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Seeing a cloaked woman on Mars? It’s probably your pareidolia acting up again

The neural confusion that convinces people they're seeing Jesus in their toast or a cloaked woman on Mars is simply a wacky trick of the brain in a phenomenon scientists call “pareidolia.”

Cool Tech

In the wake of IndyCar driver Justin Wilson’s death, FIA plans closed-cockpit tests

The FIA reportedly plans to renew testing of closed cockpits for race cars next month, in response to IndyCar driver Justin Wilson's death from head injuries sustained in a recent crash.


Swan necks inspire new technology for better camera drone footage in the air

Stanford researchers are developing camera technology that mimics the suspension system like the anatomy of swans' long necks, allowing camera drone footage to appear cleaner, crisper, and all around better.

Cool Tech

HP’s Instant Ink knows when your printer is out before you do, sends you new ones

HP offers a convenience that automatically sends out replacement ink cartridges when your printer is running low. The company is highlighting its Instant Ink subscription-based program with new Envy and OfficeJet models.


Free Stuff! Turtle Rock announces free weekend for Evolve on the PC and Xbox One

Released at the beginning of this year, Turtle Rock's asymmetric multiplayer title Evolve has seen its player base slowly dwindle. To grab more players, the company is hosting a free weekend for the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.


Amazon’s Fire TV is out of stock, which might hint at an upcoming new model

If you're looking for an Amazon Fire TV, you're out of luck for the time being, but that might not be a bad thing. The item is listed as "currently unavailable" which could indicate that an updated new model of the streaming box is on the way.


IS MSI’s new GTX 980 Ti more than lightning in a bottle?

MSI has taken an already powerful card, the GTX 980 Ti, and turned it into a GPU fit for Odin himself. The Lightning designated graphics card has boosted clock speeds, better overclocking features and a powerful new cooler.


The smaller New Nintendo 3DS is finally coming to the U.S. as part of a new bundle

When Nintendo brought the updated New Nintendo 3DS to North America, only the larger XL model of the device was available, unlike the previous iteration of the hardware. Now the smaller version is finally coming as part of a new bundle.


At last! Scientists solve the sticky issue of melting ice cream

Fast-melting ice cream is a sticky issue that's plagued ice cream eaters ever since the first cones appeared around 200 years ago. However, scientists in the U.K. claim to have found a solution (and it doesn't involve eating the ice cream really quickly).

Cool Tech

Bonavita's 5-cup BV1500TS can't quite brew up to its big brother

Bonavita’s 5-Cup Coffee Maker works fast and seems simple enough to use, but it takes time and effort to figure out how to make the perfect cup.

  • Pros: Good looks , Works fast , Carafe keeps the coffee hot…
  • Cons: Carafe needs the lid to pour properly , Expensive…

Get more out of your GoPro with these tips and tricks

Got a new GoPro Hero camera? There's so much more to it than just mounting it to your bike helmet. Shoot like a professional with these simple GoPro tips and tricks.


Google’s tiny self-driving pod cars tootle into Texas

Keen to try different road conditions as well as receive feedback from regular road users, Google is about to roll into Austin, Texas in its self-driving pod car, marking the first test of the diminutive robo-vehicle outside of its home state of California.


Sony’s Wena Wrist is a dumb watch with a high-tech band

Sony's First Flight crowdfunding platform has just announced a project we think could really fly. The Wena Wrist comprises a stylish analog watch with a smart band, allowing you to potentially turn any dumb timepiece into a smartwatch.