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Origin PC outfits its gaming laptop lineup with Nvidia’s beefy new mobile GPUs

Origin's gaming laptops can now be stuffed with Nvidia's new notebook GPUs. Learn more here.
Cool Tech

The Leia display system projects holograms you can control with gestures

Using nothing more than water vapor, a projector, and some motion tracking software, the Leia Display System creates interactive holograms you can manipulate with your hands

HTC’s low-cost Desire 612 hits Verizon on October 9 for $0 down

Verizon announced that the HTC Desire 612, a slightly redressed version of AT&T's Desire 610, will be available for purchase on October 9 for $0 on-contract. No word on how much it costs off-contract.

Top 10 tweets from the iPhone 6 #Hairgate Scandal

Owners of the new iPhone 6 are now complaining about #Hairgate and #Beardgate. It's turned into a big joke on Twitter. Here are the best tweets we found.
Movies & TV

Robin Hood to follow the Marvel Universe plan? Sony considers the possibility

The studio behind the Spider-Man franchise is now considering a cinematic universe based around the legend of famous archer Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
Home Theater

AMC renews ‘The Walking Dead’ for a sixth season, greenlights new spinoff series

AMC announced today it has renewed its wildly successful series 'The Walking Dead' for a sixth season, as well as greenlighting a new spinoff set in the same apocalyptic universe.

Nomad 17: the first Maingear notebook to get Nvidia’s new super-powerful GPU

Maingear has outfitted one of its most powerful gaming laptops with the newest and best mobile GPU you can get today. Learn more here.

Forgotten PSone classic Vib Ribbon available now for PS3 and PS Vita

Vib Ribbon, a seminal rhythm game for the original PlayStation that only saw release in Japan and Europe, will find new audiences starting today on PS3 and Vita.

Plastc wants to replace your wallet with one high-tech card

A high-tech credit card called Plastc aims to replace all the cards in your wallet. The card has an E-Ink screen, long battery life, and can store up to 20 cards.
Movies & TV

Dredd producer to debut spinoff miniseries online later this month

Dredd producer Adi Shankar has announced that he'll debut a seven-part, original spinoff series based on Judge Dredd and the "Dark Judges" later this month.

Samsung and AT&T try to prove flip phones aren’t dead with the Rugby 4

AT&T announced that the Samsung Rugby 4, the latest iteration in the South Korean company's flip phone series, will be available on October 10. Read on to learn more about the handset.