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10 epic sci-fi novels you should read before they become blockbusters

You can get ahead of the next crop of science-fiction movies coming out of Hollywood by picking up the books that inspired them, so we've compiled a list of stories you can add to your reading list now to get a glimpse of the future.

A South Korean elementary school just installed shape-shifting walls

To update the traditionally drab elementary school setting, DSSI Elementary in South Korea outfit its rooms with shape-shifting walls. Now, teachers have the ability to pivot classroom walls to reflect lesson plans and activities.
Cool Tech

Here's the best telescopes for stargazers and space geeks, no matter what your budget is

Choosing the right telescope is a daunting task, not to mention an expensive one. Knowing the exact model and accessories you need, however, can save you valuable time and money. Here are five of our favorite models.

Got a broken iPhone screen? Here’s how to fix or replace it

What do you do if your iPhone's screen gets broken? We take you through the options you have to get a broken iPhone screen replaced or repaired. Find out about Apple's warranty, repair costs, and learn whether or not you should repair it…

‘Gravity Rush 2’ manhole locations: Get your shortcuts on

The world of 'Gravity Rush 2' is nothing short of massive, which makes discovering new manholes crucial to getting around. Thankfully, we've rounded up the location of each and every manhole, so you can warp in a matter of minutes.

Want a kitchen appliance that’s more sous chef than sink? Meet Chef Center

Featuring two versatile anti-microbial compartments that can either compost your waste or serve as a wine bucket, storage bin, or something else entirely, the Chef Center gives you a hand in the kitchen.

The Russians aren’t coming to Silicon Valley, they’re already here

The idea that humans could engineer a path to their own salvation started long before Google, the internet, or even computers. The Russians were there 100 years ago, and planted the seed for today’s Silicon Valley transhumanists.

When you're ready to shoot seriously, these are the best DSLRs you can buy

For many photographers the DSLR is the go-to camera. With large selection of lenses, great low-light performance, and battery endurance, these DSLRs deliver terrific image quality for stills and videos.
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Twitter’s small diversity gains result in cautious outlook for 2017

Twitter is still struggling to reflect the inclusiveness of its diverse platform when it comes to its internal workforce. Despite making gains and meeting its targets, its numbers for underrepresented minorities remain low.

Have $250 million to blow? Buy the most expensive house in the U.S.

If you can't buy an island, just buy a house instead. Well, perhaps we should rephrase -- if you have the money to buy an island, but would rather buy a house, then consider this particular $250 million mega mansion.
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Don’t you forget about meme: Relive Vine’s glory days on its web archive

Twitter's Vine preservation efforts are well and truly underway in the wake of its demise earlier this week. On Friday, the Twitter-owned platform announced that it’s transforming its website into a Vine Archive.

Google loses another bright mind to Uber: engineer Amit Singhal

Apple is to Tesla what Google is to Uber -- at least, when it comes to employee migration. On Friday, Amit Singhal became the latest bright mind to bid adieu to Google and bonjour to black cars.