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Valve joins forces with the Linux Foundation

Steam gatekeeper Valve is officially a member of the Linux Foundation, a non-profit group devoted to spreading awareness of the open source operating system and pushing for its growth in all sectors.
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Love and selfie loathing: How The Selfie eased my social media snark

Turns out a remote shutter can cure some selfie hate. One weekend with The Selfie and I already have more pictures with some of my friends and family than I've taken in the last few months.
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A little advice, Bieber? Don’t post selfies elsewhere when your app is bombing

Got a struggling start-up? Why not hire a celebrity to gain critical fan buzz, then watch as he uses established rival apps to promote his personal brand!

Eco3spray kills germs using nothing but tech-treated water

This high-tech sanitizer uses a clever bit of chemistry to transform water into ozone, a naturally-occurring compound with powerful disinfectant abilities. Hit the jump to see how it works.

BitTorrent Sync userbase doubles to 2 million in one month

BitTorrent’s super-secure file-sharing app, BitTorrent Sync, has had a dang good month. The company announced today that the app’s userbase has jumped from 1 million to nearly 2 million users over the past four weeks.

How to set a photo as your Windows desktop background

Wish you could sneak a peek at your pet or loved one every time you minimize Word or your web browser? Read on to learn how to set a photo up so it serves as your Windows desktop wallpaper.

Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV isn’t only the weirdest EV, now $6,130 less, it’s the cheapest, too

Mitsubishi has been facing rough times in the United States, to battle dropping sales it has dramatically cut prices and increased equipment on its EV. Whether or not this improves sales is anyone's guess, but it should at least make the…

Would you ride a motorcycle made from toys around the Isle of Man? James May is going to

While moonlighting on BBC's Toy Stories, Top Gear presenter James may is going to be riding a motorcycle made entirely from erector sets. It appears that the Top Gear folks can't get enough of wacky challenges on the show, so they have to…
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Hackers stole 2M Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords – here’s how to stay safe

Security researchers have uncovered a criminal botnet that has stolen over 2 million passwords from sites like Facebook and Google.