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BMW i3 vs. Chevy Spark EV: Bavaria and Detroit may be closer than you think

Looking at the bigger picture, either car will get you where you want to go, at any legal speed or better with comfort, control, safety and best of all, zero gasoline. But which one deserves your dollars?
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Instagram is deleting photos from Windows 8 phones – here’s why and three quick fixes

Instagram updated its API in an effort to fight spam, but third-party photo uploading apps are collateral damage. Not to worry, Windows phone users: There are a few remaining loopholes for you to use ... at least for now.

The rise, and completely predictable fall of game developer Phil Fish

Independent game developer Phil Fish, the man behind 'Fez,' has announced that is quitting the gaming industry and cancelling 'Fez II' following a Twitter argument with a gaming journalist. And we really should have all seen it coming.
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MoMA’s Rain Room is gone, but it lives on in Instagram: Our favorite Rain Room photos

The Rain Room is no more, but it will get more life thanks to these Instagram images from the last few days of the exhibit. If you weren't able to make it to MoMA to see it, get a taste of the magical installation here.
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Everybody wants to kill cable, but which of these companies is leading the pack?

How you watch TV, when you watch it and where the content comes from are all changing. The networks and cable companies know it, but the players looking to make the most noise are the technology giants, like Apple, Google, Samsung…

The view all around you: How a pro photographer shoots 360-degree panoramas

Sure, the most basic of cameras can shoot panoramic photos – they're just not so good at it. Photographer Joe Reifer tells us how he shoots beautiful 360-degree VR panoramas, and what equipment he uses.

The 9 weirdest and strangest cell phones we’ve ever seen

Sometimes, the world of design comes up with some weird stuff. We've seen a lot of crap, but these are some of the most unusual cell phones we've come across in our ventures across the Internetss.

Android 4.3’s secret power: It prevents devices from getting sluggish over time

The new Android 4.3 update has a secret in store: It brings TRIM to Android devices, allowing them to speed up and keep their files in order more efficiently by actually deleting files that are supposed to be deleted.

Hands on: Logitech’s Z600 PC speakers go Bluetooth but not completely wireless

Logitech's touch-controlled, Z600 Bluetooth speakers can pair up to three devices at once and require no special app, but are they worth the $150 price tag? We take a closer look at these upcoming stereo speakers to find out.

‘Creepy’ spy computer turns your real big brother into the NSA

CreepyDOL, a mini spy computer built with 10 Raspberry Pi-powered 'spy nodes', is the latest creation from security consultant Brendan O'Connor that proves just how flimsy our digital privacy really is.

Here they come: Vimeo, Redbox Instant and Plex lead charge to offer Chromecast support

With Google's new Chromecast streaming gadget selling out across the US, it's little wonder outfits such as Vimeo, Pandora, HBO Go, and Redbox Instant are reportedly prepping their services for the device, with many more expected to jump…

Apple’s iPhone 5S could have a fingerprint scanner – and we want that why?

Apple will almost certainly include a fingerprint scanner in its forthcoming iPhone 5S. Sounds great. But before we all get ourselves worked up into a fanboy lather over it, here's why a fingerprint scanner might not be a good idea.