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Google re-adds Belgian newspapers after public spat

A Belgian newspaper group claimed that Google is boycotting it after the search giant complied with a court order to remove the paper's content from its Google News service. Now Google is re-adding them.


William Shatner’s Google+ account flagged

Google set phasers to stun and inexplicably froze William Shatner's Google+ profile on Sunday.

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Adobe buys digital-signature startup EchoSign

Adobe has purchased electronic-signature startup EchoSign, which the company says will make it easier for customers to sign and return documents without the need for fax machines or postal services.


Did you know: the Earth produces 44 trillion watts of heat

Scientists now estimate that the Earth produces some 44 terawatts of heat, but they can only account for about half of it.

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NASA satellite records central African pollution ‘butterfly’

Central African agricultural fires lead to huge cloud of nitrogen dioxide pollution recorded by NASA's Aura satellite.

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Facebook blocks Google+ ad

Facebook has once again struck back against Google+, this time by banning a user's advertising account after he posted an ad for his Google+ page.

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MySpace’s Tom warns Google+ about excessive feed filtering

Tom Anderson writes that Google should avoid algorithmic filtering of user feeds in Google+ in favor of more dedicated user controls.

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GScreen taking down payments on Spacebook dual-screen laptops

GScreen's dual-screen laptop offering is finally here. Can added utility outweigh a hefty price?


Google kills traffic estimates from Google Maps

Google has eliminated its popular traffic estimate feature from Google Maps because, the company says, the feature was too inaccurate.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two breaks multiple box office records

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two exceeds financial expectations and breaks multiple box office records around the globe.

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Jailbreak exploit-fixing iOS 4.3.4 update has been jailbroken

The latest iOS update, version 4.3.4, which fixed an exploit that hackers had been using for jailbreaks, has itself been jailbroken mere days after its release.


Activision not amused by redirecting to Battlefield 3 website, files complaint

Activision files a formal complain against the owner of the anti-Call of Duty website, which was recently set to automatically redirect browsers to


New bus shelter boosts commuters’ batteries

An advertising agency has come up with a bus shelter that allows commuters to charge up their portable devices before jumping aboard.


Thief forced to pay nearly $10K for stolen laptop data

How much value should the legal system put on stolen data and the time it takes to rebuild it? One Utah court has upheld a sizable fine against an admitted laptop thief.


NYC adds 50 Chevy Volts to NYPD fleet of vehicles

With green technology becoming more mainstream, New York City is attempting to reduce air pollution be adding electric-powered cars to the fleet of official vehicles.