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The White House is giving a face lift – and it all looks awfully familiar

Teasing the White House's redesigned public database, catches up with the latest design trends and comes off as developer-friendly. And you might recognize a few of the design elements...

AT&T Next vs. T-Mobile Jump vs. Verizon Edge: Which is the biggest ripoff?

Want to upgrade your phone more often than every two years? With AT&T Next , Verizon Edge, or T-Mobile Jump, you can do exactly that. But how much will it cost and which is the best (or worst) deal? We dig into the math to find out.
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Sports has a new silver bullet and it’s no beer (but it will keep you from smelling like one)

With all do respect to concussions, there's another medical crisis that's been facing sports for generations: They absolutely reek. But the solution has been hiding in the elemental table all along.
Game Review

Metro: Last Light – Faction Pack Review

Metro: Last Light – Faction Pack review.

Google’s Larry Page ‘very excited’ about Moto X as leaked memo suggests Aug. 26 launch

An internal memo reportedly from US Cellular suggests the much-anticipated Moto X device from Google-owned Motorola will launch with the carrier on August 26. Google boss Larry Page, meanwhile, said Thursday he's "very excited" about the…
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Grit-blasting robots to clean Sydney’s iconic bridge in massive repaint project

A huge maintenance project for Sydney Harbour Project was deemed so dangerous that the team behind the work, together with researchers at Sydney’s University of Technology, have come up with a robot-based solution to deal with some of the…

Apple rolls out MacBook Air software update to resolve Wi-Fi glitch and other issues

If you bought the latest iteration of the MacBook Air that launched last month and have been experiencing dropped Wi-Fi connections, a flickering screen or fluctuating audio levels, then help is at hand with a software update rolled out…
Cool Tech

Quadcopter with GoPro camera captures stunning views of Niagara Falls

Looking to capture some spectacular footage for a video competition, YouTube user Questpact had the idea to take his DJI Phantom quadcopter and GoPro camera to Niagara Falls. The result, we're sure you'll agree, is nothing short of…
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Netflix Instant’s House of Cards racks up nine Emmy nominations

Definitely offering an indication that Netflix is heading in the right direction with original programming, Netflix's House of Cards political drama picked up several major Emmy nominations.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Google Glass hacks itself, Flexible gold, Verizon Edge 2:50

Google Glass reads QR codes and hacks itself, a flexible electronic breakthrough, and Verizon jumps on the phone-swap plan bandwagon. Related Links: Google Glass hack Flexible gold nano tubes Verizon Edge
Product Review

KEF X300A Review

KEF X300A review.

A free (and legal) version of Photoshop? Here’s how to get it

Want some of the perks of Adobe Photoshop without having to pay the hefty price tag? Here's our guide on how to get Photoshop CS2 completely free of charge — no strings attached.