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Does Tesla have blood on its hands? The complex morality of autonomy

On Thursday NHTSA announced plans to investigate the May 7 fatality of a Florida man behind the wheel of – but not driving – a Tesla Model S. The car has Autopilot and during this accident, it was in control. So is Tesla at fault?…

SanDisk’s high-performance MicroSD cards are built for your 4K video library

SanDisk just announced the 256GB Extreme MicroSDXC card that sets a new transfer speed record of 100MB/sec and has enough capacity for 14 hours of 4K footage. A new Ultra card with the same capacity but lower speed was also announced.
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Security researcher dumps 427 million hacked Myspace passwords online

A security researcher has published 427 million passwords from the recent Myspace hack online for anyone to download and scrutinize. Users should change their passwords if they think they’ve been affected.
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Juno just entered Jupiter’s magnetosphere, and the sounds it captured are amazing

At the point where the solar wind collides with Jupiter’s magnetosphere, there’s something called a bow shock, which astrophysicists compare to a sonic boom. NASA's Juno spacecraft recorded a short video and eerie audio of the…

These cars are now banned from Paris city limits to help curb air pollution

Paris officials have passed a law that makes it illegal for cars built before 1997 to enter the city limits. Fear not, enthusiasts, cars registered as classic vehicles are exempt from the ban.
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New version of Furby is more interactive — and maybe creepier than ever

Furby Connect, the latest version of the popular toy, is more interactive than ever, with Bluetooth connectivity, LCD-screen eyes, and updated sensors that react to sound and touch. The Furby Connect app allows owners to interact more with…

Elizabeth Warren calls out Apple business practices, Spotify claims forced update delay

Things are getting political in the streaming music world, as Senator Elizabeth Warren levels criticisms against Apple's "unfair" App Store policies, and Spotify claims they are blocking an update.
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This luxurious wooden 3D printer can print with four different materials at once

“We’ve been in R&D stealth mode for five years,” creator Cédric Michel tells Digital Trends. “It was difficult to spend so long not talking about it to anyone. It’s a great moment for us to finally be able to go…

Amazon’s Alexa can now order practically anything your heart desires

Alexa, Amazon's intelligent voice assistant, just got a little bit smarter: It can now order almost any product from Amazon with a simple voice command. It's available to owners of the company's Echo and Fire TV hardware.

11,000 bots now live on Facebook Messenger after just three months

Facebook launched bots on Messenger just three months ago, but developers are all over it. Over 11,000 bots have launched in that short period of time, but is anyone actually talking with the things?
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ESPN is now in the business of binge-able content thanks to O.J. Simpson

ESPN streamed the last three parts of its five-part 'O.J. Made in America' documentary on its WatchESPN streaming service prior to their live TV airings. ESPN spoke with Digital Trends about how that decision helped ESPN make more…
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'Pacific Rim 2' gets an official release date and possibly a new cast member

Universal Studios has assigned the sequel to Pacific Rim a release date of February 23, 2018, and might be adding The Longest Ride and Suicide Squad actor Scott Eastwood to the cast.