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Computex’s overly complex convertibles show that PC makers still don’t get it

Multiple new convertibles got unveiled during Computex 2014, but they're a far cry from what most consumers need from a PC.

I’m going to buy the iPhone 6, I hate myself for it, and it’s all Apple’s fault

Andy deals with the crushing realization that no matter how lame Apple acts, he's going to buy an iPhone 6 anyway. He just can't stop himself.

Watch the iconic Terminator 2 truck chase recreated in GTA V

GTA — is there anything that it can't be used for? A dedicated team of gamers have recreated the truck chase sequence from 'Terminator 2' inside Rockstar's online world, and the results are impressive.

Apple acquires recommendation service Spotsetter in bid to boost Maps

Apple has reportedly acquired recommendation service Spotsetter in a move apparently geared toward improving its Maps software. The Cupertino company is expected to roll out a much-improved Maps with the launch of iOS 8 in the fall.

Nvidia’s Volta GPU: nearly three times the bandwidth, and a new name too

A couple of years from now we should be seeing Nvidia's newest GPU tech hitting the market. What will it look like when it gets here?
Product Review

Schlage Camelot Electronic Door Lever Review

Schlage Camelot Electronic Door Lever review.

Google pays tribute to D-Day with photos of the invasion, images of official documents

Google's homepage is paying homage to D-Day by giving you a look at images of the Normandy invasion, as well as a look at some crucial documents surrounding the operation.
Game Review

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review.

This robotic guitar hand can help you master those complicated chords

RoboTar, an educational robotic guitar hand premiered at last month's Bay Area Maker Faire, is a plastic box that attaches to the neck of your instrument and essentially automates the fretwork half of the guitar-playing motions. Players…
Movies & TV

Ghostbusters goes back to theaters for its 30th anniversary and gets a new Blu-ray set

The 1984 comedy returns to theaters August 29 and gets a 30th anniversary Ghostbusters I and II Blu-ray set with both films restored and remastered in 4K.

EA Sports releases PC specs for FIFA 15

EA Sports has announced that the PC version of FIFA 15 will run on the same engine that powers all EA Sports titles on PS4 and Xbox One and released the PC system requirements.

PlayStation Network now supports PayPal as a payment option

Sony lets you take one more step away from our broken banking system by filling up your PlayStation Network Wallet with cash via PayPal.