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Streaming Shutdown: Redbox, Verizon give up on Redbox Instant

Closing down a streaming service that failed to attract a significant number of subscribers, Redbox and Verizon decide to shut down the Netflix-killer that never was, Redbox Instant.

What just happened? The best of #bendgate

The iPhone 6 may be the darling of the mobile world, but it does have its limitations. We assemble some terrific parodies from #bendgate.

Biometric smart mouse mimics smart guns to verify computer users

A network security engineer from Raytheon has found inspiration in smart guns to obtain a patent for a mouse equipped with biometric pressure sensors to authenticate computer users.

That Final Fantasy XV road trip gets serious

Square Enix has released a set of high quality assets to support the road trip meme that sprang out of the recent Final Fantasy XV trailer from Tokyo Games Show.
Cool Tech

Olive is a bracelet that will help you breathe in and out, manage your stress

The Olive is a wearable stress management bracelet that uses a variety of sensors to gauge the heart rate, skin conductance (i.e., moisture on the skin, which implies excitement), ambient light, motion and skin temperature -- all to manage…
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How 3D printing makes UE Pro’s bespoke in-ear monitors faster, smarter, better

UE Pro turned to 3D printing technology 18 months ago in an effort to take its professional in-ear monitors to the next level. The results have exceeded the company's expectations. We sit down with UE Pro's Mike Dias to learn all about this…

Microsoft made $1 billion from Android licensing in 2013

New court documents reveal just how much money Microsoft is making from the sale of Samsung smartphones and tablets, even if its own Windows Phone software is overlooked as a result.
Product Review

Bosch HBLP651LUC Review

Bosch HBLP651LUC review.

Google Glass can now add closed captions to real life

Just like the movies, but instant and in real-life: A new app from Georgia Tech staff provides subtitles for whatever is being said to you, and that could make a big difference for the hard of hearing.
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Super Troopers sequel confirmed, filming planned for early 2015

Broken Lizard comic Steve Lemme confirms the comedy troupe's plans to develop and film a sequel to the 2001 police comedy, Super Troopers.