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StandScan ($20) vs. ScanDock ($400): Which smartphone scanner is worth your cash?

Want to use your smartphone to scan stuff? There are a handful of simple, inexpensive scanner stands around to help facilitate that. There's a fancy, expensive model, too. Does higher cost net higher quality? We test two phone scanners to…

Best apps of the week: Splyce, Boinc, Google Play Games, and more

Need some new apps to occupy your phone? We have you covered with the best apps and updates of the week. Open up your app marketplace of choice and start downloading great apps like Splyce, Boinc, Guess Where, Dropchord, and many more.

5 pet-connected gadgets that keep tabs better than a leash

Technology for pets is a booming industry. See how you can track, watch, monitor, and interact with your dog or cat when you tech them out with these products.
Social Media

WTF, Internet? The cost of a viral Vine is too high

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of the viral Vine meme, SmackCam - in which you hit someone in the face. Technology just keeps on innovating, amirite? This, and other, Vine memes just prove why I had to leave the…
Social Media

#ThrowbackThursday is only the start: Instagram hashtags for every day of the week

Not getting your hashtag fill with #ThrowbackThursday? Here are a couple of hashtag games you can join on Instagram for every given day. Seriously, #tbt was only the start of the weekly fun.

‘Europa Report’ director explains how he put the science back in science fiction

"It was like I was Mission Control," says Sebastian Cordero of filming 'Europa Report'. The movie explores the realities of space travel, bringing some much-needed SCIENCE back to the science fiction genre.
Car Review

2013 Cadillac XTS Review

2013 Cadillac XTS review.

Google launches City Expert program to compete with Yelp

Looking for a way to attract higher quality reviews to the Google+ Local and Google Maps platforms, Google is searching for city experts to create authoritative reviews for businesses in major cities.
Product Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 review.

Why your smartphone won’t be your next PC

Smartphones are becoming so powerful that some theorize they could replace PCs. That's unlikely, not just because phones are too slow, but also because they can't do anything better than a laptop or tablet.

Defcon 21: Driverless cars? More like ‘four-wheeled Terminators’

Everyone likes to say that driverless cars are the future. That they'll be safer because they remove the possibility of human error. Too bad these contraptions will have human error baked right into their soulless hearts.

Can your car be hacked? From brakes to GPS, a look at what’s vulnerable

Car hacking sounds threatening, but even with their plethora of onboard computers, most modern cars appear relatively safe.