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Microsoft confirms that the Surface Mini is dead

We've been hearing about Microsoft's supposed plans to launch a smaller version of its Surface tablet, tentatively named the Surface Mini, for some time. Here's everything we think we know about the device so far.

10 annoying issues with the Sony Xperia Z2, and how to fix them

Run into an issue with your Xperia Z2? Don’t worry we have some potential solutions and workarounds for you right here. Join us for a look at the most common Xperia Z2 problems and advice on how to deal with them.
Movies & TV

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay team up for Manimal movie

The Gary Sanchez Productions duo will produce an action-comedy based on the 1983 series about a man who could transform into various animals to fight crime.
Car Review

2014 Nissan Rogue SV Review

2014 Nissan Rogue SV review.

Fleksy revamps Android keyboard app and tells us about iOS 8 plans

Fleksy added several new keyboard themes to its app. The company also said that it plans to offer premium emoji in the future and talked briefly about iOS 8.

Microsoft’s CEO says Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox will become one

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has talked about the company's plan to bring Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox platform together, enabling developers to write universal apps which work across all screen sizes.

There’s a universal language for the smart home, but all won’t join AllJoyn

AllJoyn promises to unite the smart home under one common language, but there’s one problem: A handful of companies refuse to get join. Here’s why they’re holding out, and what it means for your connected dream home.

The LG G3’s QuickCircle case gets its first game, and the idea is to pop puppy heads

LG has released a match-three game designed to be played on the new G3 smartphone, but rather than use the big Quad HD screen, Puppy Pop is played through the QuickCircle folder case's round window.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Drugged drink tester, TDF on-bike video, Dodge Hellcat review 2:19

Today on DT Daily: Is your drink drugged? A small device can tell you. Plus, we’ve got some crazy GoPro video from the Tour De France and DT car guy Nick Jaynes saddles up the new Dodge Hellcat. Slipping someone a mickey has…
Social Media

Woman in a stolen dress posts selfie on Facebook, arrested soon after

Definitely an efficient way to attract the attention of the police, yet another criminal thought it would be a brilliant idea to post pictures of herself featuring items stolen from a local store.

Forget drinking, Vapshot lets you literally inhale your booze

Vapshot, maker of the vaporized liquor dispenser of the same name, has just released a miniaturized version of its flagship product designed to be used at home