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Rdio launches free mobile music streaming through revamped Stations feature

Rdio has announced the launch of an ad-free music streaming service, available to all listeners. Based on its Stations feature, it's available today through Rdio's Android and iOS apps.

Kiwi skydiver builds website during jump (yes, it’s a marketing stunt)

If you were planning on becoming the first person ever to build and publish a website while skydiving from 8,000 feet, forget it. It's already been done.

Google acquires gesture-recognition startup Flutter

Google's been shopping again, this time acquiring the company behind gesture-recognition software Flutter. The Windows and OS X software uses a machine's webcam to allow control of programs like iTunes, Spotify, and VLC through a range of…

Amazon still working on two smartphones, one with a 3D interface, says new leak

More rumors have appeared concerning a pair of Amazon smartphones. One of the two models may have a 3D interface, controlled using four, corner-mounted camera lenses, while the other may be a cheaper, more basic device.
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Oakley’s new HUD goggle looks good for bombing tanks, is good for bombing mountains

Oakley's never been shy about experimenting with technology in their eyewear, and their new Airwave 1.5 goggle is no exception. These things will connect you to the Matrix from well above tree line.

iPads for students: LA school officials take back tablets following security breach

Plans to put an iPad into the hands of every student in America's second largest school district have hit a snag after officials discovered students had found a way around security software designed to block certain websites and apps.

Apple’s ambitious ‘spaceship’ campus plan edges toward construction

Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus plan took another step toward realization Wednesday after the Cupertino Planning Commission approved the proposals following a meeting with members of the local community. A council vote on the project is…
Health & Fitness

Report: Fitbit Force activity tracker offers digital watch, altimeter

Potentially a useful upgrade to consumers that utilize the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit Force is a new, unannounced fitness tracking wristband that brings over a couple upgrades from the Fitbit One design.

Gateway’s unassuming One ZX4270 serves up just the basics for $399

Need a screen with a mouse and keyboard? Gateway’s basic ZX4270 all-in-one won't win any design or performance awards, but it delivers all the essentials for a reasonable $399.
DT Daily

DT Daily: New device searches rubble, HTC’s patent problems, I think I’m reading Japanese now 2:52

For Thursday, DT Daily looks at a new device that can help find people in rubble, HTC gets tripped up on Nokia’s patents and Docomo’s device lets you “read” Japanese.
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Sol Republic Deck Review

Sol Republic Deck review.