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How to build a home network for less than $100

Are $150 routers making your wallet quiver in fear? Don't worry. Home networks aren't as expensive as your local Best Buy suggests. Let us help you build a complete, high-speed home network for just $100.
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Man ignoring child support payments busted due to Facebook photo

Basically providing the authorities with all the evidence needed for prosecution, a Wisconsin man that was skipping all child support payments thought it would be a great idea to publish several pictures of himself on Facebook holiding…
Home Theater

Set-top showdown: Apple TV vs. Roku 3 vs. Boxee Box vs. WD TV Play vs. Google TV

Trying to figure out which set-top box to buy in order to kick off a cord-cutting lifestyle? Check out our 2013 breakdown of the five most popular streaming set-top box platforms:
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Facebook enhances Events pages with weather forecasts

Facebook has started rolling out a small feature that displays the weather forecast in Events pages for both attendees and admins.
Cool Tech

What happens when we can whip up movie-grade CGI in real time?

Photorealistic computer animation has already made its way into movies, but when new technology makes it possible to generate these graphics on the fly, all sorts of doors will open.

Canadian man tries to sell his home for Bitcoins

Looking to cash in on the virtual currency craze known as Bitcoins, a man living in Alberta, Canada has put his home up for sale and is looking for payment in the form of Bitcoins to compete the transaction.

Barnes & Noble giving away Nook e-readers with tablet purchase

Potentially ideal for anyone that's in the market for a new tablet, Barnes & Noble is prepping a promotion that will bundle a Nook e-reader device with the Nook HD line of tablets.

NY Auto Show preview: Audi teases A3 sedan before Big Apple debut

As the New York Auto Show approaches, Audi is revving up the hype machine for its redesigned A3 compact luxury car.

Six pieces of car tech we could live without

The amount of tech inside cars is growing at an exponential rate. And while we couldn't be more excited, there are a number of car tech features we're confidant we could live without if we had to.

Toyota announces GT 86 Cup Edition – for Europe only. But…

Toyota is only making 86 of the special edition GT 86s and they’re all going to Europe. But don’t be too distraught, they only receive some special wheels, tires, stripes, and a racing steering wheel for the $3,695 premium.
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Check out Facebook’s March Madness bracket

Facebook's March Madness bracket, based on Facebook buzz, has Duke winning it all this year. That's a pretty solid pick, but the method is questionable.