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Write a racist post in Brazil, and you may find it on a billboard

A new anti-racism campaign in Brazil is making use of rather controversial tactics to stem online hate speech, plastering the racist Facebook posts of some users on billboards close to the offenders' homes

Drake crowned as 2015’s most streamed Spotify artist, but Ed Sheeran’s still the king

Canadian rapper Drake topped this year's list of Spotify's most-streamed artists with 1.8 billion plays, but British songwriter Ed Sheeran is still the service's all-time leader, with 3 billion.

Star Wars Battlefront gets a lot right, but here’s what’s still missing 4:20

Though it does a good job of visually representing Star Wars, Battlefront at its core is still missing a few things. Find out what we think is absent in this quick video.
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Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie will return for Mission: Impossible 6

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that he'll direct the sixth installment of the blockbuster franchise, marking the first time a filmmaker has directed two films in the series.
DT Daily

AT&T boosts price of unlimited data – DT Daily 2:33

Longtime AT&T customers still grasping onto the old iPhone unlimited data plan discontinued five years ago will have to open heir wallets a bit further next year. Yes, the cost of unlimited data is going up.

Mozilla is thinking about ditching Thunderbird email client

The Mozilla Foundation has a number of long-running projects, but it may soon be set to drop the Thunderbird email client, with executive chairman Mitchell Baker saying Mozilla would rather see developers focus on Firefox.

'Special announcement' from Oculus VR scheduled for Thursday's Game Awards

This Thursday's broadcast of The Game Awards 2015 will feature a special announcement from Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, prompting speculation that release details are inbound.
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Peter Jackson might direct an episode of Doctor Who

In a funny Facebook video, Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson indicates that he might get behind the camera to direct an episode of the BBC's hit sci-fi series Doctor Who next season.

Google may revive the budget-friendly Nexus 7 in 2016 with Huawei

A Weibo post says that Google has begun working on the Nexus 7 2016, a device we haven't seen a refresh for since 2013. While the project may have begun, the rumor states that Google hasn't locked in a manufacturer yet to build the device.

Remembering your mouse is a lot easier with the new Cooler Master Sentinel III

Cooler Master is pulling out all the customisable stops with its new Sentinel III, offering RGB backlighting, optional weights and the ability to add custom logos and phrases to an OLED display built into the back.
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These awesome wooden robots transform into ships, cars, and trucks with a few twists

Meet the ultimate blend of futuristic and retro, the WooBots are transformers carved from wooden blocks and joined together with elastic. There are five different vehicles to choose from.

Update: AMD’s Crimson is causing fan issues, but a fix has been released

AMD's new Crimson drivers have been mostly well received, but some have run into problems with it arbitrarily locking their graphics card's fan speeds, causing all sorts of overheating and unnecessary noise issues.