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Artists make money on Pandora – but the RIAA is still holding their profit potential back

Drake and Whiz Khalifa will earn $3 million from Pandora this year, but Pandora's CEO argues that artists can make more money if the RIAA loosens up its reins on the cost of licensing music.

How Apple’s Foxconn problem is like Nike’s sweatshop problem, and why the outcome is the same

Reminiscent of 1990s Nike, Apple now faces intense criticism for the working conditions of its manufacturing partners. Will customers force a change?

THQ shuts down its Asia-Pacific publishing business

THQ shuts down another subsidiary as the video game publisher desperately tries to lower costs in the wake of a new NASDAQ delisting.
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TweetDeck cleans up its act with design overhaul

TweetDeck has received a major redesign, with font size choices, and a new all-white look. All its missing is a single-column view.

OnLive sold for just $4.8 mil

New details about OnLive's spectacular implosion show that the company was sold for a paltry sum after declaring insolvency in August.

David Fincher produced the Halo 4 launch trailer

Microsoft has brought in some big-name Hollywood talent to create the launch trailer for Halo 4, namely David Fincher and Tim Miller.

How iOS 6 is elbowing in Google and Facebook’s turf

While iOS 6 has inspired plenty of user backlash, Apple's ability to undermine and intrude on the smartphone industry should look like a threat to Google and Facebook, both of which need to make their stamp on the mobile market.

iPhone 5’s purple lens haze problem more common than we think (Update)

Apple has responded to the fallout over the iPhone 5's purple lens flare effect, saying it's due to position and the device's smaller camera.

A starter guide to the world of Dishonored: Navigating the mean streets of Dunwall

A guide to help you get the hang of how to navigate Dunwall's sandbox in Arkane Studios' Dishonored.

PlayStation 4 game development stretching Sony studios thin

PlayStation UK's Fergal Gara says that Sony's studios are having trouble balancing support of PS3, PS Vita, and the upcoming Playstation 4.

Toyota recalls 7.4 million vehicles over window switch fire issue

Toyota's worldwide recall of 7.4 million vehicles over faulty power window switches is the largest single automotive recall since 1996.
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Stealth mode video app Vine acquired by Twitter for its rumored in-house video hosting service

Twitter has reportedly acquired Vine to develop a video sharing service in-house. It's the latest development in reports that Twitter will stop supporting third-party video sharing services.