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Was Vermeer a painting genius, or did he use tech to ‘cheat?’

Inventor Tim Jenison spent years trying to solve the mystery of whether Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer may have used a lens-mirror device to achieve his photorealistic paintings. Jenison is the subject of an upcoming documentary film.

Russell Brand to Pirate Bay users: download my DVD, please!

People downloading movies and other content from Pirate Bay and other torrent sites is far from new. An actor or celebrity encouraging the practice publicly? That's most definitely new.

Crytek nabs ‘God of War: Ascension’ director

God of War: Ascension director Todd Papy leaves Sony Santa Monica Studios to join Crytek's Frankfurt studio as the lead on an as-yet-unannounced game.

Samsung announces gold Galaxy Note 3, and surprisingly, it’s not hideous

Samsung has added three new colors to the Galaxy Note 3 range, including two gold models, but in a shocking turn of events, they're not ridiculously over the top.

‘GTA Online’ DLC details slip out, including a video look at the Content Creator

A little bit of data mining on the newly released Beach Bum pack for Grand Theft Auto Online reveals possible details about Rockstar Games' plans for DLC, including an early look at the game's Content Creator.

French court forces search giants, ISPs to block video streaming sites

France: a land known for its illustrious history, fine wines, Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in the World Cup final and, most recently, a new ruling that aims to restrict access to illegal video streaming sites.

Samsung re-enters the megapixel race, will push 16-megapixel phones in 2014

Samsung is restarting the megapixel race, as a new report indicates it's planning to fit 16-megapixel cameras to one in four of its 2014 range of smartphones, and then supersede them with 20-megapixel cameras in 2015.

Christmas season has started, and here’s the first Santa tracking site for your kids

NORAD has launched a revamped website for its Santa-tracking activities on Christmas Eve, though there's plenty on the site to keep the little ones entertained between now and the big day.
Cool Tech

Delivery by drone: Amazon plans to deliver goods in 30 minutes using octocopters

Amazon customers may one day have their packages delivered by drones within 30 minutes of ordering an item. Boss Jeff Bezos pulled the wraps off the Prime Air octocopter this week, saying the new delivery option could be in place in 4 to 5…

Apple balks at $138,000 bill from court-appointed ebook watchdog, files complaint

Apple has filed a complaint with the court after receiving a bill of nearly $140,000, following just two weeks work, from the watchdog in charge of monitoring its antitrust policies.

What’s on your phone, Terry Crews? (Hint: It involves his pecs)

Also known as “The Old Spice Guy” and “The Guy Who Went Toe-To-Toe With Steve Austin In ’The Expendables’,’ Crews stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fox and has a totally ridiculous app you have to see to believe.

Amazon bashes iPad Air in new ad for Kindle Fire HDX

Although the iPad's share of the tablet market has diminished over time, it still sells in such huge numbers that rival tablet manufacturers feel compelled to knock it in ads for their own slates. Amazon rolled out such an ad over the…