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Westone Adventure Series ADV ALPHA Review

Westone Adventure Series ADV ALPHA review.
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Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV review.

12 useful online services and apps for students

Before you send your student off to high school or even the far away world of college, you should consider signing them up for a few key services that will make learning, studying, and having fun a lot easier.

LG has an G Android tablet coming, may be called the ‘G Pad’

Could LG be about to release a new Android tablet? If the latest rumor is correct, it is, and we could see the device - currently known as the LG G Pad - at the IFA show in Berlin early next month.

Brazilian government accuses Samsung of violating labor laws, sues for $108 million

The Brazilian government has exposed labor law violations in one of Samsung's largest factories in the country, and has filed a lawsuit with damages of $108 million.

Google launches behind-the-scenes site for Street View collections

Google has further expanded its Street View service, on Tuesday launching a new behind-the-scenes site for its Special Collections. The new material includes everything from videos and audio tours to background information about how the…

5 tubeblocks Elon Musks’ Hyperloop will need to smash

Now that the hyper hype over the Hyperloop has subsided a wee bit, it's time to start breathing again and look at the real-world challenges this daring and worthy engineering challenge face.

Something afoot? Apple acquires video discovery service

Apple has acquired video discovery service for between $1m and $1.5m. It's not known precisely how the Cupertino company intends to utuilize the service, but no doubt the move will fuel more speculation about its TV-based…

The flip phone is back, as Samsung launches the W789 Hennessy in China

Samsung has announced the W789 Hennessy, a flip phone which uses the Android operating system, and features a quad-core processor and dual screens. So far, it's only headed to China.

Microsoft’s YouTube app returns to Windows Phone Store, and this time it has ads

After removing its YouTube app from the Windows Phone Store in May following complaints from Google about its design and lack of ads, Microsoft on Tuesday rolled out a new version addressing the issues.
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Review: ‘Kick Ass 2’ a softer punch makes for a harder experience to enjoy

In 'Kick Ass 2,' director Jeff Wadlow takes over for Matthew Vaughn and injects a new sensibility to the franchise, but loses something important along the way that.
DT Daily

DT Daily: GTA 5 for PC mistakenly announced, First look at Samsung’s Curved OLED TV, North Korea makes a smartphone 2:24

Samsung shows off it’s curved OLED TV, a PC version of Grand theft auto 5 is mistakenly announced, and forget nukes… North Korea has its own smartphone.