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Spidey is way funnier in the international trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

An international trailer for Sony’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2' offers a slightly different look at the film, compared to the trailer released last week. Mostly, Spidey is just funnier.

Star Wars script due in January, Indiana Jones 5 a few years off

J.J. Abram and Lawrence Kasdan have until January to turn in their new script for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ but it will be a few years until we see a fifth Indiana Jones film.

Our favorite mirrorless cameras deliver DSLR quality without the bulk

Looking for a camera with DSLR-like performance and lens flexibility, minus the bulk and weight? Mirrorless cameras make fantastic options.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Freedom Cry DLC confirmed for December 17

Season Pass holders for ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ will be able to download ‘Freedom Cry,’ the single player DLC starring the former first-mate Adéwale, beginning on December 17.

Birdi is a smart smoke detector and much, much more

In addition to detecting stuff like smoke and carbon monoxide, Birdi can give you detailed stats on the air quality in your home and shoot you suggestions on how to improve it. Read on to learn more.

‘NBA 2K14’ is the best-selling sports game on next-gen systems

Despite the powerhouse franchises under the Electronic Arts banner – Madden and FIFA – the best-selling sports game on the new consoles belongs to 2K Sports and the 'NBA 2K14.'
Home Theater

Will Dolby make CES 2014 the year of the Super TV?

Dolby has created a liquid cooled “super TV” that douses viewers with up to 20,000 nits of light, or about the equivalent of looking at a 100 watt light bulb. The TV, which is 200x brighter than the industry standard, has spawned LED…
Social Media

The most Instagrammed places in the world: A Thai mall, Times Square, and Disney

Where are the most popular places to share photos on Instagram? A fancy Thai mall takes top honors this year, along with some New York City sights like Central Park and Times Square. Cities in Brazil and Russia also make the list.

Temperfect mug keeps your coffee at the ideal temperature

By incorporating a ceramic insulator inside its vacuum walls, the Temperfect mug is able to keep warm beverages at the perfect temperature for three hours. Hit the jump to find out how it works.

Notable photographer joins Facebook as ‘photo community liaison’

Facebook created a new position called "photography liaison" and hired photographer Teru Kuwayama to act as an advocate for photographers. Can Kuwayama create a better dynamic between the social network and photographers?