panasonic may sell its Sanyo digital camera business to a Japanese private equity firm by March 2013.
Social Media

What your new Facebook Privacy Settings will look like

Will Facebook's new policies make it simpler to keep your info private, or just more confusing? Here is a look at what you can expect the social network to roll out to your account in the very near future.

Exploring Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s lasting impact on society with Rockstar’s Leslie Benzies

We chat with Rockstar North head and Grand Theft Auto series producer Leslie Benzies about the past and the future of the Grand Theft Auto series, as GTA: Vice City celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Visteon shows off the future of automotive electronics with its e-Bee concept

There is a lot more to a car than the engine and wheels, and Visteon aims to show how little details, and a whole lot of tech, can make a car even better.
Android Army

Google opens its magazine store in Google Play UK

Google has opened the doors to its magazine section of Google Play to UK customers today, where more than 100 titles are available to purchase individually or by using an annual subscription.
Home Theater

‘Home theater salesmen’ robbed at gunpoint in Florida probably had it coming

Two "home theater salesman" were robbed near Orlando Florida today when two men held them at gunpoint and took their van. Don't feel too bad for the salesmen, though. They probably had it coming.
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Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple Maps while Australian cops say Google Maps is also unreliable

Samsung's marketing team in Australia has come up with an ad poking fun at Apple Maps after a location error in the software left motorists stranded in a scorching hot national park.
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ZTE’s Grand S 1080p tablet/smartphone hybrid to be launched at CES 2013

A snippet of information published on the CES 2013 schedule has revealed ZTE will launch the Grand S at the show, its first entry into the burgeoning 5-inch, 1080p smartphone/tablet hybrid market.

Woman goes to buy iPhones from Apple store, gets tasered by cop

Being Tasered by cops certainly isn't part of the usual Apple store shopping experience. So why did it happen to Xiaojie Li at the tech giant's store in Nashua, New Hampshire?

Here’s Johnny! McAfee lands in the US, next chapter in bizarre life unknown

Eccentric tech pioneer John McAfee is back in the US after being deported from Guatemala. “I’ve been running through jungles and rivers and oceans and I think I need to rest for a while,” McAfee told reporters in Miami Wednesday…