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With new Nest compatibility, your Big Ass Fan can now talk to your thermostat

In addition to all of its nifty environmental sensors and preference-learning abilities, the Haiku smart fan can now work with your Nest thermostat to optimize the temperature of your home autonomously


Brazil Prosecutor wants Apple and Google to remove ‘Secret’ from app stores and devices

A Brazilian prosecutor is pushing for Google and Apple to not only remove the Secret app from their app stores, but also from devices that have the app installed. Cyberbulling and harassment were cited as reasons.

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When it comes to piracy, Orange is the New Black is the new Game of Thrones

New data from Tru Optik, a digital media research firm, shows that Netflix's original show Orange is the New Black has climbed to the third spot on the list of the most popular TV shows on file-sharing networks for Q2 2014.

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Following the success of the Hellcat, could a supercharged Dodge Viper be in the works?

Not to be outshined by the 707-hp Hellcat, the Dodge Viper may be adding forced induction in the near future. Current reports say the Viper could be given the addition of a supercharger, producing upwards of 750 horsepower and reclaiming the throne as…


FX renews Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain for a second season

Guillermo Del Toro and Carlton Cuse's hit horror series The Strain on FX Network will get a 13-episode second season, scheduled to premiere next summer.


NFL Now launches on the Apple TV, with Amazon’s Fire TV next in line

The National Football League today launched its new online video distribution service NFL Now on Apple TV, giving users free access via the set-top box to the NFL's extensive library of video content. NFL Now brings news, highlights, and analysis, but lacks…

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Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth teases something involving hexagons?

The Behemoth has released a first teasing look at their fourth game in development with a cryptic video that showcases the studio's signature style and humor, but little of the game.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 seemingly leaked on

French website Gamer in a Box uncovered two images for Resident Evil Revelations 2 being hosted on, revealing that Capcom plans to continue the survival horror offshoot.


LG dives into multi-room speakers with its new hi-res Music Flow system

LG will unleash its all new multi-room speaker system on the crowd at IFA in Berlin this September. Called Music Flow, the new system includes three speakers of varying sizes, a sound bar, and an R1 bridge device to connect to your Wi-Fi system over a central…

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Experts can’t agree which is best: LG’s new OLED or Samsung’s year-old plasma

An annual TV shootout among top-tier televisions sees LG's $3500 OLED take the top spot, though competing models came very close.

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Canon’s new trio of PIXMA printers can print stuff from the cloud

Canon dishes on a new troika of printers that can wirelessly connect to and print from your cloud storage accounts. Learn more here.


Nope, that’s not a house arrest anklet — it’s the world’s first acoustic shark repeller

Rather than using chemicals, magnets, or wetsuits with unappetizing patterns, SharkStopper emits a special sound frequency that repels sharks -- even if there's blood in the water

Cool Tech

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook looks and works exactly like the original Tab 4 because it’s the exact same device – just with Nook branding, a few Barnes & Noble features, and a…

  • Pros: Full Android experience, Nook features focus on books, Easy…
  • Cons: Not a full HD screen, Heavier than standard ebook readers

YoreVision aims to bring old-school TV nostalgia to your digital video library

YoreVision, a hardware/software project that brings back channel-surfing and commercial breaks, is Aaron Todd's attempt to inject the fuzzy, unpredictable TV-watching joy of the '80s and '90s into the sterile (by comparison) television experience of today's…

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A more civilized age (virtually) approaches: This STEM System Lightsaber demo sells VR

VR enthusiasts Sixense Entertainment has released a Lightsaber demo video for their STEM motion-tracking system in conjunction with the Oculus Rift headset, and it looks fantastic.