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The Duoecho offers stereo sound in a Bluetooth speaker by splitting in two

Bluetooth speakers are convenient, but they aren’t the best when you want stereo sound. The Duoecho aims to solve that with the power of magnets, switching between a single speaker and dual stereo speakers.

Brian Krebs is back online following a DDoS attack thanks to Google’s Project Shield

Brian Krebs is taking on DDOS attacks after criminals tried to take down his site last week following his investigation into a shady DDoS-for-hire company. He’s now using the free Project Shield service from Google for protection.
Cool Tech

Listening to you speak could help reveal stress, depression, and even heart conditions

Can the same technology which analyzes emotion in voices also be used to identify health-related issues, ranging from stress to heart conditions? A team of researchers certainly thinks it can.

Hand-drawn Metroidvania ‘Sundered’ is coming to PlayStation 4, PC

Sundered, a hand-drawn Metroidvania adventure from the developers of Jotun, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC next year. The game's enemy designs are inspired by Lovecraft, and its visuals are nothing short of stunning.

Google reaches for the stars with rumored do-it-all laptop running new "Andromeda" OS

Google may debut a laptop and tablet hybrid in 2017 that runs an operating system that merges Android and Chrome OS. Internally, the OS is codenamed Andromeda. The ultra-thin laptop is rumored to cost $800.
Movies & TV

Box office hits and misses: ‘The Magnificent Seven’ wins the weekend showdown

The Magnificent Seven wrangled its way to a $35 million opening weekend, outpacing both the animated feature Storks and a long list of returning films to take the top spot at the weekend box office.

Ready to answer the ‘Call’? ‘Infinite Warfare’ beta kicks off in a few weeks

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer beta will begin on PlayStation 4 on October 14. The beta will then begin on Xbox One the following weekend, leading up to the game's official launch in November.

Music made with Alan Turing’s massive computer restored after more than 50 years

Alan Turing is celebrated for many things — as the father of computer science, legendary Nazi code breaker, and mind behind the Turing test. But few people view his as a pioneer of electronic music. Until now.

Trailer for ‘Yooka-Laylee’ previews madcap characters and a Shovel Knight cameo

Playtonic has released a new trailer for Yooka-Laylee detailing the game's varied cast of supporting characters, which reveals that the game will feature a cameo from the Shovel Knight himself.

Google's Nexus line may not be dead, rumors suggest

Google's new smartphones are coming on October 4. They are rumored to be called the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL, and they will be marketed as the first smartphones "made by Google." Here's everything you need to know.

Lenovo's Moto M may be the first Android with Microsoft apps preinstalled

It looks like the Moto Z won't be the only new Moto phone this year. Contrary to previous reports, Lenovo could be ditching the Moto X for the Moto M. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Moto M so far.

‘3on3 Freestyle’ looks to bring back arcade basketball in the form of a pickup game

Joycity's 3on3 Freestyle looks to bring back the basketball game that time forgot: the pickup street game. Diverse characters and a healthy dose of personality offer something not seen in basketball simulators today.