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James Gunn teases his plans for Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn hints at the characters and races he'd like to explore in the sequel to Marvel Studios' cosmic adventure.
Product Review

LG G Watch Review

LG G Watch review.

Only in Asia: This is a $75 novelty camera made out of paper

The Paper Shoot camera has a body made out of heavy recycled paper, making it environmentally friendly. And because it's paper, a customizable blank version lets you draw all over it.
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DirecTV to deliver on-demand 4K video by the year’s end

DirecTV is set to offer 4K-quality on-demand video by the end of the year, as well as live 4K streaming next year or by early 2016. The company's president and CEO Mike White delivered the news via a second-quarter earnings call yesterday.

Apple makes its billion dollar Beats buy official

After two months of preparation, Apple apparently got the deal done, officially welcoming Beats to the family on its homepage. The deal, worth $3 billion, will see all of Beats Electronics, as well as Beats Music moving under the…

Verizon tells FCC that data throttling is necessary to keep the network going

Verizon told the FCC that data throttling is a necessary evil to keep the network running smoothly. Verizon says its move to throttle unlimited data subscribers is justified in the name of getting rid of network congestion.
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Need some power? Try this spray on solar panel

A group of scientists found a way to create spray-on solar cells using perovskite. The new process is much cheaper and energy efficient than creating silicon solar cells.
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Watch Vin Diesel say ‘I am Groot’ in various languages while wearing stilts

New video depicts Guardians of the Galaxy voice actor Vin Diesel recording his dialogue in multiple languages for foreign release of Marvel Studios film.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome, on the other hand, gained in popularity.

What’s a Gigafactory? It’s where Tesla’s Model 3 will be built … in Reno, Nevada

Tesla’s upcoming, $5 billion dollar battery plant known as the Gigafactory may have a home: Reno, Nevada. The Gigafactory will be the main source of battery packs for the upcoming Model 3 sedan.

Windows 8.1 and XP market share falls, while Windows 7 gains users

Windows 8.1 and XP lost users last month, while Windows 7 strengthens its position, which was already dominant in the desktop world.