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Giving thanks for a fantastic 2013 in gaming

Thanksgiving is here and it's time to give thanks for all of the wonderful things that 2013 has brought us in the realm of video games and interactive entertainment.

Official CyanogenMod app pulled from Google Play Store

The official CyanogenMod app has been pulled from the Google Play app store after only three weeks. Its developers removed the app voluntarily after Google informed them it violated the terms of service.

Revolution smartphone running Android or Firefox OS teased by Geeksphone

The startup responsible for building the first Firefox OS smartphones has teased its next hardware release. Named the Revolution, it's said to be capable of running either Android or Firefox OS.

Brit loses $7.5m in Bitcoins after throwing away hard drive

British man James Howells is rueing his luck after throwing away an old laptop hard drive. By the time he realized it contained over $7.5m worth of Bitcoins he mined back in 2009, it was too late.

‘Madden’ predicts a Thanksgiving bounty of scoring this weekend

There are several big games this week, including Kansas City vs Denver, New Orleans vs Seattle, and – surprisingly – Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay. Plus we’ll be live streaming games on Thanksgiving.

Should you buy a camera on Black Friday? Here’s what to watch out for

Black Friday sales will have plenty of digital cameras on offer, but are you truly getting a good deal? Before you drop cash on that camera, here are some things to consider.
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Twitter is your best friend on Black Friday, and these are the handles to follow

Before you hit those lines, sit back and check out these Twitter handles and hashtags so you can truly attack Black Friday shopping. All of this can help you take an efficient approach to the madness, or even find online deals and avoid the…
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Want to win more than an extra five pounds this Thanksgiving? Enter these social media contests

Sure, you'll be shopping on Black Friday, but some businesses are offering giveaways and prizes in honor of Thanksgiving itself.

Cool DIY mobile phone project is like a geeky, retro version of Motorola’s Moto Maker

Sick of all the mobile phones on offer in stores? Perhaps what you need is the chance to build one yourself. Going one step beyond Motorola's Moto Maker, an MIT student has released plans for a complete DIY mobile phone.

Google Glass user gets kicked out of a cafe, starts an online war with the owner

Stop us if you've heard this, but Google Glass has been banned from a bar in Seattle. Its similarity to a news story from earlier this year continues, as the Lost Lake Cafe's owner proves he's not a fan of Google's new tech.

Surface: Microsoft takes aim at iPad Air and Galaxy Tab 3 in wave of comparison ads

With tablet sales expected to go through the roof this holiday season, Microsoft is hoping to persuade gift hunters that its revamped Surface slates are worth a look with the rollout of several ads pitting them against the iPad Air and…

The international stolen phone database is complete, and ready to reduce mobile thefts

A database containing unique numbers associated with stolen phones has been completed in the U.S., and subsequently linked with the existing equivalent in Europe, with a view to reducing phone thefts.