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New Windows 10 security update proactively hunts down viruses when your PC is idle

With its new update, Windows Defender will work in harmony with the antivirus software of your choice by running its own periodic scans on your computer at the most convenient time.

Paperlike is an e-ink PC monitor that just might save your eyesight

Chinese company Dasung's created what it's calling a world first -- a computer monitor based on e-ink technology. It's called the Paperlike, and will ship to backers of the company's Indiegogo campaign later this summer.
Movies & TV

X-Men: Apocalypse doesn't change the game for superhero movies, but why should it?

It doesn't do anything too drastic or change the status quo, but X-Men: Apocalypse does deliver an exciting adventure that moves the franchise forward without abandoning what works.
Home Theater

If booze and vinyl made a baby it would be the Luno EGB2 Record Console

Vinyl and booze are two of our favorite things, and these gems come together brilliantly in the new EGB2 turntable console from Luno. Hand-crafted from American Walnut, the EGB2 is stocked with all you need for a classy Mad Men-style get…

Who threw that punch? Capcom puts 25-year-old ‘Street Fighter II’ mystery to rest

Ever wonder who those two characters duking it out in the intro to Street Fighter II were? After 25 years of speculation, Capcom has finally unveiled their identities to the world.

Wish your PC looked like a Mac Pro? Cryorig has you covered, if you can wait

Good luck finding a Mac Pro with a GTX 1080 in it, but if you opt for the Cryorig Mac Pro-lookalike chassis, you can get exactly that. You'll need to wait until next year for it to launch, however.

Origami-inspired case depth checker takes the guesswork out of CPU cooler installation

Heatsink manufacturer Cryorig has released an origami-inspired printable tool to help you figure out the internal logistics of your next computer build.

Topping all other US plug-in hybrids, 2017 Ford Fusion Energi has a 610-mile range

With powertrain and regenerative braking tweaks, the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has a 610 range, the longest in America. With a Harris poll showing most Americans think hybrids max out at 261 miles, the new Energi changes the…
Social Media

Two more Twitter executives make their exit from the company

Yet another couple of high ranking employees at Twitter are reportedly spreading their wings and flying away -- this time, it's Jana Messerschmidt, the head of business development, and Nathan Hubbard, head of media and commerce.

Tesla driver snoozes while Autopilot steers

Tesla Autopilot is not meant to replace drivers, something apparently lost on the man who took a nap while his Model S Autopilot-ed itself through traffic. Needless to say, don't try this at home.

Acer details new products ahead of Computex 2016

Acer has offered up a sneak preview of some of the products set to be on show at Computex 2016 next week at Taipei, including two budget-friendly hybrids and a new smartphone.