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Put a lens on it: Future iPhones, iPads could include DSLR-like mount for accessories

A new patent filed by Apple reveals that the company is researching a DSLR-like bayonet mounting system for attaching accessory lenses to mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Although the patent was filed on April 1, it seems…
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Strong Moto G sales see Motorola go from zero to 6 percent market share in the UK

Late last year, Motorola had almost no presence in the UK at all, but at the end of February 2014, it had grabbed 6 percent of the market. It's all thanks to the excellent Moto G.

iPhone Air? Images reportedly from Foxconn plant show much slimmer handset

With some expecting the next-gen iPhone to appear as early as May, the rumors and leaks are likely to start rolling in thick and fast. The latest purports to come from a Foxconn factory, and shows a very slim Apple handset apparently…
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Wearable tech craze sees Samsung and HTC go for similar April Fools’ Day gags

Spotted any good April Fools' Day gags yet? Samsung and HTC have both gone for wearable tech spoofs, with each company touting new high-tech gloves, though their designs are admittedly very different....

Yahoo reportedly eyeing online video service NDN for its rumored YouTube rival

Yahoo is said to be in acquisition talks with online video service NDN as part of the Web company's rumored plans to launch a YouTube rival in the coming months. The deal could be worth as much as $300 million, sources told the WSJ.
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Galaxy S5 has ‘best smartphone display’ on the market, according to analysis firm

DisplayMate seems to know a thing or two when it comes to determining the quality of a smartphone's display. After carefully analyzing the screen of Samsung's new Galaxy S5 handset, the analysis firm has concluded it's the best display it's…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Apple, Samsung return to court, Kayaker goes over waterfall, crazy Kickstarter projects 2:50

Today on DT Daily: Apple and Samsung suit up for another round in patent court, cameras roll as a kayaker goes over a huge waterfall, and it’s a mystery why these Kickstarter campaigns get little or no funding. Well, not…
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Woman busted after gloating on Facebook about passing breathalyzer test

Definitely a stupid way to land yourself back in jail, a woman on DUI probation thought it would be smart to boast about beating the breathalyzer test within a public Facebook post after a day of drinking.

All new cars will be required to have rear-view cameras by 2018

Definitely a popular feature on recently released automobiles, the U.S. Government is taking steps to ensure that newly manufactured cars will include rear-view cameras to increase safety on the road.
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Brother MFC-J870DW Review

Brother MFC-J870DW review.

Are ‘Shelfies’ the next big trend? Google adds shareable selfies to Gmail

Nope, not exactly. The Shelfie is nothing more than another joke from April Fools' Day-loving Google, but the new feature does mark the start of 10th-anniversary celebrations for the company's webmail service.
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review.