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Next-generation handcuffs deliver electric shocks, drugs to detainees

Definitely an interesting, if not controversial, invention for the field of law enforcement, a new set of handcuffs delivers electric shocks like a taser.

Own every Super Nintendo game for only $25,000

Do you have 25 grand burning a hole in your pocket? Do you harbor endless affection for Nintendo's second home game console? If so, a new eBay auction should prove very intriguing for any would-be collectors among you.

The best game trailer of the VGAs

This weekend Spike TV held their 10th annual Video Game Awards. Along with the awards, the show has become a destination for trailers. Below are the best of the best.

New Space Hulk video game debuts in 2013

Space Hulk, the classic pen and paper roleplaying game setting, will makes it return to the world of video games next year, with a new game slated for release on PC, Mac and iOS platforms.
Home Theater

Google attempts new defense against Viacom lawsuit: Spreadsheet snark

It never fails: If you're looking to press home the disdain you have for a particular topic, sarcasm remains a formidable tool. Just ask Google, whose latest legal motion in the ongoing battle agains Viacom over YouTube copyright…

Next Minecraft update brings animal breeding to the Xbox Live Arcade

The next patch for the Xbox Live version of Minecraft is slated to add a ton of previously PC-exclusive content, including a rudimentary experience points system, new crafting options, new enemies and the ability to raise your own wildlife.

Publishers sign new ebook retailer contracts following DOJ action

Simon & Schuster has signed new pricing agreements for its ebooks, closing out the new discount structure for the three publishers who settled with the DOJ earlier this year over the issue of agency pricing.

Watch out Nokia, Huawei is opening an R&D center on your doorstep

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has announced that it will open a new research and development in Finland.
Android Army

T-Mobile isn’t paying for your phone anymore, and that’s a good thing

T-Mobile has an ambitious plan to end smartphone subsidies. Could you actually come out ahead by paying up-front for your phone?
Home Theater

Outlaw Audio’s Model 975 surround processor delivers high-end home theater to the 99 percent.

The Outlaw Model 975 Surround Processor delivers some seriously high-end features and performance for a wildly reasonable price.

Surprise! Samsung and Apple are leading holiday sales in tech

A new report released by the IDC has indicated that Samsung and Apple are the two top competitors in the mobile space during this holiday season.

EPA investigates Ford C-Max and Fusion Hybrid mpg figures

The EPA will review data from Consumer Reports, which says Ford's hybrids are underperforming by up to 10 mpg.