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Netflix hikes prices, announces DVD-only plan

Netflix has announced that it will no longer offer a plan that includes both DVD rental and unlimited streaming.

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Fallout: New Vegas sings the blues in this new trailer

Bethesda has released a trailer for the third expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, titled “Old World Blues.”


Pandora ditches Flash for new site design

With a whole new look and improved function, Pandora is ready to release its new site on users starting this week.


AMD claims Radeon HD 6990M offers world’s fastest notebook graphics

AMD says its new Radeon HD 6990M GPU is the world's fastest mobile graphics processors...and that's a direct snub at Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M.


Instant color-changing lenses are here, are you ready to get fashionable?

A UConn scientist has invented a film that changes color with electrical current. The military and fashion industry are stoked.

Cool Tech

BioShock for PS Vita is ‘a new game’ and ‘weird experiment,’ according to Ken Levine

Irrational Games' Ken Levine confirms that the PS Vita BioShock game will be an entirely new game built for the platform from the ground up.


Survey: Europeans crave live TV in more than just the living room

More Europeans want streaming live TV on their computers and mobile devices.

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Google Offers beta spreads its daily deals to New York, San Fancisco

Google continues its quest to take on daily deals giant Groupon by launching Google Offers in New York City and San Francisco


Cisco preparing for massive layoffs?

Networking giant Cisco is expected to cut thousands of jobs as the company tries to slash its operating expenses by more than $1 billion.


Panasonic’s ‘Life Innovation Container’ delivers solar power in a box

Panasonic's Life Innovation Container offers easily-transported solar power production, making it useful for disaster relief and off-grid locations.

Cool Tech

Forza Motorsport 4 E3 trailer can finally be viewed online

Microsoft has finally made the E3 trailer for Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 4 available online, which means lots of car porn and Kanye West.


AT&T announces first LTE devices

AT&T's first 4G LTE devices are a USB modem for notebook computers and a mobile hotspot.


Burnout Crash fall release re-confirmed by EA after erroneous UK posting

Electronic Arts clarifies a report on its UK website that offers conflicting information about the coming release of Burnout Crash; the game is still set to arrive this fall, as originally stated.


Move Facebook photos to Google+ with this application

Your friends list is still off limits, but your photos aren't with this new Chrome extension that will port Facebook images over to Google+.


EU court finds eBay must do more to protect trademarks

The European Court of Justice has ruled online marketplaces like eBay could be liable if they don't do more to protect trademark abuse on their site