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Apple who? Samsung cranks its hype machine to 11 for the Galaxy S4

Samsung has been accused of "borrowing" more than a few ideas from Apple, but by taking Apple's special event strategy and giving it some of that unsubtle Samsung magic, it could be on its way to becoming this year's biggest name in…

Google Now for iOS? Promo video appears online but is quickly pulled

If a promotional ad that appeared briefly on YouTube Tuesday is genuine, then Google is prepping the release of its Google Now tool for iOS. The video looks like the real thing, it even sounds like the real thing. But is it?

Microsoft grappling with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive disruption lasting 7+ hours

A major service disruption affecting a number of Microsoft's web-based offerings which started Tuesday night ET is continuing to cause problems. Hotmail and Outlook users have been having trouble accessing their emails, while an issue…

Counterfeiter nabbed while trying to return printer with fake money inside

Channeling a ridiculous amount of criminal stupidity, a Wisconsin man must not have been too impressed with the print quality of his counterfeit $100 bills and decided to take it up with Walmart.
Home Theater

Netflix publishes ISP speed index to let consumers compare providers

Ideal for consumers that have multiple choices for Internet connectivity in their area, Netflix is offering up detailed information on the average speed of each ISP when it comes to streaming video.
Product Review

General Electric X600 Review

General Electric X600 Review.

Gas guzzler no more?: Lincoln Navigator to trade V8 for EcoBoost V6

The Lincoln Navigator will ditch its big V8 in an upcoming redesign, which could make this gargantuan SUV more fuel-efficient.

Word on the street is Kid Cudi, Sleigh Bells, Diplo to head up Myspace’s secret SXSW concerts

All the big names in Internet and music are here at SXSW – except Myspace. At least, so far. Word on the street is Myspace plans to quietly invade SXSW this year with secret concerts, and we've got inside information on who and when.

Dropbox drops a new look onto its desktop application

Love Dropbox but wish it was less clunky? How about giving you better notifications of what files have been shared and what's been recently updated? Your wish has been granted. Dropbox is adding new features to its desktop application for…

Spyker announces plans for performance crossover to help reinvigorate luxury brand

The yet-unnamed Spyker crossover will likely feature some of the same DNA as the B6 Venator unveiled in Geneva, which takes many of its design cues from the iconic Spyker 60HP racer.

ExxonMobil: Diesel to surpass gasoline as world’s top fuel by 2020

ExxonMobil sees diesel hybrids taking the lion share of new car sales. Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, ExxonMobile wagers, will remain a small portion of the new car market due to range and cost concerns.
Social Media

Hands on: SocialMe discovers hidden gems in your Facebook profile

We go hands on with Social Me, a web app that will tell you a ton about yourself by analyzing your Facebook status updates, friends, and comments. What kind of person are you, really? Find out.