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‘Armchair’ nanotubes may be key to a more efficient power grid

Researchers at Rice University are creating nanotubes with extremely efficient conductive properties that could be key in cutting down electricity loss in transmission lines.

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Google+: Nearly 9 of 10 users are male [UPDATE]

Google+ now has more than 10 million users. And almost 9 million of them are dudes, according to

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Verizon LTE phones might be incompatible with AT&T’s network

Verizon and AT&T's 4G LTE networks may be on close frequencies, but they likely won't be compatible, according to statements from Verizon spokespeople. This makes roaming and unlocking phones a less exciting proposition.


Great deals: $50 off any tablet or computer at Staples

Staples has posted a $50 off coupon that's usable to purchase any tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer at a physical Staples store. The problem: it's only valid through Saturday.

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Microsoft ‘accidentally’ leaks secret new social project

Microsoft accidentally published a splash page for what looks suspiciously like a new social endeavor from the company.

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Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 30 Review

The Boston Acoustics Tvee Model 30 soundbar and subwoofer combo pumps out quality audio from an unobtrusive package perfect for flat-screen TVs.

  • Pros: Extremely easy to install and use , Big sound with dialogue…
  • Cons: No DTS decoding , Front grille is not well secured

Google News badges introduced for news junkies

Google has introduced a new feature called Google News badges to enable news junkies to get even more out of their news reading experience.


Man builds turbine-powered Batmobile with iPad in dashboard

Have you ever fantasized about riding around in style like the Dark Knight? One Batman fanatic designed the ultimate, authentic superhero-inspired ride.


New trailer for Garth Ennis’ zombie film Stitched

Garth Ennis setting foot into films next week at Sand Diego's Comic-Con with a new zombie/mummy short called Stitched. Check out the trailer.

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Passwords are made obsolete with Mozilla’s BrowserID

Tired of creating complicated passwords? Having trouble remembering passwords for different sites? Mozilla is attempting to eliminate the password and add more privacy with one click.


Stunning maps visualize Twitter and Flickr use

A map enthusiast has created a series of stunning images that visualize Twitter and Flickr use around the world.


Microsoft introduces two new Hotmail security features

Banning common passwords and implementing a new alert system, Microsoft's new Hotmail security features are making hacking harder


NPD: Video game sales continue to fall in June

When's the last time you picked up a new video game? Video game industry sales fell again in June continuing a downward trend.


Pentagon: 24,000 military files stolen in cyberattack

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that a cyberattack which took place in March resulted in 24,000 military files being stolen.


How Google is wreaking havoc on our memory skills

A new study suggests that search engines have eroded our memory: We can't remember data, but we know where to find it.