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The 1950s future is now! This robot can refuel your car while you stay behind the wheel

The Husky Fuelmatics “Automatic Refueling System” is a boxy robot that can automatically refuel your vehicle. Looking like something dreamt up in the 1950s, the ARS answers a question no one was asking.

Windows 8.1 marketshare set to surge past … Windows Vista

Despite the fact that Windows Vista was not welcomed with open arms by many, it's still actually a smidge more popular than Windows 8.1. However, that could change very soon. Read on to learn more.

This ‘Project Gutenberg’ is for booze, not books

Pernod Ricard, the owner of Absolut vodka, Jameson Whiskey, and other notable liquor brands, has just unveiled a smart, app-controlled cocktail mixer called Project Gutenberg

iOS in your dashboard? This video might reveal Apple’s answer to in-car Android

Many new cars already allow drivers to use Siri behind the wheel, but the inclusion of iOS navigation and controls may be closer to reality than you think. One developer claims to have the inside scoop.
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To Sochi! Dogecoin community funds $7,000 Olympic ‘miracle’ for Indian athletes

A week after raising more than $30,000 to help fund the Jamaican bobsled team’s trip to Sochi, the Dogecoin community has stepped up with nearly $7,000 in donations of the meme-themed virtual currency to help send three athletes from…

Michael Schumacher being lifted out of artificial coma, likely never to be the same

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is being lifted out of artificial coma. However, doctors warn that the 45-year-old racing legend may never be the same as he was before the accident last December.

Dutch Pirate Bay court decision could impact proxy site

Though a ruling by a Dutch court this week lifted the ban on Pirate Bay within the Netherlands for two ISPs, what impact, if any, could this have on a Pirate Bay proxy that is still subjected to a court-ordered shutdown?

First Drive: 2014 BMW 435i Convertible

BMW’s 4 Series Convertible is lighter weight and more aerodynamic than the 3 Series Convertible it replaces. Despite having been put on a diet, it’s no less sporty or refined than its predecessor. In fact, it’s so good, it might make…

Slimmed down PlayStation Vita comes to the UK in February

Sony confirms plans to release the slimmed-down version of the PlayStation Vita in the UK on February 7. There remains no word on when the second-gen Vita will be coming to the U.S. or other markets in Europe.

Nintendo outlines a foggy future that includes new hardware, pimping out Mario

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata, along with Shigeru Miyamoto and other top executives at the company, faced investors in Tokyo yesterday to map out a recovery plan following the company dismal performance in 2013.

AMD Catalyst 14.1 drivers coming soon, Mantle update live now

Though AMD has yet to release its newest batch of Catalyst drivers for its graphics cards, it has already made its newest Mantle update available for download as of this morning. Read on to learn more.
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Beats by Dre hands out $25,000 headphones to all Super Bowl players

Beats headphones gave out a $25,000 pair of headphones to each player from both Superbowl teams this week. Each pair is clad in gold and diamonds, and sports a logo commemorating the big game in NYC. And, no surprise, Richard Sherman got…