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Bentley’s Mulsanne flagship might lose its lid after all

Bentlely could build a topless version of the Mulsanne after all. The catch is that just 20 examples would be built by hand by Bentley's in-house coach builder, and each one will cost well over $1 million.

Why obsessed hockey fans are updating 'NHL 2004' every single year

On the Internet, active communities can pop up around anything -- even updating a 13-year-old hockey game long since abandoned by the company that made it. Meet NHL 2004 Rebuilt, the best hockey game you've never heard of.
Movies & TV

‘Oculus’ director reportedly in talks to helm new Halloween movie

Paranormal Activity studio Blumhouse Productions has announced plans to bring back Halloween writer, director, and composer John Carpenter as an executive producer on a new Halloween movie.

Toshiba’s new OCZ-branded RD400 SSD is built for high-end speed

Toshiba is looking to expand its SSD offerings with a high-powered NVMe model, known as the RD400. Available in capacities from 128GB right through to a terabyte, the RD400 is a powerful storage solution with a reasonable price tag.
Virtual Reality

BigScreen’s update lets you ditch the mouse for motion controls on Vive

Virtual reality is so much better when we can interact with it naturally, which is why the addition of HTC Vive controllers to the BigScreen social VR experience is such big news. Now, you can go totally mouse-free, letting you…

WhatsApp now the most popular Android messaging app in the world

Whatsapp has officially made the messaging app the most popular Android chatting app in the world. According to a new report from SimilarWeb, WhatsApp claims the greatest number of users in 109 countries.
Cool Tech

This Superman Mighty Wallet is the best wallet I ever bought

Loot Crate recently tucked a Superman VS. Batman Mighty Wallet in with the rest of its monthly booty, and I've fallen in love with this thing.

Moto G4 vs. Moto G4 Play vs. Moto G4 Plus — Which one is right for you?

We didn't just get one Moto G this year, we got three -- the Moto G4, the Moto G4 Plus, and the Moto G4 Play. But which one should you get? Check out our handy spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware and software powering each…
Cool Tech

Xiaomi debuts the Mi Drone, a 4K quadcopter that’s great for the price

China-based smartphone company Xiaomi has debuted the Mi Drone, an affordable quadcopter capable of shooting in resolutions of up to 4K. It'll go on sale in China later this summer.

Huawei feels ‘compelled’ to defend its patents after talks with Samsung fail

It seems that Samsung can't catch a break. Huawei is looking to dethrone the Korean giant by suing the company for alleged patent infringement by its smartphones. Huawei is seeking compensation.

Smart mirror so happy to see you it lights up as you get close

Simplehuman's Sensor Mirror Pro adds smart home connectivity to full spectrum lighting control. Via a companion smartphone app you can recreate any light. Motion detection technology causes the mirror to brighten as you approach.
Movies & TV

Report: Warner Bros. pulls producer off superhero films after Batman v Superman disappoints

Longtime superhero movie producer Charles Roven has reportedly been shifted out of that role for future films on Warner Bros. Pictures' live-action superhero movie slate due to Batman V. Superman's disappointing performance.