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Keep cable but lose the box with VidiPath, a new wireless way to watch

DLNA's new wireless system could allow you to send all your cable content from a single box to every device on your local network, no wires necessary.

Worried about cyber security? 14-year old hacks modern vehicle with just $15 in parts

During the five-day CyberAuto Challenge event last July, a 14-year old hacker was able to wirelessly crack a vehicle’s security system with just $15 in parts from RadioShack. Experts at the event originally though it would take months to…

The 18K gold Apple Watch Edition may be a gold mine … literally

Apple may lure in the big fish with its 18K gold Apple Watch Edition models. A new estimate says these watches may hold as much as 30 grams of gold, which amounts to more than $850. As such, the price may hit the thousands.

What’s your heating budget? Plug it into this thermostat, and it won’t go over the limit

If you lower your thermostat by two degrees, how much money will that save you on your next energy bill? Thermoneystat is a smart thermostat that doesn't show you the temperature; it heats and cools your home based on your budget.

Microsoft tries to woo Dropbox loyalists with 100GB of free storage

Microsoft takes the cloud storage war to Dropbox's doorstep by offering its users 100GB of free storage space once they prove they have a Dropbox account.
Home Theater

Time Warner Cable replaces customer’s name with expletive, issues cancellation notice

Time Warner Cable customer Esperanza Martinez received an interesting letter from the company, which addressed the cancellation of her service. Weirdly enough, she never requested the cancellation nor did she like the expletive the company…
Movies & TV

How Interstellar won over scientists (and audiences) by building a better black hole

Oscar Effects: How Christopher Nolan's Interstellar won over scientists and audiences by building a the best simulation of a black hole ever created.

Gold Mario Amiibo gets the Midas touch for Mario Party 10, possibly as a Walmart exclusive

A limited edition, gilded Mario Amiibo appears to be coming exclusively to Walmart as part of a bundle with Mario Party 10, according to a poster spotted and shared on Reddit.
Movies & TV

Another insane trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road hits YouTube

The new, international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron is even crazier than the one that debuted during Comic-Con. It shows lots of chases, explosions, and desert scenes.

What is 3D printing? A beginner’s guide to the desktop factory

Anyone with a can do attitude and a little elbow grease can learn to 3D print. It will change the world or, at least, make a pretty impressive chocolate snack. Our beginner's guide will rundown 3D printing essentials and explain how you can…