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Google reveals End-to-End, a Chrome add-on that will let you encrypt all your emails

With this upcoming Chrome browser add-on, Google claims that all of your emails will be secure, regardless of what service you use.

Spyker’s B6 Venator keeps the concept’s Steampunk styling

Spyker's future plans rest on the success of the B6 Venator, which it revealed in production form. When it launches in 2015, the Venator certainly won't be confused with any other supercar.

Microsoft teases renewed HTC partnership – HTC One W8 coming soon?

Microsoft hinted that a new HTC Windows Phone might be on the way soon. For the past few months, HTC has focused on releasing premium Android smartphones, but recently images of a Windows Phone called the HTC W8 leaked online.

Google shows off Android Wear on Moto 360 and LG G Watch

Google can't wait to show off Android Wear at Google I/O. Android Wear developers posted a sneak peek online of the new wearable OS on the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. The notifications look nice and simple.

Comcast marches to Google’s beat, will encrypt emails ‘within a matter of weeks’

After Google publicly revealed which sites encrypt emails, and the frequency at which they do so, Comcast decided that will be offering encryption over the next few weeks.
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Wachowski duo’s Jupiter Ascending pushed back to February 2015

The need for additional VFX work delays The Matrix directing duo Andy and Lana Wachowski's upcoming sci-fi adventure Jupiter Descending by seven months.

Yezz to honor Bill Gates with the Billy smartphone, running Windows Phone

Microsoft has shown a selection of new Windows Phone devices at the Computex tech trade show this week, and all are from two newcomers to the operating system, Yezz and Blu. Both have established themselves as low-cost Android phone…
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RoboCop is a terrible pitcher, and should stick to his day job

RoboCop throws out the first pitch for the Detroit Tigers as part of the city's RoboCop Day celebration, and it turns out that he's TERRIBLE.

How a smartphone saves lives: Using the Nokia Lumia 1020 to screen medical conditions

Scientists have successfully employed a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone for medical research. With their low cost and easy access, could smartphones become the new tools in science?
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Blumoo Review

Blumoo review.

Your next smartphone could have a holographic projector inside it

Startup Ostendo Technologies could be about to make all your Star Wars fantasies come true, thanks to a gadget called the Quantum Photonic Imager, which is capable of projecting 3D video images from your smartphone.
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DT Daily: Cell phone for the 1 Percent, first look at the BMW i8, Spotify’s summer music sale 2:51

Today on DT Daily: A cell phone for the 1 Percent, we get up close to the BMW i8 and there’s a sale going on over at Spotify. So, think your spendy new smartphone is some top-of-the-line tech? Think again. Take a look at the new…