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The Mini Paceman John Cooper Works leaked before its official release

Bucking modern automotive trends, Minis keep getting bigger, heavier and more fuel-thirsty. The latest in this prodigious power progression is the Paceman John Cooper Works.

Google isn’t developing Gmail or anything else for Windows 8

A Google executive has confirmed that it will not develop any apps for Microsoft's Windows 8 platform.

Steam Community Marketplace enters beta testing

Valve Software has announced that it's player-driven Steam Community Marketplace has now entered public beta testing, allowing players to buy and sell in-game items and create their own virtual economy.

Gmail 2.0 for iOS hands on: It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there

Gmail has finally made the jump to version 2.0 on iOS, much to the joy of users of the Google-made email service. A whole new look and some much-needed feature additions like multiple account support make this a worthy upgrade for most…
Social Media

Amazon launches Friends & Family Gifting for tracking and buying presents

Amazon launched its own social gift giving feature, which recommends you birthday or holiday gifts for your Facebook friends.
Social Media

My most optimistic take on that whole “monetizing Instagram” thing Facebook said

It should come as a surprise to no one that Facebook plans to monetize Instagram, one of its biggest investments to date and a hugely growing platform. But now that some sort of advertising structure has been confirmed, what exactly will…

Google image search, now with way less porn

Google has made it harder to find NSFW pictures through image search, giving a whole lot of people a new reason to switch to Bing.

Assassin’s Creed III tops 7 million copies sold

Since its debut a month ago, Assassin's Creed III has sold over 7 million copies, making it the best-selling title in Ubisoft history.

Economics, not digital, is what’s killing off analog film

We always knew digital photography would overtake film, but it's economics and chemistry that are burying it.

Microsoft ‘acknowledges’ Internet Explorer security flaw allowing tracking of mouse movements

Internet Explorer users, there's something you should know: Microsoft can track your mouse's every move, and it won't do anything to fix it.

Nintendo dropped Star Fox, Excitebike, other classic series from Nintendo Land

For as much of a celebration of Nintendo's old franchises as Nintendo Land is, it doesn't delve too deeply into the company's catalog of characters. That wasn't always the case according to the game's directors.