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LaCie Takes Award-Winning Hub USB-Only

LaCie has introduced a new version of its award-winning, tentacled desktop hub - and this time it's USB-only.

My Damn Channel Adds Two Shows

Hollywood writers' strike got you down? Online alternative My Damn Channel is adding two new original shows. "Itty Bitty Liddy" and "Tim after Tim."

Nokia Handsets to Get Vodafone Services

Nokia and Vodafone have announced the Nokia handsets will get an integrated set of Nokia Ovi services with Vodafone Live.

Samsung Withdraws from Japanese CE Market

Samsung has announced it has stopped selling consumer electronics like flat panel televisions and MP3 players in Japan, citing low revenues.

Sprint Ditches Clearwire, Rethinking WiMAX

Sprint and Clearwire have broken off their agreement to work together on deploying a WiMax network, leaving Spring to re-examine its WiMax plans.

Sony CEO: High-Def Format War a ‘Stalemate’

Sony CEO Howard String has describe the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD as a "stalemate," citing Paramount's decision to back HD DVD as a significant shift.

M-Audio Releases Studiophile Q40 Headphones

Larger drivers enable M-Audio's latest headphones to achieve better low-frequency response, allegedly putting sound quality on par with studio monitor systems.

EA Donates Copies of SimCity for Every OLPC

Fun it may be, but EA hopes its classic SimCity title can also help foster creativity and problem-solving in children.

Revolution Vs. Paypal

A new service is taking on Paypal at its own game – and charging less.

Take-Two Offers Hot Coffee Settlement

After landing in hot water over Hot Coffee, Take-Two wants to offer offended consumers $35 or modified discs to avoid costly litigation.

Alicia Keyes’ MySpace Hacked

A page hack against Alicia Keyes is indicative of increased attacks on MySpace pages.

iPhone Mania Hits Britain

As the iPhone goes on sale today, queues form – and fakes hit the market.

Logitech Buys WiLife

Accessory and peripheral maker Logitech is getting into the home monitoring business buy acquiring WiLife for $24 million.

Trend Micro Offers Web Security for PS3s

Security and antivirus company Trend Micro has announced an online security product for the PlayStation 3...and it's free through April 2008.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Review

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin iPod speaker system demands respect, and your attention with it's awe-inspiring design.

  • Pros: Striking design; impressive audio; works with most iPods
  • Cons: Clumsy remote; expensive; cannot navigate iPod menu with...
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