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EA shows off next Mirror’s Edge, renews focus on elegance

EA revealed conceptual prototype footage of Mirror's Edge via a developer diary during its E3 press conference.

Star Wars Battlefront returns to the source

EA kicked off its 2014 E3 presentation with a look behind-the-scenes at the development of DICE's upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, showing off a lovingly-detailed return to the source material.

EA’s Dawngate promises MOBA fans a massive story

EA's upcoming MOBA Dawngate received a video showcase at E3. The game promises an in-depth story that will play out across every game map and tons of character background to fill out the universe.
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Netflix calls Verizon out on the big red screen [Update: Netflix backs off]

A tweet of a screenshot in which Netflix specifically called out Verizon for sluggish streaming has started an uproar online. The companies have once again been hashing it out in a public forum, while Netflix has taken the fight to the…

Smart Hoodie allows you to send preset text messages through movement

Wearable tech may go beyond accessories like smartwatches and into the realm of fabrics and clothing, like the Smart Hoodie, which is being pushed by its creators as a “wearable phone.”

Battlefield: Hardline Beta is live today on PS4 and PC

In the most exciting revelation of its E3 presentation, EA has announced that the beta for their upcoming cops vs. robbers shooter, Battlefield: Hardline is live now for PS4 and PC gamers.
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Popular open-source media player, VLC, to get Chromecast support

VLC developers are currently working on integrating Chromecast support into the iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux, and PC versions of the open-source media player, which is perhaps most loved for its well-known ability to cleanly play just about…

BioWare teases next Mass Effect and a totally new IP

BioWare has teased some early footage from Mass Effect 4 and a scant few details from a totally new IP being developed simultaneously by their Edmonton team.

EA’s new Criterion game looks like Pilotwings on crack

EA showed off prototype footage of Criterion's upcoming first-person racer, which will include a wide variety of vehicles.

NHL 15 preview: EA shows off improved AI, lifelike graphics, and uber-realistic physics

Despite the fact that the game's physics and graphics have been lackluster in years past, EA pulled out all the stops for NHL 15, and it looks amazing.
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Skip the cologne and upgrade the old man’s tech-cred with these Father’s Day gifts ideas

Not sure what to get your old man this year? Check out this guide. We've rounded up ten of the most dad-friendly tech toys on the market to help you out