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Indiana clarifies religious freedom bill after backlash from Gen Con and others grows

Gen Con, one of the largest gaming conventions in the country, is threatening to pull out of Indiana. The event is opposing Senate Bill 101, which critics say may allow businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples.
Movies & TV

Furious 7 just broke a lot of box office records

Universal Pictures' highly anticipated sequel Furious 7 sets opening weekend records for April on its way to becoming the year's first billion-dollar movie.

Disney invests a huge amount of money in DraftKings

The Walt Disney Company is said to be investing $250 million in fantasy sports website DraftKings. The deal, however, is less about the goings-on of the website itself than it is about advertising on the Disney-owned ESPN.

You can now pre-order Intel’s first computer on a stick

Amazon and Newegg have begun accepting preorders for Intel's new Compute Stick, which allows users to transform a monitor or TV into a PC. The stick comes with either Windows 8.1 or Linux, and it's approximately four inches long.
Home Theater

Drop that remote! You can talk to the Roku 3

If you’ve been waiting on picking up a Roku, now might be a good time to look into a new purchase. Both the Roku 3 and Roku 2 have received hardware updates, making each of them an even better buy than they already were.

T-Mobile drops the Sony Xperia Z3 after less than six months

Though the company has yet to make it official, a tweet from T-Mobile indicates that it is no longer selling the Sony Xperia Z3. This comes less than six months after the phone's initial release.

Sick of Yelp reviews? Apple Maps now returns TripAdvisor and reviews too

While Apple Maps still doesn’t have nearly as many features as Google Maps, it's starting to catch up. Though not yet formally acknowledged, the service now seems to be returning reviews from TripAdvisor and

Get a drone’s-eye view of Apple’s sprawling new ‘spaceship’ campus

Work on Apple's so-called 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino appears to be progressing at speed. New drone footage taken at the site shows buildings starting to spring up as the new headquarters prepares to accept workers next year.
Social Media

Vine for Windows Phone gets long-awaited update, brings editing, messaging, and loop counts

It's been so long since Vine for Windows Phone got an update that users may well have resigned themselves to the idea that they'd forever be ignored. But there's good news: the Twitter-owned startup has just blown off the dust and rolled…

Still skeptical about the Apple Watch? The first 24 apps won’t change your mind

None of the first 24 Apple Watch apps scream “game changer.” So what will it take?

Here’s a futuristic 3D-printed violin that could double as a lethal weapon

The 3D-printed Piezoelectric Violin is a futuristic take on an instrument whose design has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Described as having "aggressive sci-fi looks," the unique instrument could also be used to defend…

Bill Gates writes a moving letter to employees on Microsoft’s 40th anniversary

Bill Gates wrote to Microsoft employees over the weekend as the computer giant celebrated its 40th anniversary. In the message, the Microsoft co-founder talked about future opportunities for the company while thanking employees for their…