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Titanfall’s imminent update adds private matches [updated]

The next title update for Titanfall, releasing today, adds the promised private matches feature and eases the difficulty of the game's "Gooser" challenge, among other things.

Weep at footage from the Star Wars Darth Maul game that almost was

Back in 2010 LucasArts commissioned indie developer Red Fly Studio to make a video game based on the Phantom Menace Sith, Darth Maul. It was soon canceled, but footage remains.

How to check if your favorite websites are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug

Qualys, a Web security firm, has developed a tool that allows you to check if your favorite websites are affected by the Heartbleed Bug. You can check it out here.
Android Army

Apple planning drastic iTunes revamp to fight off competition from Pandora and Spotify

Apple is reportedly considering a drastic revamp of its iTunes store and related music services in a bid to address the issue of declining downloads. An on-demand music service and iTunes Android app are apparently being considered as a…

BlackBerry boss says he doesn’t want to be dependent on handset business (updated)

Following recent reports suggesting BlackBerry is considering exiting the handset business, CEO John Chen has now said there are currently "no plans" for such a move, adding that it could take a couple of years for its smartphone unit to…
Android Army

Project Ara coming together as Google releases first resources for developers

Google has released its first Module Developer Kit (MDK) for Project Ara as it moves forward in its quest to create a highly customizable handset that consumers can easily build according to their smartphone habits and needs.

Analyst’s product roadmap predicts two iPhone models in Apple’s near future

An analyst has produced a roadmap showing what he believes is Apple's new product launch plans for the coming year, and they include a pair of new iPhone devices, updated iPad tablets, and two sizes of iWatch.

Air Canada to start offering Wi-Fi on North American routes

Air Canada is set to start offering Wi-Fi to passengers on most of its North American routes. The rollout starts next month, with about 160 of its planes expected to have the service in place by the end of next year.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Oculus controlled drone, Tablet workstation dock, Land Rover hides the bonnet 2:15

Land Rover makes trail driving easier with the Transparent Bonnet, a hacker uses the Oculus Rift to control a quad-copter, and a dock that turns your tablet into a desktop computer.