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Ingenious accelerometer hack could allow existing smartwatches to identify any object that you grab

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have come up with a smartwatch interface that detects various hand gestures made by the user. Oh, and it can recognize when you touch a smart device, too.

New MacBook Pros are available in the Apple Store, with a big price increase

Apple’s big October event just wrapped and those new MacBook Pro models are already available for purchase in the Apple Store. They are loaded with new hardware, features, and new price tags.
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Netflix's '3%' trailer features a dystopian future to rival 'The Hunger Games'

Netflix is bringing us another bleak version of the future in its upcoming Brazilian thriller 3%. The official trailer for the series introduces a selection process that is somewhat reminiscent of The Hunger Games.

Apple debuts new MacBook Pro, TV app, and more at today’s special event

Apple has announced its long-awaited new MacBook Pro, complete with its rumored Touch Pad, at a special event that also showcased new functionality and a handy new app for use with Apple TV.

‘The Last Guardian’ to have custom audio mode, vinyl soundtrack upon release

Sony spotlights 'The Last Guardian' soundtrack as part of its latest wave of pre-release announcements, revealing that players will have multiple options when buying the game's music digitally or physically via a vinyl release.

Cinema Display fans will have to wait as Apple shows off LG 5K screen instead

There were a lot of expectations heading into today's Apple Keynote, but users hoping for new Cinema Displays will have to settle for LG 5K screens featuring Thunderbolt 3 for now.

New material may look like paper, but Translum has many uses in the photo studio

Photography accessory enthusiasts just gained another two-in-one -- and this time it's a backdrop that doubles as a softbox or diffuser. The material resembles rolled paper, but since Translum is semi-transparent, it also works as…

Nintendo Switch will upgrade to a multi-touch display, reports says

Following up on Nintendo's recent showcase of its upcoming Nintendo Switch console, Eurogamer reports the platform will include a capacitive multi-touch display, marking a significant leap forward from the resistive touchscreen technology.
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Apple’s new TV app puts all your shows and movies in one place

Apple's new TV app puts all of your shows and movies in a single, easily accessible portal. It's launching on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone later this year, alongside new Twitter and Minecraft apps for Apple TV.

Transcend uses 3D Flash storage technology in its SSD230 solid-state drive

Transcend launched a new solid-state drive that uses vertically stacked 3D NAND Flash technology. This enables faster performance than traditional 2D Flash technology and overcomes the older tech's physical limits by adding capacity upward.
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Apple debuts new MacBook Pro with customizable ‘touch bar’ area 2:47

Also today: Twitter income goes up while jobs go away, new FCC rules further tighten data sharing guidelines for ISPs.
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Bryan Fuller exits showrunner role on 'Star Trek: Discovery' due to scheduling issues

Before Star Trek returns to television with Discovery on CBS All Access and Netflix in 2017, you can get up to speed with everything there is to know about the series up to this point.