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Google Glass can now add closed captions to real life

Just like the movies, but instant and in real-life: A new app from Georgia Tech staff provides subtitles for whatever is being said to you, and that could make a big difference for the hard of hearing.
Movies & TV

Super Troopers sequel confirmed, filming planned for early 2015

Broken Lizard comic Steve Lemme confirms the comedy troupe's plans to develop and film a sequel to the 2001 police comedy, Super Troopers.
Movies & TV

American Sniper trailer takes a breath and holds it

Get a peek at Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, "the most lethal sniper in U.S. history," in this trailer for director Clint Eastwood's upcoming American Sniper.

Kia’s electrified Soul is a low-key EV and a lot of fun, if you can find one

The EV marketplace remains in its infancy. Whether or not Kia becomes a key player as it inevitably matures is yet unknown. In terms of a first effort, though, the 2015 Kia Soul EV shows solid promise.

Google deleted thousands of images after celebrity hacking scandal

Can Google be blamed for the spread of nude celebrity photos across the Web in the wake of the recent hacking scandal? The search giant says it took prompt action to remove the material.
Home Theater

Check out our hands-on video of the Yamaha YSP-2500 Sound Projector

Check out our hands-on video with Yamaha's latest sound projector, the feature-packed YSP-2500, which bounces sound off your walls to create an immersive virtual surround sound effect, and looks pretty good doing it, too.

Blinds seem downright medieval when you can dim your windows with an app

View Dynamic Glass makes windows coated with a special film that can literally dim on command, both saving energy and keeping you cool and comfortable.

Deep-pocketed riders can stoke their Ego with two new ebikes from Energica

Got some spare cash laying around after selling a few million copies of your latest app or cleverly-named dot-com business? Well then, newly formed Italian electric motorcycle maker Energica has the bike - actually two bikes - for you…
Product Review

Polaroid Cube Review

Polaroid Cube review.

We take a closer look at the Windows 10 Technical Preview’s new design

Windows 10 refocuses on the desktop experience, but evolves the design of Windows 8 instead of abandoning it outright. We take a closer look at how the Technical Preview differs from previous versions of the operating system.
Cool Tech

Anura is a pocket-sized flying camera drone you can take with you wherever you go

If you’ve ever wanted to fit a flying camera-equipped drone into your pocket so you can take it with you for the day, we won’t ask why – just know that Anura is a name you’ll want to remember.