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Printing large digital photos the right way

Want to print your digital photos as large as you can? Follow these steps to ensure the highest quality.
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How to digitize your travel for a hassle-free vacation

Planning a vacation? Don't start without a look at some of these helpful websites and apps designed to help relieve the stresses of travel.

Gifts of Holidays Past: How Nintendo 64 brought my mom and I together

Most may see this plastic toy as a piece of their technology past, but the gaming system was the glue that kept my family together in light of immigration, assimilation, and cancer.

Instagram to swap your personal data with Facebook

As expected, Instagram and Facebook will begin sharing the data they collect about users with each other. Some changes have already been made to Instagram's privacy policy, but the real updates will take effect one month from today.

HTC abandons plans for big screen Windows Phone 8 device

HTC has reportedly abandoned plans to release a new Windows Phone 8 handset with a screen larger than the 4.3-inch 8X, because it wouldn't be able to compete with high resolution devices such as its own Android-based Droid DNA.

Ford gaining on Toyota’s huge lead in hybrid sales

The standard Toyota Prius is still by far the most popular hybrid in the US, but a surprisingly strong sales showing from the Ford C-MAX hybrid models suggests that the Prius might not be on top forever.

Amazon names its 10 best-selling books of 2012, and half were originally self-published digitals

Amazon has released its annual list of the ten best-selling books on the site, and a full half started life online as self-published works.

US consumers set new online shopping record this holiday season (and it’s not over yet)

Why waste time battling the crowds at the mall when you can enjoy a (hopefully) stress-free experience shopping online? Well, according to new data from research firm comScore, many American shoppers are doing just that this holiday season.

Nokia’s Lumia 505 and Lumia 510 blessed with Windows Phone 7.8 as standard

Nokia has announced the Lumia 505, a basic smartphone which will come with Windows Phone 7.8 as standard, while the recently announced Lumia 510 will gain the new software out of the box in some international markets too.

Ken Levine reflects on his role as storyteller and auteur on BioShock Infinite

We chat with Irrational Games' Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite and the underlying elements that tie the story together.

iPhone 5 breaks China sales record – two million sold in first weekend

Consumers in China appear to have gone for the iPhone 5 in a big way, with two million units snapped up in its first weekend of sales.

Windows Phone 7.8 reportedly arriving early for Nokia Lumia owners

Reports are coming in of Windows Phone 7.8 arriving on some Nokia Lumia phones, indicating Microsoft has managed to get its software update pushed through a little earlier than expected.