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Kindle Fire HDX dominates iPad Mini in this spec showdown

The Kindle Fire HDX was announced by Amazon today, and it looks like it could be a great tablet. How does it compare to other greats like the iPad Mini? We find out by pitting the two against one another with a spec showdown.
Home Theater

LG keeps the OLED under wraps, succeeds in distracting us with pretty 4K pictures

LG held an offsite event during the CEDIA Expo today to show off its full line of 4K Ultra HD televisions. We got our first look at the company's latest, most affordable models and offer our first impressions.

The BMW X5 PHEV plugs in, lays ground work for all-electric line up

The new BMW X5 PHEV is supposed to be just the first of many Bavarian plug-in hybrids. BMW plans on releasing a plug-in hybrid or electric version of every car in its range, all that stands in their way now is sorting out the batteries.
Social Media

Achieving viral: Here’s the secret sauce behind images that win the Internet

If you want a viral image on Google+, you better find a happy GIF, according to new research. Caveat: You must be using Google+.

The rise of the machines: Nissan’s driverless cars to be showroom ready by 2020

Nissan announced today that it has obtained permission to test a driverless car for the first time in Japan. This is a major step in the Japanese automaker’s nefarious plot to dominate the world with autonomous cars by 2020; and is the…

HTC sells back its stake in Beats Audio for $265 million

HTC has sold its remaining stake in Beats Audio back to the company, ending a partnership in effect since 2010, and allowing HTC to walk away with a cool $265 million.

EA Sports settles student athlete lawsuits, ends 20 years of college football games

Electronic Arts has announced that it will no longer release an annual college football game. The move comes immediately after reaching a settlement over all lawsuits with student athletes.

UK man gets his toy gun mistaken by startled passerby, armed siege ensued

An armed siege in Liverpool, United Kingdom was caused by a toy gun after a scared passerby witnessed one gamer wield the "weapon" from his window, pointing and waving it to the outside world.

Apple fixes iPhone lock screen security bug in iOS 7.0.2 update

Apple has sent out a new update for iOS 7, which fixes a security flaw where the lock screen could be bypassed without a code, allowing access to photos, emails, and social networking accounts stored on the phone.
Cool Tech

World’s first inflatable concert hall debuts in Japan’s disaster area

The world's first inflatable concert hall is set to debut this weekend in northeastern Japan, the region devastated by 2011’s quake and tsunami. The purple and red blow-up structure comprises a coated polyester material and can seat…

Samsung region-locks its Galaxy phones, makes international travel more inconvenient

If you're a frequent international traveller, and like nothing more than swapping SIM cards for one from a local carrier, then you may want to think twice about making a Samsung phone your next purchase.

Galaxy Gear hits Best Buy as Samsung exec says watch ‘lacks something special’

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch hits Best Buy for pre-order Friday, with the retail giant the only store to offer it in all six available colors – Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green.