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Pandora comes to Windows Phone 8, offers ad-free streaming for 2013

Today, Pandora announced its debut to the Windows Phone 8 app store. The music streaming app will be available ad-free, at no cost, for the remainder of the year.

New LyonHeart K looks a lot like something the iconic ‘Bond’ would drive

The New LyonHeart K strikes a peculiar resemblance to many of the iconic British marquees – and with good reason considering the design team.

Hands on: Google Keep wants to be your new Evernote

Hot on the heels of its iOS party-finding app, Field Trip, Google has released its own Evernote competitor. Google Keep is designed to help you leave post its for yourself. We go hands on to try it out.

Canon unveils latest DIGIC image processor not in a DSLR, but a point-and-shoot

In addition to the new DIGIC 6 image processor, Canon's PowerShot SX280 HS features include Wi-Fi, faster autofocusing, wider ISO range, increased continuous shooting speed, and enhanced HD video capture.
Social Media

Twitter turns 7, and celebrates 200 million active users

Twitter has two reasons to celebrate today. Today is Twiter's 7th birthday, and has also hit the 200 million active user mark. Congrats, Twitter! And, er, on the upcoming IPO. Maybe. Probably.

Samsung’s wireless Game Pad controller goes up for pre-order, is much too expensive

Samsung's wireless Game Pad controller for the Galaxy S4 and other big-screen Samsung smartphones has been given a pre-order price of $113, which sounds quite expensive for the Xbox controller-like gadget.

New Chrome Experiment converts any website into a playable 3D maze

The latest Chrome Experiment game, World Wide Maze, will take any website and turn it into a 3D maze. All that's left is to sync your mobile device and use it as an external controller.

How to blow up the White House: ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ director and stars discuss siege tactics

"A lot of what we guessed at and imagined was close to reality," said the film's writers.
Cool Tech

HP working on new holographic 3D display technology for smartphones and tablets

HP has revealed it's working on a new type of 3D screen suitable for use on small devices such as smartphones and tablets, which will be viewed without glasses and provide an almost holographic image.

Reddit, Craigslist, and over 30,000 websites launch new anti-CISPA campaign

Over 30,000 websites have put up anti-CISPA banners that people can use to send their representatives automated messages protesting the bill. Here's hoping they don't all end up in the spam folder.

iPhone 5S with improved camera and faster processor could launch in Q3, report says

Perhaps not a rumor to cause you to spit your coffee out over your smartphone screen in surprise, but it is one backed up by earlier reports: Taiwan-based DigiTimes says the iPhone 5S will likely launch in Q3 2013 with a better camera and…

YouTube now has over a billion unique users a month, eight years after first upload

YouTube has announced it now has more than a billion unique users every month, a milestone it surely could not have achieved if cats had never existed or if PSY hadn't worked out a dance routine that makes him look like he's riding a horse…