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Nintendo announces dates for Mario Kart 8, but fails to impress once again

Nintendo’s regular update show, Nintendo Direct, gave us a date for Mario Kart 8 and NES Remix 2, showed off the return of Little Mac, talked about a few cool titles, then highlighted a bunch of others no one cares about.
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Singtrix transforms the tone-deaf into karaoke rock stars

With a wide array of performance-bolstering features such as pitch correction, hundreds of professional vocal effects, comprehensive device and song compatibility, and the ability to transform a single voice into a quartet, this bundle…

Xbox One may be getting a media remote soon

A product listing for a new Xbox One Media Remote briefly appeared on Amazon’s Canadian site. The price was listed at $24.99 (Canadian dollars), with a March 4 release date.

The Lego Movie has outtakes, and you can see them here

The Lego Movie is still in theaters, but you can check out some of the recently released “outtakes” from the film. If you haven’t watched the film yet, beware spoilers.
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Westone W40 Review

Westone W40 review.

You can now play a Sesame Street Flappy Bird clone, and it’s addictive

In case you thought the dozens of other Flappy Bird clones were enough, Sesame Street has made one too - they call it Flappy Bert. It's a fun little clone that we're guessing is its way of joining in on all the Flappy Bird fun.
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Netflix’s recommendations will soon be even more on point, with Amazon’s aid

With "deep learning"-based algorithms and the cloud servers made available via Amazon Web Services, Netflix aims to think like a human when it recommends what to watch next. The end-product will be something akin to a neural network made up…

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating your own massacre in GTA Online

Rockstar has released the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special update for Grand Theft Auto 5, including extras for both the story and for GTA Online. The update is available now.

Microsoft says it’s sold over 200 million Windows 8 licenses

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 might not be as much of a disappointment for Redmond as you might think, if one figure is any indication. Read on to learn more here.

Microsoft ‘enhances’ Skype message syncing

Though Skype is incredibly popular, it has had its problems and flaws. But according to an official blog post from the company, some of its ills have been cured. Read on to learn more here.

Grappling with good and evil in our hands-on time with Infamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch and Sony are still a few weeks away from releasing the next installment in the Infamous franchise as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but we got a chance play it, and see some of our choices in action.