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Pregnancy announcements added as a new option on Facebook

Have you finished telling all the important people in your life about the birth of your next child? Now you can tell all the unimportant friends on Facebook the same thing.

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GameStop to start selling digital downloads in stores

Why click the mouse a couple times when you can drive to the local GameStop and answer questions about more preorders? GameStop is rolling out support for the digital age.


Anonymous steals 390MB from U.S. cybersecurity contractor ManTech

Anonymous strikes again, hitting cybersecurity contractor ManTech in order to embarrass the FBI


Bill Gates sells five million Microsoft shares; lots left

Bill Gates has sold five million of his shares in Microsoft to help fund work carried out by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Why Promoted Tweets won’t ruin Twitter

Ads are annoying - there's no way around it. So when Twitter unveiled Promoted Tweets, we understood the frustration. But there are a few reasons that the feature (as it currently exists) isn't all that bad.


Facebook launches paid program to find glitches

Facebook will now pay researchers to find and report security holes.


Neuroscientists shed light on differentiating sonar used by bats

Extremely small difference in sound intensity inform the flying hunters of what's background and what's food.

Cool Tech

Google rolls out new search experience for tablets

iPad and Android device users will find their Google searching experience faster and simpler than before.

Android Army

Internet Explorer users have lowest IQ of all web surfers, study shows [updated]

Browsing speed isn't the only thing slow about Internet Explorer; according to a new study, users of Microsoft's browsers have lower IQs than those who surf with other browsers.


Groupon Now deals coming to Foursquare check-ins

Groupon and Foursquare will join forces to take over your local-meets-mobile experience.


Samsung Galaxy S II will come in white

The wait continues, but this Galaxy S II decked out in white will help tide you over until its US release.

Android Army

Google ‘+1’s for sale!

That didn't take long: A +1 sale operation is uncovered, giving Websites the option to buy their way into what they would believe to be a better social search ranking.

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PlayStation Vita to use a 45nm CPU from Samsung

An industry news outlet reports that Sony's PlayStation Vita will be powered by a Samsung-provided 45nm CPU.


Brink gets the DLC pack Agents of Change on August 3

Bethesda Softworks confirms an August 3 release for Brink's DLC pack Agents of Change, which will be a free download to all for the first two weeks.


Electronic Arts to focus more on mobile and social gaming, less on 3D

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello stated plans to put more of a focus on mobile and social gaming than supporting 3D, since "we have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming."