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Make a hole! PlayStation VR is a spacehog 2:12

According to a manual from PlayStation Asia, the PlayStation VR will need quite a bit of free floor space to work.
Cool Tech

The Navy is funding research for underwater glue that can be ‘switched’ on and off

The Office of Naval Research is funding an investigation into the creation of underwater glue. And, to make things even more challenging, the glue would be designed to switch between adhesive and non-adhesive states.
Virtual Reality

Tactical Haptics shows us future of VR controller feedback with Oculus integration

Whether firing a gun or wielding a sword, haptic feedback can make a big difference in how it feels in VR. Tactical Haptics has a new solution that goes way beyond rumble, and could be the kind of tech we see in second-generation…

The Gear S3 may be revealed at IFA in September, could sport a rotating bezel

Samsung is apparently working on the Gear S3 smartwatch, code-named "Solaris," and has already commissioned luxury brand de Grisogono to make an expensive, luxurious version of the device. It could launch at IFA in September.
Movies & TV

‘Masterminds’ trailer will have you laughing all the way to the bank … robbery

Check out the official trailer for the kooky, oft-delayed heist comedy Masterminds. As you'll find out fairly quickly, Zach Galifianakis and his merry band of misfits are anything but.
Virtual Reality

Xiaomi is making a mysterious virtual reality announcement on August 1

We don't know much about Xiaomi's plans, but the company will make an announcement on August 1 regarding some type of virtual reality product. It could be a Daydream-certified headset, but we'll have to wait and see to find out.
Virtual Reality

PlayStation VR: Everything we know so far

Virtual reality has finally made its way into console gaming. This fall, Sony will change the way we play with the Playstation VR. Check out our comprehensive roundup of all the news and rumors about Sony's forthcoming gadget.

Kobo lives! CEO confirms mid-August release of 7.8-inch ebook reader

Kobo may not have made many headlines lately, but that doesn't mean the company isn't working on new devices. Kobo's CEO has confirmed the release of an ebook reader in August.

No longer drags, Amazon’s cloud services, Echo drive retailer to record profits

The success of Amazon's onetime drags, Web Services and hardware, managed to drive the company past Wall Street's loftiest expectations this past fiscal quarter.

Diagram shows PlayStation VR needs a lot more space than you may think

PlayStation VR requires quite a bit of clear floor space, according to a manual from PlayStation Asia. In all, you'll need about 60 square feet of total space.

How the position and direction of light in photos affect viewer perception

Would you like to know the secret to taking better product photos that help you sell your items, rather than hinder their sale? Well, rather unsurprisingly, a big chunk of it has to do with the position and direction of your…
Movies & TV

'Jason Bourne' is getting too damn old for this, and so are we

Matt Damon's reunion with director Paul Greengrass for 'Jason Bourne' has the title character playing the same old spy games without much of the old excitement.