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This woman’s invention is more important than the iPhone

Hermione Way, sorta star of Bravo’s ‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’, has released Vibease, and our culture will never be the same. This is an iPhone moment, people.

Surface Pro discount: Microsoft reduces tablet by $100 in August-only promotion

In a bid to boost sales and possibly to clear inventory before the launch of a refreshed device, Microsoft is offering a $100 discount on its Surface Pro tablet throughout this month – but will that be enough to persuade those in the hunt…

The Old Reader saved by mystery backer, improvements promised

Last week it seemed The Old Reader was on its last legs, its developers having become overwhelmed by the sudden influx of new users following the recent closure of Google Reader. A blog post over the weekend, however, suggests it may yet be…
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Brewpub shames tab-skipping thief on Facebook, leads to arrest

Leveraging the power of the local community to bring a thief to justice, a Nevada pub used Facebook shaming to bring attention to a man that likes to skip out on his tabs at restaurants all over town.
Product Review

Innoio Innocube Portable Projector Review

Innoio Innocube Portable Projector review.

Jetsetter: Capcom brings back Breath of Fire … sort of

This week in Jetsetter, Capcom brings back one of its most beloved series after ten years as an online mobile game with simple touch controls. Fans react accordingly. Meanwhile, Nintendo's Wii U drowns abroad while the PS4 and Xbox One get…

‘Sleeper’ cars: Stealthy performance cars no one will see coming

Sleeper performance cars trade sexy styling for subtlety and the element of surprise. From the Cadillac CTS-V wagon to the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4Matic, here are the ones that do it best.

Has DefCon gone soft, or are the real hackers in hiding? I have a theory …

This year's DefCon hacking convention is not what it seems. Children run the halls, first-time attendees fill the chairs, new speakers give the talks, and not a single person has been arrested. Mr. Worst Case Scenario believes he has…

StandScan ($20) vs. ScanDock ($400): Which smartphone scanner is worth your cash?

Want to use your smartphone to scan stuff? There are a handful of simple, inexpensive scanner stands around to help facilitate that. There's a fancy, expensive model, too. Does higher cost net higher quality? We test two phone scanners to…

Best apps of the week: Splyce, Boinc, Google Play Games, and more

Need some new apps to occupy your phone? We have you covered with the best apps and updates of the week. Open up your app marketplace of choice and start downloading great apps like Splyce, Boinc, Guess Where, Dropchord, and many more.

5 pet-connected gadgets that keep tabs better than a leash

Technology for pets is a booming industry. See how you can track, watch, monitor, and interact with your dog or cat when you tech them out with these products.
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WTF, Internet? The cost of a viral Vine is too high

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of the viral Vine meme, SmackCam - in which you hit someone in the face. Technology just keeps on innovating, amirite? This, and other, Vine memes just prove why I had to leave the…