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Kia’s 4-door GT concept more likely to hit production than the 2-door Stinger coupe

A representative for the American branch of Kia has given insight as to which past concept cars would likely see production. He states that the four-door GT concept has more chance of joining the Kia lineup than the GT4 Stinger coupe…
Product Review

Origin Chronos (2015) Review

Origin's unassuming Chronos doesn't scream performance, but it still screams.

Can’t Kill Progress, Square Enix’s interactive Twitch teaser, is underway

Publisher Square Enix has teased on Twitter that "Project CKP", a new game developed by one of its western studios will be revealed on Twitch with a three day interactive experience, starting today.

Star Trek enthusiast docks Wi-Fi router into model of the original Enterprise

A clever Star Trek enthusiast has figured out how to stuff Wi-Fi hardware into a model of the original Enterprise, leading to a unique and surprisingly functional router.
Android Army

Google’s new cellphone service may include free international roaming

Google's cellphone service may include free international roaming as a subscriber benefit. Indications of Google's plans are surfacing at a time when European regulators are seeking to cut or eliminate roaming fees.

Swedish speed: Koenigsegg’s CCX takes on its successor, the Agera, in a drag race

A video from a private event shows two generations of Koenigsegg vehicles going head-to-head in a drag race. Both cars are 800+ horsepower rear-wheel drive supercars that are renowned for their high-speed capabilities.

Can’t find your ex? Just divorce him over Facebook, a NYC judge rules

Ellanora Baidoo, a 26-year old nurse living in Brooklyn, was given approval to start dissolving her marriage through social networking because her absentee husband refused to receive divorce documents in person.

ZTE’s Blade S6 Plus is cheap at just $300, but it’s got great mid-range specs and a swanky design

ZTE made a phablet-sized Blade S6 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen and mid-range specs to sell around the world on eBay. The Chinese smartphone maker packed most of the same specs into the device as were seen on the original Blade S6.
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Game of Thrones creator eyes HBO for new series about a sci-fi novelist

George R.R. Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones series, is reportedly developing a new series for HBO based on a sci-fi author at the dawn of TV.

Oh, boil. Appkettle brings your water to the perfect temp, right on time

New appkettle is an app-controlled tea kettle that enables users to brew their hot drinks from their smart device. You can control volume, temperature, and brew time for a variety of drinks.

Mercedes-Benz to get help from Nissan on its pickup truck? – UPDATE

Mercedes-Benz is involved in a partnership, with Nissan, but that doesn't mean it will turn to the Japanese carmaker for help with its upcoming truck. Still, Nissan would be happy to work with Mercedes, its CEO says.
Movies & TV

John Oliver and Edward Snowden explain how the NSA collects pics of our junk

John Oliver interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden about the most important issue of our day: Whether or not the federal government can see out naughty nude photos, and what the feds do with all those pictures.