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Health & Fitness

With Cora, each tampon you order is a good deed for a woman in need

A new tampon startup seems to pop up every season, but how many of them are actually interesting enough to warrant investment? Answer: Cora, the company that may make you feel better by donating to a great cause every time you order…

The Walking Dead’s Michonne stars in a Telltale-produced miniseries 0:48

Developer Telltale Games will tackle The Walking Dead for a third time with the upcoming launch of The Walking Dead: Michonne, a three-episode miniseries centering around a popular character from Robert Kirkman's comic book…

Drake litters the Toronto skyline with Billboards for his new record

Toronto-based rapper Drake has started plastering Toronto with varied images alluding to his next record, Views from the 6, in preparation for the city to host NBA All-Star Weekend.
Cool Tech

With no vaccine available, biologists consider using controversial 'gene-drive' technique to stop Zika

A gene drive to introduce mass DNA changes to the aedes aegypti mosquito species could remove the threat of Zika virus. The technology could be completed much sooner than a vaccine, but it is faced with heavy ecological controversy.

HP plans to bring FreeSync to its affordable AMD laptops later this year

AMD has received a small boon from HP, with the announcement that all notebooks it produces sporting AMD hardware, will support FreeSync displays as well, starting later this year.

Spyker Cars will return to the spotlight with the all-electric C8 Preliator Concept

Spyker will emerge from its bankrupt cocoon with an all-new concept, likely powered by an electric powertrain. The Dutch automaker will revive its C8 name and affix it to the new C8 Preliator at the Geneva Motor Show.
Cool Tech

This super-flexible search and rescue robot was inspired by the American cockroach

A prototype for a new kind of safety robot was inspired by the flexible exoskeleton of the American cockroach. The robot will report to search and rescue experts about survivors trapped under rubble, and inform extraction plans…
Movies & TV

Heads up, preppies! A Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up diner is coming to Chicago

A pop-up diner and bar themed after popular '90s sitcom Saved By The Bell, called Saved By The Max (and modeled after the diner featured in the show) will be coming to Chicago's Wicker Park this summer.
Social Media

Skype gets romantic with 10 new emojis inspired by the music of Paul McCartney 1:01

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Microsoft has revealed 10 new emoticons for Skype created in a collaboration with Paul McCartney. They feature the famed musician's arrangements and voice.
Movies & TV

Charlize Theron might play the villain of the next Fast and Furious movie

Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road actress Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to play an unidentified villain of the upcoming, eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast 8.

Congressional bill could make it illegal to ban encryption

Two members of the House of Representatives have crossed party lines to propose a bill that would make it illegal for states to ban the sale of encryption-capable devices like Apple and Android smartphones.
Social Media

Twitter’s new timeline has arrived, here’s how you can activate it

Twitter has officially launched its new home timeline, which displays tweets based on an algorithm to show you relevant content you may have missed. Here's how you can activate the new feature.