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Gaming adds Linux support

Good Old Games, purveyor of fine, aged, DRM-free PC games, has delivered early on its promise to support Linux games, with over 50 games now available, many of which are on sale.

Apple eyes mobile payments with wallet app for iPhone 6

Apple may introduce a mobile payment wallet app with the iPhone 6. Reports indicate that the new Apple Wallet app could use NFC, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth technology to purchase items.
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Marvel Studios adds another movie to the 2018 calendar

The latest update to Marvel Studios' release schedule adds yet another film to the calendar, giving audiences three movies each year in 2017 and 2018.
Movies & TV

Uncharted movie gets a release date

Columbia Pictures announced that Nathan Drake's adventures will arrive on the big screen June 10, 2016, in the long-awaited, live-action Uncharted movie.
Movies & TV

Sony announces Sinister Six release date, pushes back The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Spider-Man villain team-up movie Sinister Six will arrive in theaters June 10, 2016, while The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been pushed back to 2018.
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Chromecast celebrates first birthday with three-month Google Play giveaway

It's been one year since Google introduced its jack-of-all-trades dongle to the world, and the search giant is celebrating by gifting anyone who purchases a Chromecast within the next two months 90 free days of Google's All Access service…

Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC release delayed

The release of the Battlefield 4 DLC add-on Final Stand is delayed into the final months of 2014 not even 24 hours after Battlefield: Hardline's 2015 push.

Need Titanfall Burn Cards? I know a guy

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has introduced a new Black Market for Titan Insignias and Burn Card packs, along with an in-game currency to spend there.

Walk this way: These ‘smart shoes’ vibrate to point you in the right direction

An Indian startup has created a pair of Bluetooth-enabled smart shoes and smart insoles called Lechal that can track your position, give you directions via vibrations, and track your activity levels.

Typically reserved for AMG Mercedes, Brabus turns tuning prowess to 2016 Smart Fortwo

It goes without saying that the 2016 Smart Fortwo is somewhat lacking in attitude. German tuner Brabus hopes to change that with some potential styling upgrades, and an engine boosted to over 110 hp.