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Apple has more money than the US government

The US Treasury officially has less liquidity than Apple Inc.


Nintendo president takes 50-percent pay cut in wake of quarterly loss

Satoru Iwata puts blame for Nintendo 3DS problems on his own shoulders, halves salary.


China bans ‘booth babes’ from video game convention

It's a sad day in China for gamers, as one of the country's premier video game fairs, ChinaJoy Expo, bans scantily clad booth babes.


Oil Rush game trailer: It’s like Waterworld meets Battleship

Upcoming real-time strategy game Oil Rush drops a cool trailer and post-apocalyptic back story.


Google stuffs war chest with 1,030 IBM patents

Google is just the latest tech company to snatch up a whole barrel of patents to protect against IP lawsuits. When will the fighting end?

Android Army

Marvel releases Captain America’s final scene and Avengers teaser

New teaser offers early peek at Captain America's ending and post-credits Avengers trailer.

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Obama set to announce new fuel economy standards today

Automakers and legislators have finally agreed to strict CAFE standards for 2025.


Cowboys & Aliens Review

One of the last big budget films of the summer ends the season with a well-made, but instantly forgettable film.

Movies & TV

Record shipment quarter for Apple’s iPhone, more than 20m sold

According to data released by IDC, Apple has just had a record unit shipment quarter of its iPhone, with sales increasing year-over-year by 141.8 percent.


Head of phishing ring gets 12 years in prison for scamming 38K victims

Have you ever received an email pretending to be a bank or credit card company? A California man received a sizable prison sentence today for sending those emails and bilking victims out of their money.


U.S. House Judiciary Committee approves new ISP data retention bill

A new ISP data retention bill has been approved by a House Judiciary committee which will require data to be stored for longer periods of time.


NYC fugitive busted after taunting police on Facebook

The stupidity of criminals never ceases to provide entertaining stories. A Brooklyn man discovered that taunting the police on Facebook is a bad idea.

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ISP ordered by U.K. court to block access to possible piracy site

Did British courts strike a major blow to opponents of Internet censorship today? A landmark ruling is forcing an Internet Service Provider to block access to an alleged piracy site.


Rumor: Pegatron gets iPad 3 contract, may see tablet in November

Apple has reportedly given the new iPad 3 contract to Pegatron instead of Foxconn. The tablet may be here by Thanksgiving as well.


Denon AVR-3312CI Review

The Denon AVR-3312CI doesn't stray from Denon's top-quality standards and offers great sound at a solid value.

  • Pros: Great sound , USB, Ethernet and Airplay enabled , Fun…
  • Cons: Complicated setup , Menu difficult to navigate , Remote not…