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Researchers make an important breakthrough in lithium-ion electric car battery degradation

Though this doesn't quite alleviate all lithium-ion battery concerns, a battery that will still be able to take a charge in 20 years would be an excellent step forward for EVs.

Best gaming peripherals of 2012

As the year comes to an end, we look at our choices for the best gaming peripherals of 2013.

Wunderlist 2: Faster, simpler, and just in time for holiday shopping frenzy

Berlin-based 6wunderkinder finally released the latest edition of its task management app: Wunderlist 2. This time around, the ultra-simplified app makes task management faster than ever.

Iranian computers under attack by ‘Batchwiper’ malware

Iranian computers are apparently targeted by malware that hides on machines until specific dates before it activates and wipes entire hard drive partitions in one fell swoop.

Instagram can sell your photos, secretly put you in ads [Updated – Instagram says it won’t do either]

Changes to Instagram's terms of service and privacy policy mean that the photo-sharing giant can use your photos in advertisements, and you won't get a dime – or even know it's happening.

Dish Network finally has a green light to offer 4G, so when do we get our satellite phones?

Dish Network has recently gotten its 4G network blessing from the FCC, but just what is it planning for the future?

MyMusic, Halo 4 top nominations for the 2013 Streamy Awards

A spin-off from Halo 4 and a YouTube series about the music industry are amongst the web-only shows celebrated in the nominations for the 3rd Streamy Awards.

Carbon Motors backs out of building police cruisers, decides to build vans instead *Updated*

The police van is pack with all sorts of crime-fighting technology. And if that doesn't work, it can always intimidate criminals into surrendering.
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Nielsen will use Twitter to gauge TV programming popularity

Twitter will be the first social network to be used by Nielsen to gauge the popularity of TV shows and will compliment Nielsen's existing TV ratings system.

New iOS app does more than suggest restaurants, it tells you what to order

A new app uses online reviews and photos from Instagram to generate suggestions for individual orders at restaurants.

Dell executive warns Microsoft to change Surface for Windows RT branding

A Dell executive has suggested that Microsoft rename its Windows RT OS for the Surface tablet since it is not compatible with standard Windows apps.