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Catch up on the Walking Dead until your brain fries and more in our 5 shows to watch

How are you going to get through this week? By pulling up your favorite streaming service and queueing the finest films and TV shows available now. Up this week: the Walking Dead season 5, Ted Rifle, Boogie Nights, and more.

Motorola shares Android 6.0 upgrade plans, snubs 2014 Moto X and 2015 Moto E owners

Motorola disappointed some of its customers and lost a measure of trust with potential customers with its recent announcement of devices it plans to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Apple’s latest acquisition could make Siri sound more natural

Apple has picked up U.K. firm VocalIQ to help improve the voice recognition and speech technologies in its software: More advanced virtual assistant apps could be coming to an iPhone soon.

How to use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop

WhatsApp is incredibly popular on smartphones, but now you can use it to chat with your friends on a desktop or laptop, too. WhatsApp Web is a free extra and it's compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and browsers.

Enterprising Facebook developers get Doom running on an Apple Watch

As the Apple Watch gets more software updates (specifically WatchOS 2), so its capabilities increase. After a 10-hour hackathon event, programmers from Facebook were able to port Doom over.

Cortana won’t arrive on the Xbox One until 2016

There's a major software update coming to the Xbox One in November, built around Windows 10, but one essential part is going to be missing -- the Cortana app still needs some fine-tuning.

Are screens scrambling our kids’ brains? We asked an expert

Are your kids constantly glued to a tablet, smartphone, or TV? Do you know what they’re watching? What are the potential negative effects of unrestricted media use? We asked an expert how much screen time is too much.

Nearly 25 percent of Steam users have upgraded to Windows 10

With Windows 10 adoption rates slowing down among the overall population, Steam users are taking the opposite approach and continue to upgrade to Microsoft's new operating system at a rapid pace.

PhoneSoap XL will sanitize your tablet, multiple smartphones

Useful for anyone that's paranoid about germs collecting on their mobile devices, the PhoneSoap XL is a larger version of the original PhoneSoap that's specifically designed to clean tablets.
Movies & TV

MacGyver is getting a TV reboot and is headed to CBS

Let's see what brilliant problem-solving MacGyver can do in the 21st century. A younger version of the resourceful secret agent will be the focus of a reboot that's in development for CBS.
Movies & TV

Former 24 star Kiefer Sutherland says he will not return to the show ‘in any way’

After a ten year reign as Jack Bauer (and n appearance on the spin-off series 24: Live Another Day), Kiefer Sutherland confirmed he will not return to the series. The 48-year-old actor hopes to do more television in the future, though. 

NBA 2K16 is a bigger and better buy for basketball fans 3:31

Following a successful year with NBA 2K15 will NBA 2K16 have what it takes to make fans go out and purchase the latest to the franchise. See what's new, what to think and more after watching this quick look at the new title.