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Adornably uses augmented reality to help you shop for furniture

Adornably is a new augmented reality app that fills your empty space with photorealistic virtual furniture, allowing you to see how it looks in your room before you commit to buying it. Hit the jump to see how it works.

Free Wi-Fi coming to Harlem, NYC: Miracle on (and around) 134th street

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed that Harlem, one of the city's historical jewel, will be blessed with access to a free public Wi-Fi network by the middle of next year.

Xbox One hits 2 million sold worldwide

Although we won’t know the exact numbers of next-gen consoles sold this holiday season until early next year, Microsoft today confirmed that it has sold 2 million Xbox One units around the world in its first 18 days. Microsoft went on to…

Spotify is now free on Android tablets and iPad, but phones must shuffle

Spotify has launched a new free music-streaming option for Android and iOS users. The ad-supported service allows users to select a limited number of tracks, with the company hoping many will eventually switch to its enhanced subscription…

First Drive: 2014 Chevrolet SS

In order to take on the Germans for performance sedan supremacy, Chevrolet called on the rear-wheel drive, V8 prowess of the Australians. Together, they created the SS, which might best even BMW’s 5 Series

Knicket plans to make searching for new apps much easier

If you're frustrated by the standard Google Play or App Store search engines, then you could give a try, which introduces a cross-platform app search complete with a set of handy filters.

7 of the worst problems with the Surface 2, and how to fix them

Don’t tear your hair out or chew those nails, we’ve got fixes, workarounds, and advice for common Surface 2 problems in this roundup. Get your tablet back on track now.

Volvo enters Swedish automotive design Renascence with its Concept XC Coupe

Think Volvos aren't stylish? Between the Coupe Concept Frankfurt show car and this Concept XC Coupe, the Swedish carmaker known for boxy station wagons is building some eye catchers.
Cool Tech

Meet Distiller, your personal whiskey recommendation engine

Picking out the right whiskey can be a daunting task – even for people with a connoisseur’s taste for a dram. But that was before Distiller, a Web-based tool that takes the guesswork out of whiskey buying.
Social Media

Twitter ousts Facebook to take top spot in ‘best tech employee’ chart

Glassdoor's sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards has revealed that workers at Twitter are currently the happiest in the tech industry. It's the first time the company has made the top 50 list, with more than 20 other tech companies coming…

The Padfone Mini lets you slot a 4.3-inch phone into a 7-inch tablet, making one handy device

Asus has launched a new Padfone model. This time it's the Padfone Mini, which sees a smaller 4.3-inch smartphone dock with a 7-inch tablet, giving users the best of both worlds.