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Microsoft releases its latest Computing Safety Index report

Microsoft just took the wraps off its latest Computing Safety Index report, which contains a bunch of data about online-based risks and the costs to those who are afflicted. Read on to learn more.

Office 365 security now beefed up by two-factor authentication

If you use Office 365, the web-based office suite from Microsoft, then you're about to enjoy the benefit of an added layer of security. Read on to learn more here.
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Kids want an iPod dock? Make ’em build it themselves with the Berlin Boombox

German designer, illustrator and DJ Axel Pfaender's creation offers a fun-filled project to dive into, but it may not be the audiophile's ideal intersection of aesthetics and sound quality. Considering its reasonable price and open-ended…

Dead Rising 3 DLC continues with the release of ‘Fallen Angel’

Capcom and Microsoft do a stealth release of the second Dead Rising 3 DLC pack. In Fallen Angels, players guide Angel Quijona and her band of survivors through the zombie-infested streets of Los Perdidos.
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There’s a Walkman in my water! Sony shows off its W Walkman’s waterproof skills

Sony has a new strategy to let people know just how waterproof its W Walkman headphone/MP3 players are. Instead of slapping a waterproof logo on the side of a traditional box, the company is selling the devices dunked in a bottle of water…

Mobilligy lets you pay all your bills in one place, and on time

We've all missed a bill before, and it's a terrible feeling to have. Mobilligy makes sure it never happens again. The free app helps you stay on top of upcoming bills by providing regular reminders and allowing you to pay from in app.
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10 Valentine’s Day tech gifts to warm hearts with cold silicon

Skip the chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day, and go for one of these thoughtful tech gifts, from QR necklaces and USB mix tapes to smartwatches.

Borderlands 2 arrives in spring 2014 alongside the US PlayStation Vita slim release

The PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 is confirmed for a spring 2014 release with six DLC packs in tow. The slimmed down second-gen Vita will release in the US alongside the game, and both will be available in a bundle.

Wireless charging takes a step forward, as two of its opposing groups join forces

Two of the three major wireless charging groups, the A4WP and PMA, have joined forces, leaving the third standard, run by the WPC, on its own.

Xbox One stereo headset adapter opens up voice chat options in early March

Microsoft is set to expand the array of voice chat options on Xbox One with the early March release of an official stereo headset and headset adapter.

Apple delays Mac Pro shipping date again, this time to April

Come on, Cupertino! First, the Mac Pro's shipping date was shoved from December to February. After that, it got pushed back to March. Now, the Mac Pro has been delayed again: this time to April. Read on to learn more.