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LG’s G Watch tipped for July launch in the UK, could be followed by a round version

New details on LG's G Watch have been revealed in the UK, indicating the smartwatch will go on sale in July at a price of less than £180/$300. In the future, the firm may offer a round version too.

Samsung won’t hear a bad word about the Galaxy S5, sues over negative report

Samsung's Galaxy S5 goes on sale this week, and the company only wants you to have positive thoughts about it. To this end, Samsung has sued a Korean publication regarding a negative report concerning the S5's camera.
DT Daily

DT Daily: 3D printer for $300, Glass for Work, Emotion sensing game controller 2:26

A new micro 3D printer blows up on kickstarter, Google pushes Glass in the workplace, and researchers create a game controller that can sense your emotions.

Astronaut Instagrams first selfie from space

On April 8, astronaut Steven Swanson made history by becoming the first person to post on Instagram, from outer space. That photo? A selfie, naturally. Swanson is currently residing at the International Space Station.
Social Media

Twitter starts rolling out Facebook-like user profile redesign

Likely to cause significant discussion among the Twitter community, the social network has started pushing out a site redesign that brings the site more in line with Facebook and Google+.

The 2015 Corvette Stingray aims to knock down the 911 with a new eight-speed automatic

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – along with the Z06 – will now feature an improved eight-speed automatic, shedding eight pounds over the six-speed. The transmission should also return impressive gas mileage and will decrease shift…
Home Theater

Amazon’s Fire TV aims to ‘mirror’ Chromecast with Allcast screen mirroring support

A beta version of the Android app, AllCast, is reportedly now available for Amazon's FireTV, allowing savvy users to jump into screen mirroring immediately. For those less adventurous, the official app should be available to Fire TV owners…

Land Rover’s ‘Transparent Hood’ tech is the next best thing to X-Ray vision

Land Rover unveils “Transparent Hood” technology, which takes the guesswork out of off-roading and tight parallel parking. Using front-mounted cameras and a smart windshield with augmented reality to display the road ahead.

Prodea aims to unify the Internet of Things with its new ‘Residential OS’ platform

Prodea's new white-label platform 'Residential OS' is designed to make it easier for connected devices to communicate and interact with each other
Home Theater

Chromecast’s home screen may get livelier with photos and weather

The Chromecast home screen is currently locked down from being altered by users, but information revealed by a Reddit user indicates that may change soon.

Under pressure: Soma dives deep to find horror on the cold, lonely ocean floor

Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games returns to horror with the deep sea scare story, Soma.

Hands on: Update 1 knocks a few rough edges off a still-prickly Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 Update 1, which hopes to make desktop users more comfortable with the Start screen and Metro-style apps. We go hands-on to see what's changed - and if it's enough to make a difference.