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The painted world of ‘Dark Souls III – Ashes of Ariandel’ is no ‘Super Mario 64’

Dark Souls III - Ashes of Ariandel is available now, and the game's launch trailer shows off its snowy, painted world. The expansion includes two new bosses, as well as a fleshed-out competitive option.

Will Faraday Future have a future if it can't stay current on its factory bills?

Faraday Future is late on payments to the lead contractor for its factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The automaker believes it can resolve the issue, and that a work stoppage will not occur.

Buy a GeForce GTX 1050. Just get the cheapest one you can find

PC gamers have been waiting with bated breath for the new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti cards, and we’ve got four GPUs worth of benchmarks. While some of the cards shine, others are too pricey for their own good.
Home Theater

Roam and Atari team up for GameOn headphones aimed at both gamers and music lovers

Beats br Dre co-creator Steven Lamar is back with a new brand, Roam, that has teamed up with Atari for the new co-branded GameOn earphones, which the company says are made for both gaming and music listening.
Cool Tech

Hubble finds 10 times the number of galaxies in our universe, making Earth but a grain of sand

A recent survey of the Southern sky has allowed the Hubble Space Telescope to confirm the existence of 10 times the number of galaxies in the universe. The survey was conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham.

Hands on: Navdy car dashboard projector

Those who don’t want to wait for a new car to take advantage of HUD technology should keep an eye on the Navdy head-up display, a compact and intuitive device that works in any vehicle.

Chevy’s 2017 Camaro ZL1 beats predecessor’s Nürburgring lap time by 11.67 seconds

The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 lapped Germany's infamous Nürburgring in 7:29.60, beating the previous generation by almost 12 seconds, and smoking some pedigreed performance cars along the way.
Cool Tech

NASA images suggest ExoMars lander exploded during landing

The ESA lost contact with its Mars lander minutes before touchdown on the Mars surface. The fate of the vessel is still unknown, but recent images of the Mars surface that were taken by NASA suggest the lander exploded upon impact.

Fujifilm releases new ‘black’ and ’sky blue’ Instax Mini film

As a result of a survey recently posted on its Facebook page, Fujifilm has announced the release of two new colors its Instax Mini film packs will be offered in, "black" and "sky blue."
Virtual Reality

No, it’s not PlayStation VR, it’s Xiaomi’s new Mi VR headset

Xiaomi has launched its second virtual reality headset, the Mi VR. This time it's works more like Samsung's Gear VR than Google Cardboard, but has a design that's closer to Sony's PlayStation VR headset.

The insane looking Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is almost all screen

Don't glance at the Mi Mix and think it's nothing more than a concept phone. It's real, in production, and coming next month. Xiaomi has made the first edgeless smartphone with a screen-to-body ratio of 91 percent, and it looks spectacular.

Leica offers lease-to-own camera setups for professional photographers

Leica Professional has teamed up with Marlin Equipment Finance to create a new lease option for its S-System and SL-System cameras and lenses. Through December 31, you can pick up a system with a 1.9 percent APR for 36 months.